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Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW ) 
1142913Overview/Release strategy for   SAP ABAP Add-On CPMBPC
1600101An exception with the type CX_ST_MATCH_ELEMENT occurred while   running UJD_TEST_
1906563Cannot configure parameter KEYDATE in task
1960098Business Planning Consolidation Journal and Auto Reverse value   is out of sync.
2163382Exception CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEGAL_TYPE occurs during import of   a dimension
2074370BPC NW: Does Business planning and consolidation support SAML   Single Sign On?
2243720Environmentshell Request prefix for versions 10.0 and 10.1
2103585Product Component Matrix for SAP Business Planning &   Consolidation 10.1, versio
2232172Sorting on dimension members fails
2132804Failed to create calculation hierarchy for dimension 'TIME'
2168936SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP08 Central   Note
2177465Service user provider for daemon job
2190073Dump "CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR" and   "MESSAGE_TYPE_X" while executing UJS_ACTI
2191493Limit on the number of rows showing in Controls Results within   the Business Pla
2232159Could not enable parameter ENABLE_HANA_MDX with error #no   result set#
2227828LIGHT_OPTMIZE fails with "lock NOT set for" error
2233559SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP04 Patch03   Central Note
2238086UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_018 error when refreshing a report
2239295BPC 10.1 ERROR: "EPMAdd-in.exe is not a valid Win32   application." when installi
2239578Program UJA3_WRITE_SYS_USERS does not exist message is seen   within Business Pla
2240352No data is posted to G_NONE when running currency translation   - BPC NW 10.X
2241115Copy Package /CPMB/COPY mode option change
2240989BPC : NW : Error : "Dimension not found in work status   settings"
2241361BPC : NW : Error : "Session timed out"
2241713BPC : NW : Edit Dimension not working
2241792BPC : NW : Delete archived BPC audit data fills transaction   logs
2242190BPC : NW : Error : "Call of the function   UJE_READ_AGR_AUTH failed"
2242329BPC NW 7.54: Script Logic validation Error "Invalid   Select statement " after up
2242786BPC : NW : Error : "Invalid dynamic component entry   SCOPE"
2243360"Attribute of Dimension must be equal or greater than   32" when running program
2244889EPM Add-In tab does not appear on Excel
2245177Processing dimension fails with dump   "CALL_FUNCTION_RECEIVE_ERROR" and "UNCAUGH
2246777Reporting data is incorrect with parent
2248465BPC dashboard issue troubleshooting guide
2248861BPC NW 10.1: Currency Conversion concept in both BPC embedded   and BPC standard
2248959Missing HANA view error when refreshing EPM Report
2248989Performance of refreshing most reports is very bad if   customer's BPC is on BW 7
2249293BPC NW 10.0 *** ERROR => missing close of spool request
2249621Full Optimization cannot be triggered from BPC Web client -   BPC 10.0 NW
2250235When pasting data from excel to BPC web journal, the value in   Debit will disapp
2250288Performance of BPC package execution becomes bad in BPC NW10.0
2250647BPC NW: Error message when creating member formula   "cannot find document/direct
1750837BPC 10 NW: Not able to create any users in BPC web
1880183Support create profile and assign user in CUA enabled system
2211802Fix the inconsistence after adding or deleting attribute from   time dependent di
2237115Fail to enable Large Key Figure
2238068UJA_DATA_CHECKER may wrongly raise an error message about   DEFAULT_EXTENSIONS
2239549BPC Script Logic Troubleshooting Survival Guide
1896651How to remove old Key Figure from BPC Model
2122400Dump when modifying application in BPC 7.54
2195242BPC 10.1 Standard, copy Model fails randomly in BPC web client   on systems with
2243446BPC 10.1 NW: Cannot see all control sets assignements for a   model
2159136BPC NW: How changing the name of standard dimension?
2164233Only the last member is deleted from Admin
2242012BPC NW: Cannot delete dimension members
2238995Invalid input validation when deleting members
2248233BPC NW: Problems when editing dimensions in BPC Web
2244195Server Error 500 in Web Interface, SAPSQL_INVALID_TABLENAME in   ST22 after envir
2247104Script Logic is only partially executed
2238411Cannot add user to environment
2239136A user should use 2 byte character to Model name in Data   access profile.
2249197BPC 10.1 NW: User does not inherit the  team data access profile.
