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2165623Cannot find DAP in the target system after transport
2170903BPC NW: BPC Web Page Failure with the error message: "SAP BUSINESS   PLANNING AND
1801262Releasing of transport request ends with message RSO656 / RSO657
2075654SQL0413N Overflow occurred during numeric data type conversion.   SQLSTATE=22003 05.05.2015 Released to Customer Sara Chen Problem Normal
2081345BPCNW - Troubleshooting Tips for Transport Issues
2095747SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch01 Central   Note
2127459how to install IIS related component when install BPC .net server
2148529Logic script fails with the error "UJO_READ:An exception was   raised" - BPC 10.1
2152893Fix chckman issue
2162184Early Knowledge Transfer for SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1   Versi
2163803Amount is wrongly staged to the same group when #DATASRC_STAGE# is   maintained-B
2165906EPM BPC Monthly Newsletter
2167397BPC NW: "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" error when opening BPC Web   Admin
2168458Enhancement to trouble shooting report UJHANA_MDX_TEST
2169275Unable to save some reports through EPM add-in - BPC NW 10.X
2169238BPC : NW : Error : "Security data load ended in error"   "Error occured while gen
2171365SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch03 Central   Note
2172546Get error message "Suppressed zero-value records : XX ; Package   status : ERROR"
2173299SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch 03 Central   Note
2173574Package Link answer prompt behavior change from 10.0 to 10.1
1704602Light Optimize fails with error "RSSM_PROCESS_DBSTAT terminated   because InfoCub
1967595Performance improvement for reading master data
2045956Change your SE06 settings to make namespace /0CUST/ modifiable error   happens
2046035Failed to create table $BPC$H$XXXXXX error occurs when processing   dimension
2068917Column may disappear when maintaining dimension members
2137869TRUNCATE TABLE '/BI0/06XXXXX'  and   "SQL Error: ORA-00942: table or view does
2160207UJA_DATA_CHECKER should not take 'ID' as error in drill-through   defininition
2162272Add BPF check box in UJA_DATA_CHECKER
2164376Fix checkman error of admin component in BPC 800 SP18
2166046Fix the error of BPC can’t get correct HANA schema
2167978HANA hierarchy views are not created for dimensions with time dependent   hierarc
2172559Error when running BPC_HANA_MIGRATE_FROM_10
2165460Invalid warning message after copying model
2166598Value zero is not accepted for selection 'Age older than (Days)'
2169246BPC : NW : Archive audit logs leaves data in Audit tables
2171653Performance is not good when deleting all archived BPC data
2140246Dimension and its member will not display if too long in context options
2171859Failed to get control set results because of failure to generate dynamic   table
2143056Remove some words from dimension member id black list
2154654Enhance performance to maintain master data UI in standard model
2161602Filter and sort option can be working together in Members of Dimension   page
2163622Duplicate property for a dimension in Planning and Consolidation   Administration
2164233Only the last member is deleted from Admin
2165451The new property should be able to insert again after removing it
2165679Property name should be filled automatically when user insert a new   property
2166683Dimension attribute cannot show in the master data page
2159655Copy users during copy Environment when CUA is activated
2168771Failed to copy environment
2129687Data Manager package status shows as “Fail” without any error message
2147322Member tree node ni formulas can't expand neither can be selected
2170645Editing member formula cause duplicated records in web admin
1988710Execution of report failed - Hierarchy node not authorized
2159652The warning message is unclear in DAP
2096248Enable work status with error message
2165999Copy and paste in Security report does not work
2167977Auto change backgroud color for Frequency day was removed after scroll   down or
2167974Auto change backgroud color for Frequency day in Data Audit is after   Saveing.
2077585Reading master data error when Preview Activity Instances in BPF
2122546Error "CX_ST_MATCH_TYPE" occurs while a BPF template is copied   - BPC10.1NW
2136134Some BPFs have no response after upgraing BPC 10.1
2168267BPF View button no response if the BPF is deployed.
2168338BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF callback on step region  status change for localization
2165376The solution of error "this report is no longer available and will   be removed f
2144971Remove Journal backup data from UJBR scope in BPC 7.5
2162971Cannot logon EPM-Addin after restore
2163483Error #Unidentified - no members found in dim SCOPE with criteria CALC =   N#-BPC
2108287Tolerance Threshold value display issue
2061137Additional Properties display incorrectly in Journal template
2143619Multiple header and multiple value checkboxes should be disabled when a   single
2083973Enhancement for journal parameter "JRN_DESC_MODE"
2142488Fix journal reopen regression issue.
