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1626534Run '\CPMB\IMPORT' error   "Info provider \XXXX\XXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXXXX\XX is not
1605294Template is not updated in local folder - BPC NW 7.X
1553156When running the Legal Consolidation package,  system does not carry forward th
1586088Plan & Consol 10.0 for NetWeaver Documentation Addendum
1635898Required roles to replace SAP_ALL role for installation of BPC10 and BPC 10.1 s
1896746When adding a journal entry, the member selector showed up   even without selecti
1648159BPC 10.0 NW version check - 10.0 NW SP04
1655983Warning message "There is no workstatus in this   model" - BPC 10.0 NW SP04
1656003The character "&" is not supported in BPC NW   10.0 SP04 and the lower SP version
1673553Name or password of RFC Communication user is invalid
1934660The new environment copied by user is not visible to the same user in BPC   web a
1746564BPC 10 NW Script logic is failing with some expressions
1769606RUN_LOGIC:Property value not found error BPC when executing a Script   Logic - BP
1775045It is blank under Start Page - BPC 10.0 NW
1776489Current work status for Manager is not as expected
1777256Dump "GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED" occur while modify BPC template - BPC   10.0 NW
1777227UJBR error "Restoring across product releases is not   supported." - BPC 10.0 NW
1781748Server Diagnostic errors after installing BPC NW 7.5 SP14 on the .NET   server -
1783295Details of Note 1782951 - Generic format for Web Report link
1788820Error message when creating a subclass for the class CL_UJD_SIMPLE_ACTOR   -BPC N
1805849EPMCopyRange limitations in BPC 10.0
1807100"RSA1" transaction code displays technical names and not BPC   names - BPC NW
1959735BPF : 'Require Reviewer' option does not work as expected - BPC NW
1815534Transport ended with return code:    ===> 8 <===  - BPC NW
1822615Problem with special characters when trying to load data -BPC NW
1827399How to input multiple journal entries - BPC 10 NW
1832007Logon to BPC Home Page issue - BPC
1837012UJD_TEST_PACKAGE Authorization: "You do not have authorization"   - BPC NW
1853521Error Bundle com_sap_bpc_web_client_epumonitor. - BPC.
1868284Is the email in offline distribution sent from BPC client or the .NET   server?
1874809BW transactional data not loading to BPC -BPC NW
1879264Error: Expand and collapse are not possible when sorting by properties is   used
1886602How BPC account types, storage types and Measures affect the values   retrieved i
1892865EPM Add-in Check for updates option is not working for .NET 4.0 / Large   Volume
1897980Full Context of Comments is not displayed -BPC NW
1906839Is it possible to install two different BPC clients at the   same BW client? - BP
1911653Error: You are not authorized to change the work status for   this region of data
1914050Error "Failed to activate SAP NetWeaver BI InfoObject for   dimension" when runni
1918536UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_ with    (400) Bad Request and    "MDX  statement   error:" val
1924931Headlines in the Ownership Manager are not displayed in other   language than Eng
1928899User is able to access all dimensions while he does not have   access - BPC NW
1933726Error "08 is not a legal ECMA-262 octal constant"   when running a script logic -
1940678Report does not show values even if data exist in the backend   - BPC NW
1941579Getting blank screen when accessing BPC web after   installation-BPC10 NW
1943249Long logon time after upgrade - BPC NW
1944185ERROR: Could not set lock: Object already locked by   /CPMB/XXXXXXX MIGRATE_IPRO.
1947581Records from Flat file size are duplicated when uploaded to   the server - BPC NW
1954618Refreshing a simple report (<1 rows, 4 columns) crashes the   system - BPC
1957088Transport error "Environment XXX already exists with the   prefix XX". - BPC 10.0
1957601EPM Report does not retrieve data after updating the account   hierarchy - BPC NW
1959434Web page shows blank screen after upgrade - BPC NW
1959868Error : "There was a problem activating the instance   BPF" when starting a proce
1959856Error : "End date/time should be later than start   date/time" - BPC NW
1959906Enable large keyfigure does not work after upgrade - BPC NW
1968624Dynamic Hierarchy filter does not display all members that   were defined in Dyna
1975516How does Reopen Journal work? - BPC NW
1980568Error : "The EVDRE function in cell A1 will not be   migrated because the page ax
1984412How to delete data in BPC cube directly
1986453Dimensions missing from the list in EPM action pane - BPC
1986411Warning : "Didn't find content for activating   environment" - BPC NW
1987253Some EPM functions are not converted to offline mode - BPC
1987838User can not see the Apshell in the Connection Wizard - BPC NW
1989376BPC 10.1 Standard fix check man error in SP02
1990730EPMSelectMember() formula only displays the ID of the member -   EPM Add-in
1991545Transport error : "Can't enable time dependent hierarchy   on ADIM, check global
1998718Error : "Error Launching office Client : Automation   server can't create object"
2715Inconsistency in dimension description between BW and SAP BPC   front end - BPC N
2002174Error : "MDX statement error : System error in program   CL_RSR_MDX_OLAP_REQUEST
2010109Error: Get Consolidation Monitor Failed
2010964BPC parameters list and how they impact system behavior- BPC   NW 10.0/10.1
2011911Excel crashes when connect to a recently transported Appset -   BPC NW
2011883BW roles are deleted when migrating from BPC NW 7.5 to 10.0 -   BPC NW
2015491Error :  "Comment   module not enabled" when run Clear package - BPC NW
2023666Virtual Providers are not generated - BPC NW
2023678Error : "Exception CX_SY_RANGE_OUTOF_BOUNDS " when   load hierarchy from BW - BPC
2027897Error: "Error occurred while processing the   dimension" after adding a new membe
2028096checkman error fix in SP03
2029696Refresh button in the report doesn't retrieve data for Parent   leve members (lev
2029918Failure when setting the work status via property selection. -   BPC NW
2033135Planning Mode is not switched on after Light Optimize task via   data manager pac
2036093Cannot add new BW user in BPC 10.1 Web client - BPC 10.1
2046113Running a package does not take in consideration parameters   specified in the ex
2060092PERIODIC calculation is not correct in YTD model after NOTE   1505778
2066533Error : "Encountered unexpected character '<' " -   BPC
2069510BPCNW - Installation issues in BPC
2070424Unable to Reopen BPF Activities- BPC NW 7.5/10.0.
