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 Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW ) 

2221140BPC75  Extra lines in input schedule after Refresh   line
2229210Syntax error "Formal parameter   "I_F_CENTRAL_IOBJ" does not exist" will appear w
2223417In BPF activity, User change work status will take a long time
2235781Expand/Collapse icon is missing before parent member in BPC   web live report.
2230253Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 02
2235097Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch 03
2033134Errors occurred during post-handling UJT_AFTER_IMPORT with   "TIME_OUT" shortdump
2111979Package group for Teams cannot be collected during BPC   transport
2125918Dump CX_RSBPCR_INTERNAL_EXCEPTION when releasing BPC transport
2222379Short dump 'ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY' when releasing BPC transport   request
2222936Verify default resource alias by program UJA_DATA_CHECKER
2229605Transport warning in export log when transport Security   Object: "XXXXX" not fou
2229678Failed to import entity Report files with unknown messages   during transport
2230351Error #'Unknown message with \ROOT\WEBFOLDERS\Environment Name   \Model Name\EEXC
2122890CT rule [AS_IS] does not work correctly with   FX_SOURCE_CATEGORY set the same ca
2219976Periodic calculation is unexpected when group property   STORE_GROUP_CURR'' is se
2223512Wrong data may be posted to None Group when run CT on two   Groups which own the
1684843Group selection is not supported in balance carry-forward
2214566Level calculation is incorrect for ELIM rules with periodic   option marked
2232823Consolidated data from prior year is not carry-forwarded if   there is no scope c
2101349Check points for currency translation issue
2154031BCF package ends with error in dimension member check
2158658Currency is limited to 'LC' if not specified when executing DM   package
2218404Member Formula not working after activating HANA MDX.
2221118SPRO detail window shows wrong value
2232139Planning and Conoslidation Server 7.5 hangs after BPC   installation or upgrade
2221599Input schedule sends wrong number of records
2222211BPC7 5 Performance issue with EVDRE   format range
1711884BPC 10 NW (Outlooksoft) User is logged off automatically from   EPM Office Add-in
2221136Insert Member not working with multiple
2201737Transaction data are appended to BPC cube once again
2232195Package '/CPMB/TRIGGER_BW_CHAIN' leads to an endless loop
2232824Package get incorrect status when default logic run into error
1960682RUN_LOGIC : Error obtaining concurrency lock (foreign_lock) -   BPC NW
1970525Detailed information about rejected data records by work   status doesn#t display
2176016EPM Add-in truncates Data Manager Package log to 500 records
2207183Optimization of function "Organize Delta   Initialization"
2217207Short dump when import master data from InfoObject
2221686Offline report cannot support more than
2230252Error 'Command error: STR(' or 'Command error: NEWCOL(' occur   when import or ex
2143658BPF context member not transport to comment audit report
1692222BPC NW 7.5 CMS configuration under multiple / clustered BOE   servers
2207855UJ_VALIDATION BADI needs Journal ID, User ID and Journal   Status from journal mo
2207692Control Monitor cannot be accessed - Get Control Monitor   Failed error: Work Sta
2233000Poor performance of Consolidate and Control Monitors
2224123Fail to retrieve the list of BPF process instances in Process   Monitor
2219872In “my activities” page, add sort function on the deadline   column of activity t
2186856BPC NW: User cannot unlock BPF Template
2205723Invalid BPF template was saved as 'Deployed' version after   transport
2207803User with SAP_ALL profile cannot retrieve activities of BPF   when a large number
2232415BPC10.1 Standard web client "My Activites" is not   shown for super user when the
2214454Dump ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY occurs when archive audit data
2206584Save button can not enable when edit type column of business   rule of intercompa
2206218Sort and filter function not working for "Applicable   Percent Consolidation" col
2214418Business rule validation does not work
2034392Improve performance of data query when HANA_MDX is not enabled
2084335Improve performance of script logic execution
2137151Improve performance of script logic execution
2158885Run Logic appears failed in DM log when zero-value records   suppressed
2195285Performance optimization on SQE calling when HANA engine   support multi hierarch
2216113Improvement error message handling when changing model to   large key figure mode
2219970Formula BAS/DEP doesn't work in ALLOCATION
2228643Enhancement of ternary expression in script logic under ABAP   engine
2157066If one parent node has more than 100 child member, failed to   expand its node in
2216722Column may disappear when maintaining dimension members
2218906ATC check error
1708178How to turn on statistics monitoring in BPC 10 NW?
1840160Description is missing on members with dimension formula
2065045Number Range check fails in RSRV after modifying Dimension   Property
2078248The attribute view is lost after remodeling dimension from BPC   web client
2160878Upport from 10.0 note 1993607
2214966TDH dimension lost hierarchy after logon EPM-Addin
2223573Modified description for pre-delivered Measure Formulae cannot   be displayed in
2229041Unable to enable HANA MDX feature after upgrading to HANA   Revision 96 or higher
2231705"!Failed to get corresponding model of <Model   Name>" displayed for obsolete mod
2232196The hierarchies will be offset after deleting hierarchy and   processing dimensio
1700777EPM add-in 10 for BPC NW:    How to determine which patch is 64-bit and which is
1742110How to get MDX statement in BPC NW 10.0 / BPC NW 10.1 Standard
1828767BPC NW: Errors when activating EnvironmentShell.
1922033BPC NW: Error when inserting members to report with   EPMDimensionOverride or EPM
1940196BPC-NW 7.54 on SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4
1968214Solution for issues in BPC 10.1 Patch Installation
1998718BPC : Error : "Error Launching office Client : Automation   server can't create o
2050794BPC 10/10.1 UJBR Restore Failed with the error 'Failed to read   master data from
2082794Which Data Manager packages have options to bypass the check   for work status an
2137214Node [00000017, 00000016]: Leaf '' already exists as child of   node 00000007
2148529Logic script fails with the error "UJO_READ:An exception   was raised"
2170043Web page slides to an incorrect position in journal list
2177600Host changed when launching BPC web from EPM Add-in through   web dispatcher or r
2182258Logon performance improvement
2194027SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch01   Central Note
2204598The saved column setting is shown incorrectly in the dimension   member page for
2223024Dashboard will not get result if SCOPE dimension exist in the   dashboard context
2225186cannot find the copied environment in BPC - BPC 10.0 NW
2225224SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch02   Central Note
2225459How to add "Original ID", "Reopen",   "Balanced" or other additional journal prop
2227974BPC NW 10.0: How to set up and run ICData?
2229878BPC NW: error message: "wrong csv format" when   connecting to EPM Add-in after a
2230241BPC Process Chains are missing when viewed through RSPC
2230269UJK_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION:No members found in dimension   "TIME" for condition "CA
2233571CSRF token or header attribute is missing when web client try   to retrieve custo
2233997ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY dump while releasing a bpc transport   request - BPC 10.1 NW
2234468BPC : NW : SELECTION in the Transformation file has no effect
2235104[Internal Usage]BPC 10.1 Standard for BW 750, refactor ABAP   method CL_UJE_BUI_A
2235674Account Transformation business rule double figures on   Calc_Level Field
1366676SAP BPC: What Service Pack, Patch and Build Version am I   running ?
2187802web client feature configuration utility
1565809Settings for BW query F4 help
1994891Non-canonical structure of element name H000.PRED
2006806Technical prerequisite - TREX access - static JOINs


Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS ) 

2204532The column of CSV file is not   recognized in Excel which generated from the 'Exp
2206671User can save the value although work status is locked in rare   cases
2225213To log on the BPC web is slow in the specific case
2225691Journal Report shows wrong data when users try to print
2227314Access information of user/team system report is always   'denied'
2225222SPSKI_ICDATA logic does not work and raise the exception error
2125639Logic warning message is confusing on the EPM Add-in error   window
2155212Error "Cannot create ActiveX component" happens when   execute any packages in BP
2226153SPRunValid business rule runs successfully but exception error   is logged in tbl
2203531Support Consolidation Monitor in SAP BPC 10.1 MS
2210695*REC command used in script logic does not give the result   expected.
1635365Scheduled Optimizations fails with error message: Cannot   create ActiveX compone
1707410BPC 10 SQL Server 2012 Support    (Data Manager migration)
1799540SAP BusinessObjects EPM Solutions Connection Manager (Plugin)
2193392Although BPF works as intended, there is an error log in   tblLogs
2194135Mandatory server features should be checked in BPC Setup and   Server Manager
2194692Setting of ID and Description in the Context default does not   work in Journals,
2194694Description and chart box are truncated in MY Board when chart   does not have da
2196568Documents is slow in Internet Explorer if the data is over   35,000
2197079Server Diagnostic by Management console does not work and BPC   application pool
2197247Multiple journal enties cannot be printed at the same time
2201198No data is displayed in the Data audit reports when the record   count exeeds the
2201191Processes template shows empty members
2201200Office tasks of BPF do not work correctly when a name contains   an ampersand
2201199Full Name of 'Select Users' window shows user ID only
2201987Loading list data for validation business rule takes a long   time
2203414Users can find all users only with Search funtionality in the   'User selector'
2203970List data is not recognized in Excel because only a comma CSV   list separator is
2203964Opening the User Security Report is too slow when the number   of managed users i
2219713EPM Add-In Issues after Microsoft update KB3085502
2221673Known Security Vulnerabilities of Microsoft .NET framework   4.0.30319 and IIS 8.
2224073SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft   SP18 Patch 1 central
2224072SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 SP03 Patch 1,   version for the Micr
2224757#Cannot find column UserId" error occurs when adding a   new team
2231423BPC 10: Cannot create ActiveX component when running a data   manager package
2231938Error during data load to BPC using FIM
2231979BPCMS : Error "File Server" raised from BPC   diagnostic


 EPM Add-In (EPM-XLS) 

2219487Newly created Measure not   updated in EPM Add-in
2236315EPMAXISOVERRIDE with Dimension Member ID containing @ does not   work
2233352Inputing a value doesn't work when multiple reports are open.
2145942EPM Add-in Development team investigation prerequisites
2148240BWINA - List of BW notes required for EPM Addin
2209420EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 23 Patch 02
2210868BWINA: Prompts appear several times at query opening even when   variables are me
2217603BPCNW: ODBO context member selector hierarchies order for a   dimension
2223143BPCNW: Hierarchy order not kept in EvDRE reports with certain   member set expres
2231567Error while connecting to EPM Add-in: Could not establish   trust relationship fo
2232098Does SAP BO analysis 2.1 SP2 support EVDRE formulas created in   EPM Reports?
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