2146698The number of displayed journals cannot be set to empty
2146793OK button is not disabled if the value of "Restrict the number of   displayed jou
2147343Add an hint icon on column header for each detail dimension in journal
2148539When drag a cell in journal detail page, the values aren't saved   correctly.
2149893Printing journal report display differently compared to BPC10.0
2159029Journal Editor page is not displaying scope context member description as   confi
2163780UJ_VALIDATION is always triggered when saving journal
2164845Enhancement to support MODEL level parameter JRN_DECIMAL_PLACE
2167960Dimension display option is not applied to newly created journal
2168761Additional properties are not in the columns selection of Journal list
2169295Enhancement to support exporting journal report as CSV file.
2170061Introduce model level parameter JRN_STATUS_PANE_ALIVE to control journal   status
2160330String should be "All members" instead of "None   specific" in Manage Comment pag
2171538The status of some controls in BPC Control Monitor changes to #To be   executed#
2159913Consolidation Center is not displaying scope context member description   as conf
2069933BPCNW - Unable to contact the server. There was no endpoint listening at.
2112890Some records are missing when upload flat file to file service
2151670Process chain does not send out a message if it is triggered by   '/CPMB/TRIGGER_
2163596Journal logic script generates duplicated data when posting a journal
2140738BPC Report/Input Schedule folders are not sorted alphabetically
1872718How to create BEx query with BPC calculation
2158481Value for parent node is wrong when it involves member formula
2110583Logon Failure "Service cannot be reached" launching BPC web   page in Business Pl
2165355Error "You do not have permission to access the current   environment" when loggi
2167830Double click aligned line in grid doesn't work in the Library page
2159835MEMBER_SELECTOR_ALL_LEVELS is not translated to string
2146865Number of Levels Down is incorrect if dimension is displayed in member   select
2146736The dimension member hierarchy relationship are incorrect when drill down
2148587The decendents critria editor cannot be opened
2156394Dimensions missing in the FORMAT dialog if dimension descriptions are not   exist
2160879Some texts in report format dialog are not  translated
1999110UJO_READ_EXCEPTION MDX statement error when ENABLE_HANA_MDX is set
2040023Transaction data disappear after sending data from EPM Add-in report or   web rep
2094456Report containing [ALL_BASE] member execution failed with error in EPM   Addin.
2120561HANABPC should check the size of the query request
2122276TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE Index does not exist error when running report
2125086Performance improvement of script logic on HANA when the model storage   type is
2130819HANABPC should check the size of the query resultset
2131558ERROR: A row already exists with this key (termination: RABAX_STATE) when   refre
2134397Parallel query for report is not working when BPC on HANA is enabled
2136030Incorrect periodic values for YTD model - BPC NW 10.0/10.1
2166566Failed to refresh report with UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018
2167792No data returned in the report when the native hana model is switched on
2163671Memory relevant run time error raised when using BPC file services   transaction
2031246BPC context is changed incorrectly in consolidation related programs
2164802Fix checkman error for package 'UJP' in SP18
2167952Unjustified message returned when executing account transformation
2127263CALC_ACCOUNT program doesn't handle column "Level" in rule   table correctly.
2136733Source data with I/M type is cleaned up even if it doesn't match   integration ru
2139209Enable parent node or DIMLIST value for 'OR' relation of field 'Other   Dimension
1709477Ignore security check for ICDATA
2160282ICDATA supports Group filter
2086290Transport Error: Error occurs when checking member formula
2111979Package group for Teams cannot be collected during BPC transport
2116398Maintenance of object 'AAPS' of type 'XXXXXX' is not yet available error   when
2138672Fail to release task during BPC transport
2151694Runtime error 'IMPORT_WRONG_END_POS' during BPC Transport
2163558Error: "Table already exists, Failed to import entity Dimension   member, ID:" wh
2169974BPC NW 10.0:"Cannot perform write (INHERITED_ERROR)" after   transport
2130367Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 01 -   WebClient-01
2130395Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 01 - WebClient-2
2135683BPC 10.0 NW web is not working on IE11 standard view.