2074370Does BPC and EPM Add-In Support SAML Single Sign On?
2080025ST22 dump:UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION when trying to delete a   dimension- BPC NW 10.0.
2092556BPC Transport: environment is unavailable under transport   connection- BPC NW7.5
2093192Is Dimension Member IDs case sensitive ? - BPC 10.1
2103585Product Component Matrix for SAP Business Planning &   Consolidation 10.1, versio
2107030Microsoft Office Excel Screen flickers and turn to black   screen for few seconds
2112102Error : "An exception with the type CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL   occurred" - BPC NW
2114022Error : "Errors found retrieving data" - BPC NW
2133671Error 'No MemberDefinition without blank' when refreshing a   report- BPC 10.0 NW
2137383Wrong decimal value in excel tool- BPC NW 10.0 /EPM Addin   10.0.
2140363One particular user cannot display data in EPM-Excel Report-   BPC 7.5/10.0/10.1/
2144351Error "Object doesn't support this property or   method" appears in BPC Web clien
2147380New Property values does not display in EPM Add-In. - BPC NW
2148066Error : "SY_530", "UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_" -   BPC NW
2157634BPC_ACT : BPC-PAK missing during activation - BPC NW
2157576TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN does not finish - BPC NW
2157578Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an   object" when delete data l
2165381Team folders are displayed in reverse alphabetical order
2169238Error : "Security data load ended in error"   "Error occured while generating use
2170238Wrong Results of Account Calculation
2182712How To: Does EPM add-in INA provider connection suports raw BW   cubes ?
2184321BPC Environment Copy is not working
2207793"System has econuntered an error" when trying to   access BPF-BPC 7.5 NW.
2211771DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND Dump error when Deleting Dimension   Members - BPC NW
2216255In which table ID and MBR_NAME is stored ? - BPC NW
2219882Error : "ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel query   server" - BPC NW
2219857Error : "Invalid lookup structure : Invalid appl   name" - BPC NW
2219830Blank screen when manage dimension members - BPC NW
2220035BPC 7.5 NW upgrade to SP18: Add-in crashes when using Excel   2013
2219287Save' and 'Save and Process' button are not active when   dimensions have 3+
2230241BPC Process Chains are missing when viewed through RSPC
2234468SELECTION in the Transformation file has no effect - BPC NW
2238086UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 error when refreshing a report in EPM   Add-in on BPC NW
2241361Error : "Session timed out" BPC NW
2240989Error : "Dimension not found in work status   settings" - BPC NW
2239295ERROR: "EPMAdd-in.exe is not a valid Win32   application." when installing EPM Ad
2241792Delete archived BPC audit data fills transaction logs - BPC NW
2241713Edit Dimension not working - BPC NW
2242329Script Logic validation Error "Invalid Select statement   " after upgrade-BPC NW
2242190Error : "Call of the function UJE_READ_AGR_AUTH   failed" - BPC NW
2242786Error: "Invalid dynamic component entry SCOPE" when   trying to save data - BPC N
2243360UJA_DATA_CHECKER "Attribute of Dimension must be equal or   greater than 32"
2246620Error in refresh sheet: UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 MDX statement   error when reading
2248861Currency Conversion concept in both BPC embedded and BPC   standard - BPC
2249293*** ERROR => missing close of spool request - BPC NW
2249213Error: "Error occurred while processing the   dimension" after deleting a Dimensi
2251532When opening an uploaded document from BPC web, the context   displayed is not th
2261512What is the task ID for allowing Web Reports in Public Folder   to be updated
2263942Is IE 11 supported by BPC NW 7.5?
2270655Logon wizard shows on each click on a BPF link - BPC NW
2283084The value of Drill through config-Variable is incorrect when   user move a scroll
2283696List of BW/BPC NW 10 Tables
2288290Can the InfObject for BPC embedded be in /CPMB/ namesapce
2292502Error when trying to restore a single report -BPC NW 10.0.
