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2186127BPC NW 10.1: Bex query    does not open in EPM add-in.
2175611The long title is not displayed  in the documents with Firefox
2177509Scrollbar exists in the delete dialog
2046705Fail to share document with title longer than 50 characters   and enable email no
2156491Allowed uploaded file extensions are not configurable in IMG   parameters
2172774BPC NW : No sorting by Status possible in Controls Monitor
2179738Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP04 Patch 01 -   application
2179735Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP04 Patch 01 -   controls
2182109Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch 04
2174279BPC 10.1 : Transport ends with error message   "===>0<==="
2184322Currency Conversion doesn't generate any data
2170491BPC context is changed incorrectly in IC Data
2102956Support ALLMEMBERS when HANA MDX enabled
2171096Refresh report fails when apply MemberSetFormula on base   member
2173096Runtime error when refresh report and load master data/process   dimension at the
2181258Member formula created on account dimension refer to another   dimension like [di
2181443Member formula doesn't work for some time version of data
2181420The input cell does not remember where user entered data after   refresh of data
2029142Suppress does not work well
2029634- miss for parent member after drill down
2038815[10.1] Dril down does not work
2059710Folder name will exceed the border of comfirmation dialog when   delete this fold
2086861The message should hide if encounter exception when open the   report and user de
2106486Folders are not visible in the save dialog when there is   hierarchy of multiple
2159871BPC Report column width cannot be reduce
1981506Dashboards are displaying way too far to the right
2176670Sorting issue after adding new folder in Library.
2177505Invalid Sorting after rename folder
2110583Logon Failure "Service cannot be reached" launching   BPC web page in Business Pl
1817817How to configure RFCs used by BPC NW [Video]
2185202BPC NW: ABAP method get_hier_of_mbr.
2186152Error while transporting BPC environmentshell
2179209BPC NW: BEX drill through does not work with IE11.
2178162BPC NW 754: BPC Hierarchy order in the dimension after data   loading.
2136128Light Optimize doesn't run 'Plan Mode On' if it runs into   failed
2165028BPC10:xlsx type transformation file not work
2176016The Enterprise Performnace Management Add-in truncates the   Data Manager Package
2176140Package link schedule is deleted by mistake
2177319RUN_LOGIC:Cannot find document/directory
2143658BPF context member not transport to comment audit report
2138454Dimension in context bar shows ID instead of description
2174343Member in context bar does not align with the one in the   Member Selector
2174365Report refresh stuck when input comment
2130396Ownership manager can not open
2176678Only 100 entities are displayed under the group dimension in   ownership manager
2103583Journal dimension member description  display
2116267Missing feature of parameter 'JRN_OVERWRITE' in BPC 10.1
2168454Multiple header and Multiple value dimension or members issue   after a journal i
2168781Context members in Journal list show undefined
2171106Improve error message from UJ_VALIDATION while saving, posting   or unposting jou
2173731<Undefined> member shows in Journal after restoring   context member
2184111BPC NW 10.1: Copy journal issue after installing Patch01 and   Patch02 of SP05.
2080839BPC NW: How to use the "UJAA_CLEAN_DELETED_APPSET"   program.
2174052BPC : Can we restore a backup of an Application Set to a   different system?
1927908Support UJBR backup without security data
2184289Environment restored with UJBR is not visible to the user in   BPC Web Administra
2175598The user drop down list can only show no more than 100 users   when creating inst
2176125When user use “Switch Activities” function in the activity   runtime work space,
2178576The solution of error "this report is no longer available   and will be removed f
2169272The selected member will disappear when user open member   selector again and clo
2137870BPC 10.1 Standard, the progress number shown in My Activities   is not correct fo
2171657Default reviewer deadline action change to auto complete after   save BPF templat
2173758Incorrect default selection for BPF hyperlink in BPF workspace
2175480Unable to delete Business Process Flows within Business   Planning and Consolidat
2186856PBC NW: User cannot unlock BPF Template
2160876User name format of the user selector should be displayed by   user preference
2178566Comment report calls wrong service for most Recent and Full   history
2148673enhancement of DAP error message when a member has two   different access right i
2176974BPC 10.1 Standard Dump in   CL_UJ_SERVICES=>GET_USERS_BY_AUTHOBJ
1944437Incorrect result is generated when run BPC HANA allocation
2034392Improve performance of data query when HANA_MDX is not enabled
2136166LOOKUP function returns zero when defining multi variables
2149307LOOKUP Value is queried out incorrectly when multi LOOKUP   variables defined
2171133Fail to validate TMVL function when property TIMEID of TIME   dimension is define
2172556Performance improvement of LOOKUP function with property   condition on parent no
2173754Only 100 members are shown in Member Formula edit veiw
2173904Member does not shown if there are more than 100 member.