2191269Copy/paste does not work properly in account-based   calculations business rule
2242626Value in level field in Account-based Calculations Rule can   not be pasted from
2243341All memeber selectors in Business Rule views can not display   members more than
2240431Cannot update work status using program UJW_WS_TEST
2244095Error found in system', when you run BPC HANA allocation
2182107Data change report cannot be shown information of audit data
2230159BPC 10.1 Standard Web client, when editing workspace for BPF   template to add "R
2247801BPC 10.1 Standard BPF Template Activity workspace context does   not inherit BPF
2067241When browsing the subfolder’s content under “Public” node in   the excel action,
2217094Change model should also clear automation setting value in the   work status acti
2233346The context of report cannot be saved when this report is   added into workspace
2245912In the activity runtime workspace, user should not allow to   switch to activity
2187976When we want to change an instance assignment, sometimes the   dialog don’t have
2194437BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF template's description shall not be   empty when user swit
2217053Copy action will replace the original action in the BPF   workspace design time.
2243152BPC NW : 'If huge data existed' option is grayed out when   using UJBR transactio
2224213Wrong opening scope calculation using CATEGORY_FOR_OPE  property
2249654Consolidation fails to run due to work status
2250964In consolidation monitor, the execution status of a sub-group   is not changed wh
2218938Copy and paste multiple lines of data from excel to   "Method-based multiplier" p
2243207Duplicate service calls to get consolidation monitor data when   opening consolid
2221221Error may happen when dismiss control and some other general   control issues
2192336The reopen rules page does not get refreshed after saving the   journal template
2200672The warning message always pops up when refreshing the journal   details
2207790The journals can not be sorted correctly by posted date in   journals list
2210834The journal list can not be gotten back when user restore the   member of header
2210888The data of journal is incorrect in print page
2211856Can not open journal list page from consolidation
2212973Adding values in Maintian/Add values when defining Journal   Tempalte, the value
2239703Credit and Debit cells are still disabled even if user   manually input all valid
2247945The dimension member description is displayed as   "null" or nothing if this memb
2177053The responding is very slow when maintaining the entities in   ownership manager
2146114Fix dump of control when opening control monitor or control   result
2218358Performance improvement of consolidation monitor and control   monitor
2240614BPC NW: Blocking Controls and Work Status
2193517The member on overview is not inherited to child in MY   ACTIVITIES.
2249558Data get changed unexpectly when running COPY data manager   package
2053895Records are missing when loading transaction data from   InfoProvider in delta mo
2055048CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS occurs while loading infoObject   hierarchy on BW 740
2160290Enhance loading transaction data to do case conversion of   member IDs
2248218BPC NW: ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump when executing a DM package
2237258UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_017 when creating report or referencing   model in EPM Add-in
2239461Cross Compatibility EPM Add-In for BPC MS and BPC NW
2240543EPMFunction EPMMEMBEROFFSET returns wrong value
2220370BPC NW retrieve comments for large selection
2240434File Service should stores time in UTC in case of Lock/Unlock
2233803EPM Add-in:Error: "there are no variables" and blank   screen appears in EPM Set
2249112ERROR: An error has occurred while parsing a dynamic entry.   (termination: RABAX
2249667BPC web login hangs at the progress bar "SAP   BusinessObjects"
2230308The filter on "Modified on" should be work fine in   Library
2243888Dashboard can not get correct member information at its first   start
2188929BPC NW 10.1 Front end does not load since change in   RSPLS_HDB_ACT
2236559Same Report/Inpuform is moved without confirm
2241580The Text & Interval variables configured in BPF Action do   not work correctly in
2114097After a dimension is changed to TDH, user fails to build   report for HANA MDX en
2136030Incorrect periodic values for YTD model - BPC NW 10.0/10.1
2203870If submitted data is invalid, error message should contain   detail information
2249297BPC NW 10.1 Error: "Cannot perform read" when trying   to save data in EPM Add-in
2150791Error may happen if running currency conversion or   consolidation via consolidat
2072418Performance improvement of reading ownership data
2152899Error may happen if running consolidation via consolidation   monitor with non-En
2193488The second NEW type rule with different destination audit   doesn't work
2246696Dump happens when running integration consolidation with   OWN_PERIOD enabled
2234582Periodic calculation is unexpected when related destination   account is specifie
2239733CT can't generate correct data when CATEGORY_FOR_OPE has a   different category m
2250673BPC10.0 NW: Currency translation generates wrong result.
2249603US Eliminations runs error with dimension   "ORGANIZATION"
2138672Fail to release tasks during BPC transport
2169974"Cannot perform write (INHERITED_ERROR)" after   transport
2240598Error in pre-export methods for request #########' causes   transport release to
2241190BPC NW Error: "Property ID does not exist in dimension   XXXXXX"
2246751BPC 10.0 NW: Maintenance of object 'AAPS' of type 'XXXXXX' is   not yet available
2246880Error occurred in phase XPRA_EXECUTION during import of   Support Package BPC Net
2250993BPC NW : Dimension hierarchy is removed from specific members   after doing a tra
2139447BPC NW 7.5 Transport fails with Out of Memory error
2241572[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Control
2235318User cannot select and expand tree node in member selector   from Member formulas
2247785[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Webclie
2247821[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Webclie
2247824[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Webclie
2247826[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Webclie
2247827[Internal Use]Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW   SP08 Patch 01 - Webclie
2214410The member description is displayed in reverse order in Member   Selector
2247766Some members in the lower level will beyond the display frame   in Member Selecto
2232289Newly added report or input form should be displayed in   WorkSpace.