2296583BPC 10.0 Issue: Unable to Access BPC web after installing new   SP error 403
2296910Analysis for Office 2.2 compatibility with EPM add-in in   Office 2016
2297974Multiple header and Multiple value dimensions or members   cannot be deleted-BPC
2298075*REC does not allow ID with Hyphen - BPC NW
2298067Warning : "The cell or chart you're trying to change is   on a protected sheet" -
2298271BPC : EPM : Error : "Index was out of range"
2301550Dimension Member Property Issue after migrating to Linux - BPC
2310175SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP09 Patch02   Central Note
2310191SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch09   Central Note
2311149BPC 10.1 Wrong total in JRN
2313536SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch05   Central Note
2314066Processing dimension throws MDX statement error "value   xxx for characteristic x
2315017Publisher issue of Planning and Consolidation 7.5 SP18 Patch1   NW
2316677Number of data records keeps increasing in UJ0_CLUS_PARAM
2321649Work Status # Cannot Change WS if "Controlled by"   set to "Manager" only
2264944French letters converted to special characters when loading   members from flat f
2264927Is it possible to set up a business rule to calculate the   goodwill on group lev
1481934Error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an   object" while maintaining
1646489Dump "Object XX in Appset (YY) is locked" - BPC NW   7.X
1781895BPC-NW UJA_DATA_CHECKER warning message :Missing File/Dir
1890411Log on error - Index was out of range. Must be non-negative
1932054YTD or QTD measure doesn#t work correctly-BPC NW
2023813"500 - Server Error" when connecting to BPC Web   Client
2031657Invalid values for QTD and YTD when EPMRetrieveData is used   and time has multip
2132223Cannot use navigation keys to quickly copy members/properties   down the page - B
2147835Certain dimension member not selected in script logic FOR   statement
2173042User cannot create a task profile - BPC NW 10.1
2205506DBIF_RSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN' dump processing dimensions
2220314Failed to delete a model completely from BPC system - BPC NW
2272459Dump CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL when copying an environment - BPC NW
2281669Unable to remove Enable HANA MDX from SPRO - BPC NW
2290155Error "InfoObject /CPMB/XXXX cannot be deleted because of   references" is return
2332Node [XX, XX]: Leaf '' already exists as child of node - BPC   NW 10.0 SP 13
2311783Hierarchy view, "next 100 Items" problems
2309516Fail to modify a BPC Model with add/remove a dimension in BPC   Web Admin Console
2169246Archive audit logs leaves data in Audit tables - BPC NW
2218906ATC check error
2243446Cannot see all control sets assignements for a model -BPC 10.1   NW.
2314974[BPC10.1]Dimension member is not correctly displayed in   control assignment view
1833558Dimension Processing Hangs with message "Waiting for server   response"
1959899Unable to delete dimension members -BPC NW
2057791Error message: "table name is missing" when   processing a dimension -BPC NW
2242012Cannot delete dimension members - BPC NW 10.1 SP 06
2248233Problems when editing dimensions in BPC Web - BPC NW 10.1 SP   05 Patch 05
2314850Unauthorized user can deactivate member formula
2318052Endless pop up error message dialog when processing dimension
2320888Filtering property shows incorrect result when filtering   string exceeds length
1624038"Error converting records: Root element is missing"   when executing default scri
2110560Unable to delete member formulas in dimension
2137151Improve performance of script logic execution
2158885Run Logic appears failed in DM log when zero-value records   suppressed
2185325BPC HANA Script logic Lookup Rate Not getting multiple rates
2276614Data Manager package and script issues after upgrading to BPC   NW 7.5 SP18
2299464Script logic validation error "invalid select   statement" - BPC NW 10.1 SP 08 Pa
2304094<ALL> is not recognized in as filter condition in   RUN_PROGRAM
2313006Performance improvement for script compile
2313507Variable is replaced incorrectly in logic script of BPC 7.5
2318113Log file of logic script doesn't generate in Data Management   Package
2321462Temporary data records are left in UJ0_CLUS_PARAM
1494122Error message "SAP BusinessObject - Add New Users"   when adding new users - BPC
1757825BPC security supporting CUA(obsolete, refer to 1880183 instead)
1875431Users list cannot be retrieved when one user is deactivated
1994720Troubleshooting Authorization issues in BPC NW
2218675BPC NW: Two Factor Authentication for EPM
2249197User does not inherit the    team data access profile -BPC 10.1 NW.
1447462What is "Apply to Periodic" in Currency Translation   Business Rule
1536920RUN_LOGIC: Ownership information not found in application   Legal
1925839Carry Forward Finds Zero Records
2199401FX Translation does not find the transaction data that need to   be translated
2192422"Parent could not be determined from master data of   dimension" error occur when
2316187Reporting exception error when opening data change report
1458819Error in BPC NW: Package does not exist or you do not have   authority on this pa
1636947BPF: Action Open Report Does not work - BPC7.5 NW
2053176BPC 10.1 Standard BPF Comment enhancement
2068485BPC Standard Can't see BPF hyperlink name when edit BPF   workspace in different
2083083Enhancement for BPC 10.1 Standard BPF comment information in   system report
2119716BPC 10.1 Standard BPF Deadline enhancement
2137418Work status submission fails if it is triggered by BPF   deadline automatically (
2201168BPC 10.1 Standard, in BPF template activity workspace, for   Hyperlink name, it s
2212349BPC 10.1 Standard, validate BPF template takes too much time   if process monitor
2214349Work status could not be submitted when triggering   automatically in BPF
2220518BPC 10.1 Standard, for BPF Template Activity Workspace, the   order of actions of
2314255[BPC10.1]hyperlinks cannot be displayed in some BPF   performer's activity worksp
2315472Extra related action imported after changing the BPF template.
