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 Business Planning and Consolidation, version SAP NetWeaver ( EPM-BPC-NW ) 

2220035BPC 7.5 NW upgrade to SP18:   Add-in crashes when using Excel 2013
2223862BPC NW: Failed to create SAP Netweaver BI InforObject for   attribute.
2224626Does the Enterprise Performance Management Add-in support   Microsoft Office 2016
2223610BPC NW 7.5 SP18: Error when trying to save and process   dimension.
2107965Issues in EPM Add-In / BPC for Excel after installing   Microsoft updates
2221642UJBR error : Failed to call function RSDRI_INFOPROV_READille
2222434BPC NW:Cannot change the work status
2152893Fix checkman issue( for internal technical purpose only )
2183917Fix checkman issue( for internal technical purpose only )
2222145Excel crashes when dragging worksheets containing an EVDRE to   a different workb
2222077UJT_MIGRATE_75_TO_10 program does not migrate users   successfully
2222155BPF: Validation error; number of parameters is wrong for   action "XXXXXX"
2182693Users are directed to NULL environment during logon
2218945Switch view in dimension member list
2095862SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Central   Note
2218478BPC 10.1 NW: BPC_MIGRATE_TO_HANA  error
2219287Save' and 'Save and Process' button are not active
2178519"File type is not allowed" error occurs when add   document in BPC web client
2193471Troubleshooting guide for BPC report related issue - BPC NW   10.0/10.1
2219847BPC : NW : BW roles get desactivated in target system after   transport
2219882BPC : NW : Error : "ORA-12801: error signaled in parallel   query server"
2219830BPC : NW : Blank screen when manage dimension members
2219857BPC : NW : Error : "Invalid lookup structure : Invalid   appl name"
2177040Business Planning & Consolidation 10.0 NW SP19 Central   Note
1867201How to troubleshoot UJP_EXCEPTION_050 error in ownership   calculation - BPC NW 1
2218934Error "Unhandled exception has occurred" when   launching Excel from BPF - BPC NW
1704901Installing or Updating CPMBPC 801 to SAP NetWeaver 7.31/7.40
2158643Change an environment in "Connect to Environment"   dialog
2207793BPC NW 7.5 :"System has econuntered an error" when   trying to access BPF
2195778SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP06 Patch01   Central Note
2195779SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP05 Patch05   Central Note
2216255BPC NW : In which table ID and MBR_NAME is stored ?
2177465Service user provider for daemon job
1622924How to set up error tracing on BPC for Excel 7.X client log
2180833Update the client production version for BPC 7.5 SP18 Patch 1
2168518Extend the length range for HANA schema name
2203945Enhance the validation for modifying pre-deliver measure   formula
2211802Fix the inconsistence after adding or deleting attribute from   time dependent di
2216019Fix issue of deleting dimension member which referenced by BPF
2205506DBIF_RSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN' dump processing dimensions
2137869"TRUNCATE TABLE '/BI0/06XXXXX' " and "SQL   Error: ORA-00942: table or view does
2183764Add IMG parameter to control user assignment while copying   Environment
2194641Sort function doesn't work in business rule member selector
2103438Improvement: the style for confirmation dialog of model   deletion
2214078A Model list did not refresh after copying model.
2214570Unable to saty in Public library when remove report from   Favorites
2204906Next button disabled When creating model from existing model
2182110"Configuration of Data Changes for Model" screen   should be displayed after clic
2212004An User cannot use filter and sort option from Data Changes
1910248BPC Generated Tables for Controls
2177502"OK" button should be enabled in editing hierarchy   dialog
2189431An user cannot see hierarchy view after switching hierarchy.
