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Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW )

2094337Change Workstatus list reorder   layout to Move up and Move down for classic mode
2229210Syntax error "Formal parameter   "I_F_CENTRAL_IOBJ" does not exist" will appear w
2257135Performance improvement for checking work status
2252071Support multi-selection in "Define Data Grid" dialog   in a report
2257739Copied Model is not shown in Web Report after adjustment of   DAP
2181445Performance issue with Documents when large amount of document   items exist.
2250954Fix ATC check security error.
2267831Documents inserted in the web content library no longer   filtered according user
2150489BPC 10.1 web logon failed with dump CX_RSR_PROPAGATE_X
2261556Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch 03 -   Controls
2261557Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch 03 -   Webclient
2262373Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 05
1980286Encounter error 'Cannot transport local object' during BPC   transport
2270583BPC NW: Revert back a transport
2271902Fail to update model with authorization error in BPC transport
2271423Cannot run Currency Conversion on Currency level after migrate   Model from versi
2140192An error 'Transformation task configuration error' occurs   while running consoli
2246061Bug fixing of consolidation in embedded model
2255793Change planning function type name for write back
2261149Performance improvement of report on HANA when the model   storage type is YTD
2272376Upgrade from BPC7.5 to BPC10.X: Error when save dimension or   process dimension
2263161UJFS “Download All Documents” command creates zero length   files
2263032Delayed download of documents
1787558BPC 10 NW Excel crashes and when opened again asks if user   wants to disable the
2255864BPC 10.1 Standard virus scan for document upload shall be   configurable.
2263130Transformation file validation shows successfully complete   even there is a inva
2171538The status of some controls in BPC Control Monitor changes to   #To be executed#
2263013BPC NW: Missing Execution Level in Controls
2264784Financial type model, Run Controls not changes result in the   control monitor
2189408Performance improvement of Clear Comment
2262654The figure of characters is not correct in Edit Comment window
2266046"Show Full Context" doesn't work if description of   dimension member contains co
2265144Ownership data can still be updated if user has only reading   authority
2083973Enhancement for journal parameter "JRN_DESC_MODE"
2203524Wrong diemnsion member information in the context of an opened   journal
2207720No default show type option for newly added detail dimensions   in journal detail
2238366The data in journal printing page is incorrect when printting   multiple journals
2269390"Failed to assign Field-Symbol; table/dimension does not   exist" when posting jo
2273091Control results on Consolidated data are partly displayed in   Control Monitor
2257207Entity's sequence is inconsistent with what is maintained at   ownership editor
2261069Context bar does not work correctly when open consolidation   monitor and then ch
2264111Consolidation Monitor with referenced Ownership in category   OWN_PERIOD and OWN_
2272364BPC 10.1 After enabling property "ENABLEJRN" Member   is not selectable the conso
1768934STRING_SIZE_TOO_LARGE error when executing UJBR backup
2007540Support UJBR Backup/Restore with huge files in File Service in   BPC 10.0
2081664There is an error in XML document when opening EPM Add-in   report from BPF - BPC
2159604BPC 10.1 Standard add comment information in BPF submit/review   BAdI interface
2168338BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF callback on step region status change   for localization e
2250959/CPMB/IMPORT_IOBJ_MASTER package does not synchronize Excel   client master data
2253579Copy BPF template in different languages cause duplicate name   in process instan
2263379Incorrect size of pop up window when copying BPC template
2122278Hierarchy description instead of ID should be displayed in   Work Status Configur
2266174Fail to validate consolidation rule with DIMLIST value in   'Other Dimension Filt
2273457Account field is incorrectly overwritten in a different row   when updating accou
2266494BPC NW: Unable to select InfoProvider in Package   /CPMB/LOAD_INFOPROV_UI
2237791UJK_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION occurred with dynamic variable in   script
2263229No default logic log file created when exception occurs in   customer BADI
2264142*LOOKUP function returns zero when defining multi variables   for the same dimens
2249692Enhance warning message in filtering dimension members
2269926"MDX statement error:"Invalid MDX command with"
2262671Parent Node Enabled checkbox is disabled for models have less   then 2 break down
2261211Only warning message but still not able to modify Model
2070295Duplicate item may appear in the dropdown box when creating   drill-through
2168518Extend the length range for HANA schema name
2214847Fail to copy environment due to "Dynamic data internal   error"
2232196The hierarchies will be offset after deleting hierarchy and   processing dimensio
2249640Cannot use 2Byte character in Firefox browser
2257753BPC retrieve hierarchy information from server buffer instead   of data base
2262396Fail to search dimension members with description in member   selector
2269294Fix checkman errors for REBUILD_MDX_HIER_VIEW
2272365The result from Data Manager Package is incorrectly multiplied
1676767Report failed with CALL_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND dump at backend
1836354Error during UJBR Appset restoration Appset ID   <appset_name> already exists, de
2030418Plan & Consol 10.1 for NetWeaver Documentation Addendum
2069554BPCNW - Process Chain Execution Failed
2095118Planning and Consolidation 7.54 SP05 NetWeaver Central Note
2095117Planning and Consolidation 7.53 SP10 NetWeaver Central Note
2095115Planning and Consolidation 7.5 SP19 NetWeaver Central Note
2150403BPC NW: How to delete BPC Audit Data from Archive Table?
2152893Fix checkman issue( for internal technical purpose only )
2192776Syntax error in CL_UJO_UT_QUERY_BASE
2193471Troubleshooting guide for BPC report related issue - BPC NW   10.0/10.1
2202323Compatibility matrix for BPC ABAP components of release 10.0
2211355Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP20 Central   Note
2205112SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Patch01   Central Note
2244913Inconsistent "Delete" button when doing "Save   As" in web report
2258371SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch05   Central Note
2258091Audit administration activity report shows USER ID.
2258809Installation Checker for BPC NW -  UJA_DATA_CHECKER
2230911SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch03   Central Note
2263942Is IE 11 supported by BPC NW 7.5?
2266771EPM Add-In - Failed to allocate a managed memory buffer
2267120"Error launching office client" while launching EPM   Add-in report from BPC Web
2269413Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for NetWeaver does   not work with Inter
2270655BPC : NW : Logon wizard shows on each click on a BPF link
2271873Post Script for CT can not pop up error

Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS )  

2225213Logging onto the BPC web client   is slow for a user in 200 teams and has 690 ass
1500076BPC MS: Pre-populate the journal header's dimensions
2266607Page does not display anything when users have a different   entity dimension nam
2266609Consolidation business rule displays an error message although   the process is d
2268286Consolidation monitor does not display the member with the   validation error in
2235769The URL contained double slashes when launching EPM Add-in   from BPF
2257862BPF context member selector only shows members granted for   user in default mode
1604552BPC: BPCLog table too big
2269291"Wrong csv format" message in Excel client
2212913SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft   SP20 Central Note
1451175BPC: Change domain server
1681663BPC 10 installation error: "Cannot open backup device   '\\servername\OsoftSample
1748057error on add a new dimension member.
1892385BPC: Out of String Space Error in Excel when   sending/retrieving a large range o
2033122Is SQL Server 2014 supported with Business Planning and   Consolidation 10.X for
2219713EPM Add-In Issues after Microsoft update KB3085502
2263384Limit the members selectable from the journal template
2265488BPC MS: "Failed to save data" error when sending   data to Database
2266606SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 SP04 Patch 1,   version for the Micr


2263812Cohabitation of EPM add-in 10.0   and AO 2.1 & beyond versions
2269100EPM Add-In - Inserting a member with "At Selected   Cell" position in "EPM Insert
2269383Quick Link generates error when the EPM connection changes
2272386Enabling the Data Manager tab in the EPM Add-in when   performing a silent instal
2273445Refresh EPM report generate shortdump: GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED   CL_RSR_CACHE_QUERY_CU
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