2318811Reopen selection dialog cannot display all the buttons when   process text is too
2319287BPF - Button "Open Process" is not working
1953944BPC 10.1 Classic, BPF activity's description under My   Activities should be desc
2250303BPC 10.1 Standard saving related actions in BPF activity   workspace ends in unex
2298006Unable to open several activities at the same time - BPC NW   10.1
1535285Error: "GENERATE_BPF_INSTANCE failed" when creating   BPF instance
2262834BPC 10.1 Embedded and Standard BPF design time, team folders   shall be visible e
2297324BPC 10.1 Standard improve performance to expand Team folders   in BPF activity wo
1603266"Error occurred while set new table name for DM files in   file services" when re
1898731UJBR error - Error occured while generating BUI persistence data
1969483Improvement for backup & restore work status lock data   containing commas
2243152If huge data existed' option is grayed out when using UJBR   transaction. - BPC
2280659Performance improvement on backup process with huge   transaction data
2316623Enhancement of Backup & Restore Tool
2080839How to use the "UJAA_CLEAN_DELETED_APPSET" program -   BPC NW 10.0 SP 13 or highe
2023226Error:Accounts and entities do not match data in application   Ownership in BPC C
2207607Consolidation package completes with no record submitted
2248325Duplicate values are generated with Integration Rule
2311951Consolidation Monitor - Member on Change Work Status dialog is   incorrect
2301759Control results page does not show any controls
2302230Controls Results screen in Control Monitor does not display or   filter data in B
2310911Error occurs in SLG1 for the control which has documents   linked
1618945"An error occurred when creating a new journal" -   BPC NW 7.X
2140179Choice of the columns to be displayed when opening the journal   section - BPC NW
2189385Cannot copy journals for some members with the property   PARENT_GROUP - BPC NW 1
2307728Show data generated by journal BADI
2321096Journal total is blank in journal list when the value is less   than 1.
1846116Limitation of maximum comment length in BPC 7.5 and BW 7.01 - BPC NW
2263013Missing Execution Level in Controls - BPC
2322470Duplicated controls results - BPC NW
1819164Failed to create job BPC_PKGXXXXXXXXXXX : Invalid start time - BPC.
1841538How to Debug a Load Package That Was Working But Stops Working For No   Apparent
1861958Load Delta does not pick up any unloaded data after the first time
1867639Package fails with error RUN_LOGIC Do not have access to dimension   (memberID)
1955052Data manager package run with status Abort and shortdump   ASSERTION_FAILED occur
1970525Detailed information about rejected data records by work   status doesn#t display
2104614The MAP and Task Profile check gets bypassed when run package   being configured
2199900How to skip blank member IDs when loading master data from BW   into BPC
2177319RUN_LOGIC:Cannot find document/directory
2293605Cannot open old Data Manager Log Files from EPM Add-In. - BPC   NW
2319789Error occurs while viewing 'Formula Log' in 'Detail Log' of   package
2321011Error when load transaction data or master data with Data   Manager: "Number of r
1527072Comments are not getting copied when using the Copy Data   Package
2006778Not all package status entries get shown
2141423"RUN_LOGIC:Member"XXX" not exist " when   running a script logic with REPLACEPARA
2150503Performance issue when loading Master data to a secure   dimension
2205813Unable to call a start routine and an end routine together -   BPC NW
2268808Hierarchy nodes with 'Internal Format' cannot be loaded
2281740Conversion Formula in Transformation File does not apply   changes in EPM Add-In
2304612Import/Export Comments Package in Data Manager EPM Add-In
2311350Package size is not applied while exporting transaction data   to badi
2314897Enhance on package status while exporting transaction data
2318524/CPMB/IMPORT_DESCRIPT package does not update the descriptions   in EPM Add-in
1775706Error message when using    EPMDimensionOverride "Insert member is not performed"
1783234Maintain Dimension Members fails with error message "dimension XXX   is not found
1852481How to change the default value "..." of saved  empty comment? - BPC NW
1959869EPMContextMember() does not work properly - BPC NW
2178162BPC Hierarchy order in the dimension after data loading- BPC   NW 754 NW.