2176681Dump "TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED" occurred in   calling LOOKUP function
2184891Syntax error will happen when validating statement with too   many TMVL
2177502Cannot enable "OK" button when edit step first
2178110After paste over 1000 members, members display incorrect
2181903BPC NW LOOKUP to RATE Model doesn't work after an upgrade
2186392BPC 10.x (classic) issue: User not able to edit or maintain   any members in the
2138602Improvement for control memory consumption
2185055BPC 10.1 Audit report of data changes returns no data when   there are too many r
2185446Cannot modify Model description with CJK character
1792380BPC 10 NW. Controls are executed for group with currency_type   N
2003863Enable BPC HANA table distribution
2152933Message should be kept when changing envrionment online status
2160878Upport from 10.0 note 1993607
2173042BPC NW: User cannot create a task profile
2179192Attribute value or hierarchy information is not saved after   processing dimensio
2180945Ignore calculated hierarchies if related attribute value is   not maintained in t
2183764Add IMG parameter to control user assignment while copying   environment
1507397UJBR - Backup and Restore Tool for BPC-NW
1885116BPC NW 10 ''Failed to save data. Error Obtaining concurrency   lock () '' when sa
1937997BPC Report Failing and Generating ABAP Programming Error dump:   Syntax Error in
2010964BPC parameters list and how they impact system behavior- BPC   NW 10.0/10.1
2053377No active links in BPC 10.1 web client after upgrading SAP GUI   front-end or oth
2063869Is Chrome navigator supported by BPC 10.X NW?
2069510BPCNW - There are evidences of installation issues in the   CPMBPC deployment.
2076228BPCNW 10:  Error   "The members listed are not recognized as valid members." and
2081345BPCNW - Troubleshooting Tips for Transport Issues
2095862SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Central   Note
2098838EPM Add-in Member Selector Stops working
2103585Product Component Matrix for SAP Business Planning &   Consolidation 10.1, versio
2124012EPM Add-in macro issue
2141112Book Publication unable to save file after publishing to Excel
2145894BPC 10.0 / 10.1 Standard: Environment taking long time to   delete
2149043"Modify model XXX failed. Model XXX has transaction data
2159039EPM Add-in: Member Selctor hangs.
2159853Fail to backup/restore environment
2170043Web page slides to an incorrect position
2173584UJS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT when upgrading BPC to version 10.1
2177052SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch04   Central Note
2177186BPC10: Data Manager - Master Data descriptions not loaded /   partially loaded to
2177788UJU_DELETE_AUDIT_DATA is not deleting data
2179455"Invalid *DESTINATION_MODEL" error when validating   script with *DESTINATION_APP
2180134When using the Embedded release of Business Planning and   Consolidation 10.1 for
2180185BPC : NW : Error : " CL_UJA_BASE_HIER==============CP   "
2182253SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch   04 Central Note
2182821BPC NW 10.0: Two role assignements for the same role
2182712How To: Does EPM add-in INA provider connection suports raw BW   cubes ?
2182693Users are directed to NULL environment when logon
2183971BPC NW : Process template created in Finn language setting   loses description af
2184321BPC Environment Copy is not working
2184443BPC NW: Running Consolidation in Parallel - Exception   UJD_EXCEPTION281
2185966EPM Add-in: Password reset popup does not display
2186289BPC NW: Error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name : Key
2122634A system dump occurs trying to create an InfoCube via BPC
2177109Lable is shown in the central in bpf template for multiple   rows
2176074UX: Update deadline text according to deadline days in BPF   template.