2176189The selected line is shown as the fixed line is focused on the   dimension member
2191658Column width cannot be resized in the dimension member page   for the specific SA
2211612Dimension status should be green if not save
2216722Column may disappear when maintaining dimension members
2217159Sorting in editing member page after filtering
2189406User input lowercase characters as a hierarchy name in   dimension structure view
2166683User cannot see attributes of the dimension in the dimension   member page for th
2181597Cannot reopen version dialog in standard model
2210896Dimension member export to CSV
2217920Next 100 items button is disappeared
2165679Property name is not filled automatically when user inserts a   new property
2205119Property which has been removed can't be added
2155874Error: "Node [XX, XX]: Leaf '' already exists as child of   node" when copying en
2221117Exception occurs in LOOKUP function when no member found with   filter condition
2173754Only 100 members are displayed in Member Formula edit view
2173904When there are more than 100 members in dimension,  Members are not displayed
2182090Finding dimension member, if there are more than 100 members   in formula
2136166LOOKUP function returns zero when defining multi variables
2189987Performance improvement of validating WHEN/ENDWHEN function   with huge members
2154232All MDX keywords should be displayed in the list of MDX   keywords
2160376Logic script editor should be opened repeatedly
2202314Dump occurs in LOOKUP function
2185325BPC HANA Script logic Lookup Rate Not getting multiple rates
2157117LOOKUP function returns zero on parent when it is defined by   property condition
2172556Performance improvement of LOOKUP function with property   condition on parent no
2121580Change the value of Authorization Object S_RS_COMP
2189598BPC10.1 Support Chinese character in DAP ID
2218675BPC NW: Two Factor Authentication for EPM
2159652The warning message is unclear in DAP
2217143Account-based Calculation Rule save incorrectly if use filter   on columns
2216039Checkbox values in account base calculation can not save   correctly if copy and
2219983Checkbox status of business rule of account-based calculation   is incorrect if c
2141893Program to re-calculate the sequence of account transformation   business rule
2191269Copy/paste does not work properly in account-based   calculations business rule
2192422"Parent could not be determined from master data of   dimension" error occur when
2096248Error message will be shown when enable work status setting
2105956workstatus change dialog in BPF workspace isn't same as that   one in web report
2182107Data change report cannot be shown informations of audit data
2171099Work status cannot be updated as expected when setting   reviewer's workspace as
2220518BPC 10.1 Standard, for BPF Template Activity Workspace, the   order of actions of
2137870In BPC 10.1 Standard the progress number shown in My   Activities is not correct
2211660BPC 10.1 Standard web client, BPF Instance status may not   correct when BPC runn
2171657Incorrect default deadline action for reviewer when reopen the   BPF template.
2173758Default selection for BPF hyperlink should be Overview in BPF   workspace
2200519The long description of 'hyperlinks' in the overview overlaps   with model and ty
2201168BPC 10.1 Standard, in BPF template activity workspace, for   Hyperlink name, it s
2194688BPC 10.1 Standard, BPF deadline job may not been executed when   deadline time re
2214450How to show activity description in "MY   ACTIVITIES"-BPC NW 10.1
2212349BPC 10.1 Standard, validate BPF template takes too much time   if process monitor
2180250Error occurs while opening a WebReport using BPF hyperlink.
2180380User cannot open the instance and activity operation report in   the BPF operatio
2182692BPF hyperlinks identify and driving dimension cannot inherit   from overview when
2209840User cannot see the content in the BPF performer or reviewer’s   workspace.
2209705When add content in the BPF workspace, the content context   cannot be saved if y
1953944BPC 10.1 Classic, BPF activity's description under My   Activities should be desc
2135537After opening EPM Add-in from BPF, EPM Add-in has a button   called “return to ac
2178714The margin in BPF workstatus is too small
2105844When copying a template from an existing template, the “Same   as performer” work
2128498User cannot add same content in BPF workspace when defining   BPF template.
2200773Sometimes BPF will show wrong deadline after submit the   activity.
2216565The browser dialog will crush when having too many teams.
2208343Process monitor cannot scroll if this process monitor table   have instance which
2128485Members cannot be displayed if ENABLEJRN property is   maintained in one dimensio
2207607Consolidation package is success however no record submitted
2217212Consolidation take previous month result into consideration #   BPC NW 7.5&10.X
2217652The meaning of the keyword #PROP(ELIMACC)# - BPC NW   7.5/10/10.1
2207297Status of currency translation is not changed from 'To Be   Executed' to 'Done'
2159046Post logic script does not work properly in case of using   non-English
2129697Control monitor is not shown properly if control on multiple   levels is switched
2218427Base folders in control document page should not have triangle   symbol on left
2181004Journal double posting issue
2173731<Undefined> member shows in Journal after restoring   context member
2178697Copy & Paste function is not operated properly on   additional properties dialog
2113410Inputting a decimal without the prefix zero in Journal entries   fails.