2146604Old comments are sent to the server at each data saving in EPM   report - BPC NW
2220370Error #REF retrieving comments for large selection - BPC
1466672EVDRE Insert Member option issue - BPC 7.5 NW SP02
2142963Data is successfully sent from Excel, but not saved in BW cube   - BPC NW
1767630Journal Auto Reversal posts but does not update the InfoCube
1522540EVDRE hidden row error - BPC 7.5 NW SP04
1760900Empty XML
2314951UJFS consistency check with respect to table UJF_DOC_CLUSTER
1766441Error message "Create environment 'ENVIRONMENTSHELL' failure."   - BPC NW
1911225Cannot change the client for RSA1 in SE16 RSADMINA
2103938Activation errors when manually implementing the notes 2016157   and 2024107 - BP
2252082BPC 10.1 on SAP_BW 7.50: When upgrading to NetWeaver 750,   After Component SAP_B
1580858BPC Server Manager diagnostics shows error status under ABAP   and MS Message Que
1591592BPC .NET filter pointing to Active Directory group does not   work
1608899Unable to change cname or hostname in the web config
1913855How to use UJS_ACTIVATE_CONTENT program - BPC NW 10.0
2138946LISTCUBE on BPC Virtual Provider shows different results from   underlying InfoCu
2192864BPC 10.1 Standard folder expand arrow not shown before   selection if the folder
2206215BPC 10.1 Standard, in web client, moving a folder contains sub   folders from "PU
2307278Context options of behavior are different between Library and   BPF
2190604SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW Localization   for China Central No
1861181SQE HANA query fails with error - SQL_MESSAGE:invalid table name:  Could not fi
2123595Failed to change SAP Netweaver BI InfoObject for Dimension   when migrating from
2266063Decouple UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_101 for SAP_BW 750 and POASBC
2286501Migration program does not change infoObjects length
2298153Migrate BPC 10.0 environments to BPC 10.1 get short dump
2298386BPC10.1 Standard migrate BPC 10.0 environment to BPC 10.1 dump   at BUI Report re
2313038A new task security for Dashboard resource type
2298963Cannot be validated with unit of keyfigure in the input form
1854228How to enable parallel query for reporting
2316014Further fix after installing the note 2220542 and 2301815
2317805Data cannot be writen back to Model with script logic when the   HANA numeric tim
2158658Currency is limited to 'LC' if not specified when executing DM   package
2136733Source data with I/M type is cleaned up even if it doesn't   match integration ru
2303682Scope change generated into unexpected flow
2320375Parent node is not supported for closing flow during   carry-forward calculation
2314527CopyOpening should not perform on Audit member with property   '#copyopening# mar
1589065BPC admin access lost after transport
1785108Error Message:"Favorite service cannot be initialized,   ErrMsg:'CORE./home' cann
1786142ZUJE_MASS_USER_MGMT tool is not supported - BPC NW
1878433NVIRONMENTSHELL not visible in BPC frontend -BPC NW
1882091How to run transport in BPC 10.0 -BPC NW
1882071How to run transport in BPC 7.5 NW -BPC NW
1882834How to transport the EnvironmentShell - BPC NW
1932093"Errors occurred during post-handling RS_AFTER_IMPORT for   ADIM L"-BPC NW
2167780Trigger 'text comparison' in case of role changes in BPC
2188759Environment not visible in RSA1 after transport - BPC NW
2246880Error occurred in phase XPRA_EXECUTION during import of SP in   BPC NW 10.X
2250993Dimension hierarchy is removed from specific members after   doing a transport -
1616922Reversed value generated if script logic execution triggered   by input schedule
1851467How to customize company logo on bpc web - BPC 75 NW
2172774No sorting by Status possible in Controls Monitor - BPC NW
2274155Checkpoints for BPC Web Logon Issues
2310716Download Center page cannot be correctly displayed on IE11.
2313521Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch 09
2314399Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP09 Patch 02
2316658Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch 05
2305359Unable to save column sequence when maintaining master data
1522598Content Library error when delete file with Chinese name - BPC   7.5 NW SP04
2304097BPC NW Web Client does not work on specific SAP UI5.
2109571Unselectable members with the property PARENT_GROUP when   creating a journal - B
2315894Users and Teams security reports are modifiable.
2315470In Create Control Set dialog, it only shows 10 controls rules
2189809Error when changing Work Status State: There is no other workstatus
1931938Parent could not be determined from master data of dimension
2104514Parent's work status in a non owner dimension - BPC NW
2234691Fix for syntax check warnings in backend code
2045341EPM Add-In Book Publication with AmyUni PDF Converter
2108657EPM Add-in: Inactive EPM member selector
2123411Error "Unable to cast object of type
2127769Error : "Error while handling delayed active report   change" - BPC
2157826Dimension hierarchy is not retrieved for the latest hierarchy   - BPC NW 10.1
2186127Bex query  does not open   in EPM add-in-BPC NW 10.1 NW.
