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KBAs and notes released in the last 30 days(as of 03/26/2015)



Daemon job for BPC


Transport connection collects generated BW TLOGO objects


SAP BPC: What Service Pack, Patch and Build Version am I running ?

EPM-BPC-NW1742110How to get MDX statement in BPC NW 10
 1823062EPM-BPC-NW - Invalid Work Status information after transport
 1862768EPMWorkStatus function displays wrong status
 1885116BPC NW 10 ''Failed to save data. Error Obtaining concurrency lock () '' when sa
 1999316BPC 10.0: Worksheet generation - Worksheets / tabs only named with Dimension Me
 2030418Plan & Consol 10.1 for NetWeaver Documentation Addendum
 2143595"member xxxx not exist# error occurs when validating script logic # BPC NW 10/1
 2048048Model settings could not be saved with HTTP 500 and ASSERTION_FAILED dump when
 2050531The mapping between the ADMIN team and its folder is missing
 2062798Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP16 Central Note
 2075058Hierarchy master data import issue - Record count: 0
 2095747SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch01 Central Note
 2096844The Enterprise Performance Management link within the Planning and Consolidatio
 2103585Product Component Matrix for SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1, versio
 2107965Issues in EPM Add-In / BPC for Excel after installing Microsoft updates
 1844612BPC NW 10/10.1: Environment or model copy failed
 2118133BPC 10.0 NW: Does BPC 10 require the Old BPC 7.5 settings after migration?
 2098196Not all team copied if deselect copy web documents when copy environment
 2113703Shared instance won't be updated after enabling TDH from BPC web client.
 2114083Drag will replace existing members in Edit Dimension Member
 2051502Audit report of data changes shows blank page with an error
 2096249Add more tooltips on dimension member list page
 1944437Incorrect result is generated when run BPC HANA allocation
 2089700"Internal Error: no result set" occurs when processing member formula
 2098729Fail to open existing member formulas
 2109614Process button does not enabled in Member Formula
 2069547Split make selected member disappeared
 2111199Sort date column in comments system report is by string rather than by date tim
 2081664There is an error in XML document when opening EPM Add-in  report from BPF - BPC
 2105843The “Open Other System Reports” menu should be selected as default when click “
 2062175IE11 will crash when click the table’s scroll bar.
 2104067The workspace name will not show the driving dimension context when user goes t
 2108783Need to show the error message and details when error happened in the process o
 1927908Support UJBR backup without security data
 2071046Error 'running process exists on consolidation unit' persists after dump happen
 2077014Error in attach documents in control rule
 2076933Checking control dynamical tables during posting BPC data
 2088308Ux issues: Modify the mode of confirmation dialog
 2059744"Keep the same" use the context instead of source
 2062846Journal report not display for ID more than 3 digits
 2065484No validation is done on journal members
 2110663If we post a journal without saving it, the detail dimension member in table en
 2112728"Copy to" supports to copy all journals of a group to a new group
 2116325In journal detail page, when pasting data in the cell, there should be a valida
 2071700Sub folder can't be seen in Control document
 2086835The dimension with mandatory lock should not be unlocked
 2099300In BPC10.1, the parent node of group type dimension can't be selected when crea
 1549207Error in SLG1 after successfully activating Apshell message at BPC C
 1730125BPC 10.0 NW BW Integration via SAP BW OLE DB Provider
 2072383BPC 10.1 Standard UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_101 run with error "DDIC_TYPELENG_INCONSIST
 2107084Descendants level is missed after memberset formula is set
 1986569PC 10.1 NW HANA Starter Kit for USGAAP SP03 Release Note
 1986563PC 10.1 NW HANA Starter Kit for IFRS SP06 Release Note
 2091089500 internal error when running report with selection of base level members
 2108226Refreshing report from Excel may not get correct result if query cache is enabl
 2113690Omit Empty option is not working when refresh asymmetric report in EPM Add-in
 2114687Hierarchy order is incorrect when building report in HANA Model
 2066087Error of 'Invalid Members' happens when target audit is blank for a Cons rule w
 2088350No data is displayed in 'Entity FX Type' column when create currency translatio
 1667160Consulting Note on BPC NW 10 / 10.1 Standard Granular Transport
 2023118BPC Transport failed with Persistent resource '<resource_ID>' does not exist
 2107108Transportable parameters in BPC 10.0
 2079612There should be validation for URL in drill-through definition
 2114072BPC 10.1 Standard library Rename report does not work
 2113385The setting "Display as" of context option inherits incorrectly

Change Workstatus list reorder layout of standard model same with embedded mode

EPM-BPC-MS1347994Support custom setting for SQL server
 1840454BPC10: Error when scheduling a data manager package: Access is denied. (Excepti
 1763572EPM Add-in Limitations
 2045385BPC: Error after upgrading SQL Server: To use the SQL Server 2012 package, you
 2070402SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 version for the Microsoft platform
 2078887SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for Microsoft SP01 Central Note
 2085340Tips for configuring Microsoft SQL Server in a virtual machine
 2109406Data manager copy package is not releasing memory
 2115717Cannot open Excel report when the defined model is different than the controlli
 2115725Workspace is not open by Process action
 2115767Cannot open Excel report by Process action if file name includes an ampersand (
 1897732User cannot open reports randomly
 2098789Performance issue when processing a dimension with more than 2 hierarchies
 1880135FIX:Validating transformation file generates error message
 1963060Currency conversion does not proceed if the group currency has more than 5 repo
 2045945BPC 10.0 MS DM package scheduler issue when selecting huge members
 1859239FIX:Logic performance dropped after upgrading to 7.5M
 2060315Script logic does not post to Time dimension using property value
 1996957Currency Conversion has error after upgrading to 7.5M SP11 Patch 5
 2034568AS_IS and FX_SOURCE_CATEGORY in Currency Conversion
 2098755FXTrans creates an error if category member ID value exeeds 17 characters
 2060316The property 'EnableJRN' does not work correctly
 2061171Regardless of workstatus, documents are uploaded on the Web

System exception error occurs when selecting the 'Descendants of Current Contex

EPM-XLS1840977EPM Add-in setup and configuration FAQ
 1898174BPCMS: Shared Dimension desactivated
 1917498The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
 1918094EPM Add-In: How to set the default display mode in the Member Selector window
 2097393EPM add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 21
 1996694Error "All codes are wrong, the default value has been restored" when run a DM
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