2179003BPC NW: Cannot create reports and input forms in BPC embedded   Web page
2182436BPC 10.1 Embedded: TLOGO objects to transport BPC embedded   environment
2165111Exception, when first connect to Netweaver with Analysis and   then use BAPI with
2120991Export error for several periods when converting the amount   some decimal format
2120993An error occurs when running a package if the data files   folder name is the sam
2170014BPF instance does not follow the context's default setting
2183297Maintain Dimension Member does not work in Microsoft Office   365
1411587Plan & Consol 7.5, for Microsoft Doc Addendum
1461467Performance of Work Status change of large range of members
1752871How to enable logging for the EPM add-in
1782986BPC MS: EPM Add-in reports performance guidelines
1851261Troubleshooting BPC MS EvDRE Reports
1869249Performance degradation when refreshing report with multiple   column/row dimensi
2177245BPC-MS : CUSTOMFACTBLINDEX application parameter doesn't work
2070402SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 version for the   Microsoft platform
2117369Troubleshooting data discrepancies in BPC
2119197Does BPC MS 7.x and 10.0 support Microsoft Office 2013?
2137804SAP BPC book template are out of order in book publishing
2137840SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for Microsoft   SP02 Central Note
2171715Context of AVA is initialized after clicking the Refresh   button
2173095SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft   SP17 Patch 2 central
2176139Application pool is disabled after several internal errors   when users try to op
2176810BPC 7.5 MS "EVDRE encountered an error retrieving data   from the Web Server"
2179612Data manager packages will not run after changing the BPC   password
2180181EPM Add-in: Refresh Charts Automatically
2180147BPC : MS : SMB3 protocol compatibility with BPC 10.0
2186995BPC MS SKIPIF not working in Transformation file
2187236BPC: Script Logic Error    - Error in RunLogicAgainstSelection: Invalid procedure
2187253"Index was out of range" error when creating Shared   Axis reports in EPM Add-in
2177784EPM : Entity is shown without the ID when changing the Work   Status
2177707EPM : Sheet Option "Hide Empty and Zero Values" not   applied with LocalMember Fo
2184088EPM Add-in: users are not able to use more than 2 conditions   in EVCVW function.
1681042EPM Add-In Not Getting Loaded / Installed Correctly
1934026Internet Explorer 11 supportability - BPC 10
2097395EPM add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 22
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2158788BPCNW: Spelling issue in DM
2159397BWINA Provider: Member Insert does not work
2164113BWINA: Incorrect texts and description
2165524BWINA: Not possible to define a dimension override with filter   on a display att
2167296BWINA: Backend failure when compound key selected in Planning   Object
2169488BWINA: After variable value change, property values disappear
2170358ALL: Performance issue with EvDRE and EV_AFTER
2170888BPCNW: Save and refresh workbook data fails with Time   Dependent Hierarchy (TDH)
2170870ALL: Unstable screen display for MS Office 2010 Excel charts
2171249BWINA: Local Member Serialisation is lost after variable   change
2171399ALL: Unable to remove Ghost Sorting and Grouping Local Member
2171561ALL:  Wrong sheet name   with static offline enabled
2171545BWINA: Reconnection issue with "Do not store   connection" enabled
2172164ALL: Wrong member recognition if two members have the same   description
2172891ALL: Cannot manually input valid value in   "EPMDimensionProperty" listbox
2174511BWINA: Local Members Disappear after a variable change
2175469Formulas are not refreshed when inserting members
2176263ALL: Performance improvement for EPM API
2176260ALL: Parameters to improve performance
2177829EPMFormattingsheet setting doesn't work with multiple   selection for local membe
2178484EPM Add-in conflicts with other Microsoft Office add-ins
2184101IM 1482025575 BPC10.1: Problem change in
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