2218543BPC 10.0 NW Error: When opening an excel report after   upgrading exception is th
2303454[P]"Wrong CSV format" error occurs with EPM Add-in   when user connects to a mode
2187802Web client feature configuration utility
2240898Support Consolidation in BPC NW 10.1 Embedded model
2312980BPC 10.1 Embedded  -   Prerequisite for Standard Enhancment for BPC Dashboard


1613548How to troubleshoot the BPC ODBO   driver connectivity issues
1835342"Cannot run the macro 'AFTER_WORKBOOK_OPEN'. the macro may not be   available in
1514020Administration Client Installation Incomplete - BPC
1378408Method not found: Void   System.Xml.XmlTextReader.set_ProhibitDtd(Boolean)
1378379When running data audit, the report is blank
1400710BPC Audit Report is blank- BPC 7.0 MS
1497247Custom Menu Link Missing - BPC
1402015What files to restore from a BPC backup
1418377A unhandled exception error has occured in a component in your   application
1438908BPC: User Cannot delete a specific team
1441812automation error
1447302BPC: Deleting Team folders from dialog box in a schedule or report library is n
1541351Management Console Virtual Directory missing in the IIS - BPC
1494036How to schedule a daily Application Set backup - BPC
1493916Unposted journal is taken into account in the consolidation   process - BPC
1499569The system should warn the users who select a hierarchical   dimension member whe
1500789Process dimension lasts long then eventually fails - BPC MS
1501713Installation problem of ADOMD.NET version 9.0 - BPC
1502990Logon button missing on the Excel toolbar - BPC
1503350How to include a new blank row or column in an EVDRE report -   BPC
1503521Compatibility problem with Mozilla Firefox - BPC
1509770Unable to open Admin Console Tasks - BPC
1613532Error "Could not find provider BPCMDX.4" when   creating a Universe connection
1626899Excel crashes on Windows 7 or Windows Vista when many EVDRE   functions are used
1633726Export dimension doesn't work properly - BPC MS 10.0
1633807How to configure the Send Governor parameters
1668197EPMDimensionList function issue when activating the Active   Member recognition -
1681663BPC 10 installation error: "Cannot open backup device   '\\servername\OsoftSample
1645987Error on the web page when using the Drill Through feature in   BPC
1646688Journal entries posted with wrong time - BPC
1669511ERROR: EVDRE encountered an error retrieving data from the Web   Server - BPC
1661322ERROR: "Empty cache or old data; click Refresh to   retrieve data" when trying to
1661399ERROR: Restore failed for server 'EPM_BPC\BPC' when restoring   a database backup
1662209ERROR: Cannot create ActiveX component - BPC MS
1664688How to enable/ disable OLAP Lazy processing - BPC
1671344Unknown recognized member when the member's ID is equal to the   description of t
1671434Custom menu not uploaded - BPC
1673419Who's online: "No data available for session" Error   - BPC
1673499"EVDRE encountered an error retrieving data from the Web   Server" when displayin
1674738Windows Active Directory running runs on Windows 2008 and   Windows 2008 R2 - BPC
1674702Brackets in file name when using Offline Distribution Wizard -   BPC
1679317Hierarchy calculation doesn't work for some accounts - BPC
1676373SAP Maintenance Contract
1681258How to automatically uninstall BPC server - BPC
1689644FX Error running stored procedure SPRUNCONVERSION   Consolidation - BPC
1689981Changes are not updated in tab Context Display - BPC
1693594Third party tool with 'open file Agent' - BPC
1694091EPM Add-In: How to disable the Data Manager tab in Excel?
1696883Run SSIS package in 32-bit - BPC
1705231System Error &HC0040204 and users unable to insert a member into a   report - EPM
1711334The open box doesn't appear when clicking on Open Report Library - BPC   MS.
1712351Report Server DB on Application Server - BPC
1718604Members cannot be saved due to a concurrent lock violation - BPC
1804417Error : "The package does not exist or you do not have authority on   this packag
1719927How to disable 'Proactive Caching' - BPC
1745550Analysis Option disappeared from BPC Web - BPC MS
1751650Error "The process cannot access the file %filename% because it is   being used b
1751604Error querying SQL: The connection cannot be used to perform this   operation. It
1751663Performance issue when Sending Data - BPC
1751643*ERROR* FX-310 Nothing Extract from Fact - RATES when running Currency   Translat
1773659Folders listed in the End User's Reports or Input Schedules are not   sorted in t
1804338Error : "[ERROR] Error MessageA transport-level error has occurred   When Sending
1804337Error : "There is an error in XML document (310, -1284)" - BPC   MS
1814647BPC: Error 'One or More datasource is missing credentials'
1824221How to change PC_MS local folder location BPCMS 7.5
1832211Migrated custom SSIS packages from BPC 7.5 do not work in BPC 10.0 - BPC   MS
1831665Unable to setup ODBC logging - BPC MS
1831640Admin tasks not selectable - BPC MS
1830252BPC MS How to log and trace Osoft Com + applications
1838835BPC Error: Faulting application OSoftServiceManager.exe faulting module   mscorwk
1838821BPC MS 10 ERROR: Error Processing Dimensions " Exeption Error Has   occured, Serv
1841883BPC MS: Error installing BPC 10 "Error Creating Sample   Database"
1874359How to change PC_MS folder location for BPC-MS 10.x
1875827Refresh Macro crashes excel in EPM add in SP14 - BPC
1877103Filter in page axis is not dynamic - BPC MS
1888246EVDRE EV Functions not recognized by EPM Add-In
1893947"Save and Refresh Data" commands disabled greyed out
1895624Cannot restore because of other application busy
1898533Excel slow performance when loading EPM Add-In
1898468InApp dimension properties in the BPC-MS database
1907407Error:Assembly: OSoftDMDTSXExecute.dll, Object:   OSoft.Services.Application.Data
1904557EPM BPC 10: Data Manager Error: Internal Server Error 500
1914024Warning : "Your dynamic selection has no result, would   you like to keep this se