2240997The user sees only a blank space of detail tab in system   report by chome browse
2242149The functionality of "Total placement" does not work   correctly when the report
2204213Scrollbar of add content dialog
2199552"Enable Work Status by Model" show "No   Data" - BPC 10.1 NW
2220295User may not change work status on some parent node
2235785Unable to change work status
2236448Support BADI in Workstatus to get owner and manager for   customer
2243977Invalid hierarchy when changing Work Status
2214420Work status should support the multiple selection of members   for owner and othe
1565809Settings for BW query F4 help
2240876The Hierarchy 'XXXX' is Currently Locked by User BWREMOTE -   BPC NW 10.X
2249213BPC NW 10.0: Error: "Error occurred while processing the   dimension" after delet
Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS ) 
1584890Plan & Consol 10.0, for   Microsoft Documentation Addendum
1861235BPC: The process cannot access the file because it is being   used by another pro
2105245SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 for Microsoft   Documentation Addend
2219713EPM Add-In Issues after Microsoft update KB3085502
2226760BPC MS How to recover sysadmin service account
2228401BPC 10.x: ExecuteScalar requires an open and available   Connection. The connecti
2238380BPC MS 10.1 Support for SQL 2014 ColumnStore Indexes
2241875BPC 10 is missing export to PDF option in security reports
2249147BPC MS Server cloning
2249068BPC-MS: Error with *RUN_STORED_PROCEDURE in BPC 10.1 and SQL   Server 2014
2249153Single Sign On with BPC MS 7.5
1098847Virtual Machine Support for BPC
1628908BPC MS: How to fix the Full Optimize with compress time-out   failure
2229972BWINA: Hierarchy not updated   correctly
2127417BPC: How to download EPM Add-in?
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2170744EPM add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 24
2189555BWINA: Issue when opening Excel Workbook from a BPF with 'Do   not Store Connecti
2203358If EPM addin is enabled,when switching from one sheet to   another,some part of t
2211340BPCNW: EvDRE [NoRefresh] with VBA [BeforeExpand)
2217559BPCNW: InstallShield Log issue
2218087BPCNW: OLAP Formula and Cell References with an ID containing   an hyphen
2218090BPCNW: Excel "Insert Comment" or "Edit   Comment" unavailable when workbook offli
2219584BPCNW: Ribbon not correctly updated when navigating between   EvDRE and EPM works
2219685BPCNW: Member recognition issue
2220462Distribution template get corrupted after saving
2222053BWINA: %20 replaces blanks in folder names
2225440BWINA: Variables not in the correct order
2227058BWINA: wrong connection for planning object after transport
2227469BPC: comments disappear after member insertion
2228181BWINA: variables and several connections
2229184BPC,BWINA: Cannot save data with EPMSaveData on hidden sheet
2230400ALL:Auto Filter issue with cell color
2231344ALL: member insertion at the end of a report makes other   members disappear
2232568ALL: Book publication refresh issue
2232762BPC: Error while loading metadata or time-dependent hierarchy
2232698BPC: Switch from SPNego to Basic authentication if the user is   not configured f
2232697ALL: Member insertion when sharing reports
2232928BPC: Excel freezes when refreshing report with EPMSaveComment
2233280ALL: Property filter <Empty> in non-EN language makes   report fail in EN applica
2233260ALL: Hide empty option does not hide the correct columns
2234671BAPI: Copy/paste can return unexpected values
2235518BPC NW: Distribution error: "There is no vary keys for   this section"
2238123BWINA: Cell references are lost for planning object variables
2239240EPM : Refresh a report deletes empty colunms within the report
2246025EPM : In what version of EPM Add-In will Microsoft Office 2016   be supported?
2248337The format of some cells are not expected.
2249183BPC NW 10.1: Work status behavior in both Consolidation   Monitor and EPM Add-in
2249458Troubleshooting EPM add-in issues
2246937EPM Add-in: API InitAxis with custom members.
2238295Error when connecting to BW OLE DB DATA Source in EPM addin:   EPM General Error,
2249956How to organize the connections in EPM Add-in
2249078How to enable ".NET programmability Support" before   install EPM Add-in
2177707EPM : Sheet Option "Hide Empty and Zero Values" not   applied with LocalMember Fo
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