2150489BPC 10.1 web logon failed with dump CX_RSR_PROPAGATE_X.
2162327The delay problem when select a dimension member
2171298Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 03
2172144Unable to Log off from the Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1   NetWeaver W
2173257Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP02 Patch 03
2098211Incorrect green light in Member Formula View
2157235Link text truncated when text size is above 100%
2162911Showing offline message in an online Environment
2165582Long text table not deleted when delete Environment from Web Admin
2170045User is able to use filter and sort option together in Members of   Dimension pag
2161540Table header of member selector was disppered In member selector of logic   scrip
2168978Member selector cannot popup in context bar if the member display is   "ID and De
2166612Ux issues: support single click blank button select
2168477Pie chart has no dimension information when cursor on
2157843Work status' current status for children member are not updated
1482402Manual uninstall BPC 7.5 Microsofts version
1678822BPC 7.0 / 7.5 / 10.0 / 10.1 for Microsoft: Third Party Software Support   Matrix
1707410BPC10: Supporting SQL Server 2012 (DM Package)
1883337BPC MS: Who's is online in BPC MS
2030529BPC: How to provide a copy of your appset (environment) to SAP
2112337BPC 10.1 MS - Frequently Asked Questions
2160890SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft SP17 Patch 1   central
2163950Scheduled package to run does not use the end date
2164144Error when saving package or attempting to change the Modify Script   Variale
2164682Help menu does not load
2165396The requested OLE DB provider MicrosoftJet.OLEDB.4.0 is not registered   when att
2169710Error Number: 0x800A005B when trying to uninstall BPC-MS
2170327Can you have dimension formula's cross    alternate hierarchies
2171540Windows authentication and the EPM Add-in
2173652BPC MS 10.1: Cannot create ActiveX component during installation
2169699Manually uninstall BPC 10.0 Microsoft version
2160245Error when scheduling a data manager package: Access is denied.   (Exception from
2050965Specific user cannot log on to the BPC client in Citrix enviroment
2125639The warning message of Logic is confused on EPM Add-in error   window-Rollback
2160249Base members of dimensions with more than 10 hierarchy levels are not   visible i
1895591FIX:Validating numeric variable in Logic incorrectly
1941621Server diagnotic problem in Management
2093662BPC MS 7.0/7.5/10.0 Compatibility View Settings in IE10 and IE 11
2128478#Error - Unexpected Error. Check your parameters error occurred when use   EPMM
2147402Check points for EPM Add-in issue on BPC NW
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2155460ALL: Unable to upload a zero value after uploading null or blank (save   without
2155569ALL: Invalid MDX command when refreshing EPM  with Except function
2162560BPCNW:Insert members functionality does not replicate formulas correctly   when m
2162456BPC: Formatted range EvDRE issue
2162334EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 21 Patch 03
2162749BPCNW 10.1: Issue when password expires
2164112BPCNW: EPMRetrieveData formula provides different values
2164100FC-PCM-SSM: Sub optimal generated MDX statements
2164541ALL: Incorrect MDX generation
2164535ALL: Incorrect member recognition
2165235ALL: English is always forwarded for work status in .net 3.5
2165220BPCNW: EVCVW does not work with multiple not equal filter
2165805BPCNW: Impossible to run package twice if prompt contains large member   selectio
2166776ALL: Workbook cannot be saved with book publication
2167027ALL: Impossible to create local member with a "." character in   Excel formula
2166977ALL: Lost sorted and grouped local members with Report Editor
2166974BPCNW: Report definition is lost when user has restricted access to   members
2166905BPC: Display property not applied in worksheet generation screen
2166889BW: Only english data language supported with local connection using the   BW BAP
2167064ALL: Excel 2013 diminished performance with active sheet protection
2167500ALL: Current vertical view not properly resized
2167437ALL: Formatting at the intersection of two local members does not work
2167928BPC: Issue with suppress and formatted range
2168084ALL: Axis local member wrongly attached to outer members
2170885ALL: Undo action list clears in Excel when the EPM Add-in is activated
2167108Connection to queries do not work corectly when mulitple reports   connecting to
2169276EPM : "Restore dynamic selection on refresh after navigation"   and "Perform work
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