1914204Scheduled packages are not copied when backup / restore an   appset in another en
1914685Description of new created dimension members is not displayed   in EPM reports -
1916238Error: "Object variable or With block variable not   set" when running Data Manag
1916828EPMDimensionPropertyValues function does not show - BPC
1919595Error : "The application is not recognized or   connected" - BPC MS
1936636Cannot upload member error during dimension process
1939871How to disable BPC 7.5 MS Excel Add-in deactivation in Excel   2010
1952089BPC MS 7.5:Process dimension - Memory error Allocation Failure   Not enough Memor
1953869Can't create models using Starter Kit for IFRS BPC-MS
1954648BPC MS 10: How to copy members from the "Context Member   Selector" and use them
1959757Error : "Error running stored procedure SPRUNELIM :   Invalid object name 'dbo.mb
1959894BPC MS 10.0:  BPC AD   Group scheduled synchronization failed
1963101BPC MS 10.0 Error: Cannot backup environment (FileDB is   missing)
1965538BPC 10.0 MS: Work status time and hierarchy dependency in   bottom up planning
1968392BPC 7.5 MS: Server Error in '/OSOFT' Application Virtual   directory is altered
1983547MNU_ePUBLISH_OFFLINE_WIZARD method object failed
1983431Parameters missing in "Set Environment Parameters"
1983981SPRUNCALCACCOUNT running slow unexpectedly BPC-MS
1987166Ownership Manager link missing on the BPC-MS Web
2001254Error running stored procedure SPCopyOpening BPC-MS
2001304EvDTSconvert.dll not registered when running package
2023606EPM Add-in How to: Deploy using Group Policy Object
2045254Error "A dimension file cannot be created" when   login
2045539BPC 7.5 MS Error: Named Pipes Provider,error: 40 - Could not   open a connection
2066488How to disable running Audit scheduled jobs - BPC MS
2072155EPM add-in Error: EPMCommentFullContext displays #RFR after   using Refresh butto
2073277Error :  "The   following componets are required: 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Ser
2075292BPC MS 10.0 Error: Task Scheduler failed to start   "\DM_xx_xxxxx_nn.job" task"
2085460EVDRE report size grows at each Expand - BPC
2085513Book publication consumes memory - BPC MS
2095884How to backup/restore/delete audit data in BPC-MS
2096616Error : "The remote server returned an error : (401)   Unauthorized" - BPC
2097866Error HRESULT:0x800A03EC when saving dimension sheet
2102791Error : Error occurred while getting a schedule list   Collection was modified; e
2102815Error : "A problem occurred: Execution of standard report   failed" - BPC
2104444Error "Could not open the input file" when importing   a file - BPC MS
2142966Journal module periodically freezes - BPC MS
2177245CUSTOMFACTBLINDEX parameter doesn't work SAP BPCMS
2180147SMB3 protocol compatibility with BPC 10.0 - BPC MS
2186995Mapping error: The dimension does not exist in the   application  when skipping s
2190792BPC MS 10.0 Error: ASP.NET v4.0.30319: Prohibited
2192460Error occurred during Import Security when importing users   into BPC MS
2193873Syntax error in logic script when validating-BPC MS
2193817Error String or binary data truncated in SAP BPCMS
2197551Error Access denied to the path when processing
2203326Error : The system cannot connect to the application server -   BPC MS
2205831BPC Administration client version not updated - BPC MS
2216737Security setup documentation for BPC-MS
2219883Error : "COM exception cause: Invalid username or   password" - BPC MS
2220034Cannot initialise writeback component: Exception of type   SAP.BPC.Services.Appli
2222394Microsoft KB3085502:Excel crashes with VBA code
2224469BPC MS 10.0: How to change the SQL server after go live.
2224458BPC 10.0 MS Error: Web logon page keeps reloading when   inputting username and p
2226760How to recover sysadmin service account - BPC MS
2229372Copy/paste journal not possible in SAP BPC-MS
2231938Error RUN-248005 during data load to BPC using FIM
2231979Error "File Server" raised from BPC-MS diagnostic
2238380Support for SQL Server 2014 ColumnStore Indexes - BPC MS 10.1
2249153Is it possible to connect SAP Portal with BPC MS by means of   Single Sign On? -
2249068Error *RUN_STORED_PROCEDURE with SQL Server 2014
2263384How to limit members in journal templates?
2273195EVDRE report fails to retrieve data with measure
2278625Error "The server process could not be started because   the configured identity
2284869ERROR "Unknown error (0x8500c)"  when trying to add a new user in admin cons
2284930Newly added account dimension hierarchy cannot be displayed. -   BPC MS
2285509Error: Invalid dimension xxxx in lookup rule when running   Script Logic - BPC
2286257ERROR #Invalid Dimension: Measures#  when attempting to login through EPM Add-i
2296889BPC 10.0 MS issue: Environment is no longer available after   upgrade.
2298084BPC : EPM : "Choose Another connection" not visible
2307451Old reports are not deleted after a new copy of the   environment - BPC MS
2314877SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 SP21 Patch 1,   version for the Micr
2315725Journal entry does not allow to input the minus values to   value columns
2254135Error "DriverInit failed" when publish book BPC-MS
2322137Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON
1442278BPC: when adding a new application set, the step "create   OLAP database" hangs
1527214Error: Not enough Disk Space when trying to Add a new   application set
1492870How to log on to BPC without authentication credentials - BPC
1501770Packages continue on running status - BPC
1599902Unable to open BPC Admin Client when BPC for Excel is open -   BPC
1671358Errors in Olap storage engine - BPC
1707871Unspecified error (Assembly: K2Logic.dll, Object: K2Logic.clsEvLogic) -   BPC MS
1711853ERROR: Server Error in '/OSoft' Application: Invalid userID - BPC
1713188Cannot manage Environments in the web admin - BPC
1719057How to silently uninstall the BPC office client parameters? - BPC
1875811Error: Initialization failed JOURNAL_NOT_ENABLED - BPC.
2281117It failed when processing dimension more than about 35,   members with same hi
2319300Cannot make a multiple hierarchy after processing dimension
1502246How to extract the .SAR extension - BPC
1804430EPM Add-in: The EPM Add-in install link is greyed out.
1652462ERROR:  Incorrect syntax   near ')'. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'with' whe
1704213An error occurred while getting the file content - BPC MS
1493539Logon button does not work properly - BPC
1698591The user is no longer able to access to the BPC after changing its name   from th
1460317OutlooksoftSendGovernor service not started- BPC 7.0 MS
2313035Copy Opening stored procedure generate internal exception log   in specific case
1718948Dimensions are not aligned in the Run Package wizard - BPC
2298085OSoftSchedulingDM Launcher not displaying the exact time of   executed packages -
1438845BPC: Tasks responsible for auditing reports.
1537425"System Error &H84005" when opening BPC for   Excel - BPS MS.
1559127ENH: Dimension Member Lookup takes long time to open - BPC
1486001SPICDATA function is not working as expected - BPC MS.
1514750ERROR: "An Exception error has occurred; check the Log   ID= xxx for more details
1593334Key cannot be null when trying to run Import Package - BPC MS
1617165Bad performance when running a SSIS package - BPC MS
1509557ERROR: "Cannot open process menu" - BPC
1707197ERROR "There is no data to refresh" when sending zero values -   BPC
1959821BPC MS 7.5: Wrong Total calculation of denied child members
1500421EVCVW function doesn't retrieve correctly the member ID - BPC   MS.
1684184Which macro's to use for send / refresh? - BPC
1959863BPC MS 10.0 Error: Debug script Logic Error "Error at   step 1 QueryCubeAndDebug"
1946086BPC MS 7.5 Error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not   find file
1775595Error in Diagnostic Server Manager for Virtual osoft Directory - BPC MS.
1510925Restored Application Set is not functional - BPC
1665912ERROR: "Login failed for user xyz. Reason: Failed to open   the explicitly specif
1680519The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized - BPC
1704803The difference between process context and action context in the BPF -   BPC MS
1919193BPC MS: How to enable detailed error pages in IIS




1697593Updating the report removes the inserted   members -EPM Add-in
1830666Error : " Error while communicating with the server. XML for   Analysis parser: T
1865926Error "The workbook cannot be opened %REPORTS%" publish
1950296EPM add-in big volume and standard version, differences and   installation requir
2015050Insert member function issue with enable member sorting - EPM   ADD-IN
2028583Problems when working with multiple reports using different   connections - EPM A
2110248How to change the data number format in Microsoft word ? - BPC
2157637WARNING : "This syntax is deprecated or you mis-typed   your command" - BPC NW
2224626Does the Enterprise Performance Management Add-in support   Microsoft Office 2016
2232098Does SAP BO Analysis 2.1 SP2 support EVDRE formulas created in   EPM Reports?
2235518Distribution error: "There is no vary keys for this   section" - BPC NW 10.0 / 10
2239240Refresh a report deletes empty colunms within the report - EPM
2249183Work status behavior in both Consolidation Monitor and EPM   Add-in - BPC
2266771EPM - General Error: Failed to allocate a managed memory   buffer
2269100Inserting a member with "At Selected Cell" position   in "EPM Insert Member" chan
2281806Third Party Software Requirements and Recommendations for EPM   Add-in
2297695Updating Ownership-based Hierarchies via EPM Add-In Report
2311231ALL: EPM add-in activation when opened from the web client
2311643INA:Collecting offline files in workbook
2311590EPM add-in for Microsoft Office 10.0 SP25 Patch 03
2312162Office Client Strategy for BPC
2313194INA: Comments not saved with data collection
2313991Object reference not set to an instance of an object
2315720ALL: EPMExecuteAPI issue when used in Excel macro
2316968BWINA: Unexpected error when changing a variable after a new   line insertion
2317277INA: validation for Variable Selection Screen not working
2318154BWNW: Report Editor issue when creating a Local Member in the   "Attached To" sec
2322ALL: EPMSelectMember issue on certain machines
2319981ALL: EPMCopyRange can freeze application or Ribbon
2319936ALL: When running a report, Excel crashes due to an access   violation during cal
2319932ALL: EPMCopyRange issue
2319898ALL: User Interface Issues with High Resolution
2321352Data Sources officially supported by Analysis and EPM
2322640Data disappear when using common axis in EPM report - BPC NW
2249956How to organize the connections in EPM Add-in
2233352Inputing a value doesn't work when multiple reports are open.
2276061EPM Addin "CTRL+Z" in input forms doesn't work
2177707Sheet Option "Hide Empty and Zero Values" not   applied with LocalMember Formula
2169276"Restore dynamic selection on refresh after   navigation" and "Perform worksheet
2177784Entity is shown without the ID when changing the Work Status -   EPM
1891006How to Capture Performance Logs for EPM Add-in
2009980Connection to EPM Add-in Fails With Error: Failed to allocate   a managed memory
2067074XXX has exceeded the allotted timeout of 00:30:00
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