2178691Copy & Paste function is not operated properly on   additional properties dialog
2212938Refresh context bar does not work correctly after adding   dimension to header in
2188512Column selection is lost after posting/unposting journals in   journal home page
2192274The context in the journal list is locked after switching   model
2192336Reopen rules  page don't   be refreshed after saving the journal template success
2192398Remove All button in the "Add/Maintain Values"   dialog is enabled even though no
2193035"Save" button in journal template page is enabled   after only clicking "Add" but
2193033The cancel button can not work well in the "Add/Maitain   values" dialog
2193026Resize the "Add/Maitain values" dialog in journal   template, OK button will be o
2192967Remove button in the "Add/Maintain values" dialog is   always enabled even though
2193652The option of ID and Description in journal detail table   header are not selecte
2194654The "Add/Maintain values" dialog cannot be opened   after being closed by clickin
2195391"Auto reverse" in journal editor grayed out after   being checked without saving
2195791The "Save and Close" warning dialog still be   triggered after the changes are ca
2196412Selected columns in Journal list disappear after refreshing   page or re-logon
2199050The text "Additional header count" need to be   changed to "Additional Property C
2198939Column selector should be removed since there is only one   column in "Add/Mainta
2202885"undefined" is shown in the "Created by"   column in journal list table
2205269The member selector of multiple header can't be closed by   clicking ok when you
2206124Can not get the correct journals by context when user enter to   journals list pa
2206131The context in journal list is incorrect when from Business   Process Flows
2188900The response of pasting data into journal entries grid is very   slow.
2192135Column selector of Journal Detail can't work well  in journal preview
2205709The "A" type dimension can be moved to header   dimension in journal template
2205063"Restore journal" causes memory dump
2130396Ownership manager cannot open
2203387Group and entity nodes could not show when open ownership   manager at the first
2180856The UI of context on Manage Comment looks ambiguous.
2179105The comment is not added in Manage Comments
2179297"Comment audit report" is not displayed correctly   via BPF.
2183845Two tooltips for ‘Dimension members’ are displayed and the   main tooltip is disp
2187815Comment audit report is not displayed correctly for using   hyperlink of the BPF
2198334Member of the dimension is null in the 'Comment system report'   via BPF for usin
2199397Error message handling when finalize BPF process by no   authority user
2218358Performance improvement of consolidation monitor and control   monitor
2155194Member in dimension shows default one when changing a model in   the Journal List
2174343Member of the context bar does not align with the one in the   Member Selector
2193517The member on overview is not inherited to child in my   Activities.
2212408Import Master Data Attrib and Hier Flat File package does not   create new time v
1645625How to Reproduce and Analyze BPC Data Manager Issues
2215313BPC Script Logic: *SELECT statement does not consider Data   Access Profile
2165028xlsx type transformation file not work
2191255Transformation file does not support xlsx conversion file
2176016The Enterprise Performance Management Add-in truncates the   Data Manager Package
2186647An exception 'CX_SY_RANGE_OUT_OF_BOUNDS' occurs while loading   InfoObject hierar
2224559Enterprise Performance Management and Excel 2013 displays a   flicker when moving
2193546Journal can’t paste the content copied from Excel if there is   the copied conten
2186152Error while transporting BPC environment
2223663BPC NW: Which BPC version (non HANA)  for BW 7.4 SP11?
2110583BPC 10.1: Logon Failure "Service cannot be reached"   / Error 403 forbidden launc
2167830User cannot adjust width of the column in the   "LIBRARY" page with double-clicki
2176670Sorting issue after adding a new folder in Library
2177505After rename folder in library, The renamed folder isn't   sorted automatically.
2180812Cannot see model in Workstatus after migration from 7.5 to   10.1
2181016The parameter of Drill through URL was returned to invalid   value.
2194073The message "Some members in the report definition are   unavailable" appears in
2180313No progress messages during Saving/Refreshing data in a web   report which takes
2183765An error occurs when trying to expand a dimension member in   the report
2186793WebReport should be refreshed after changing Overview context
2187455Report which is created with DESCENDANTS option
2193545Web report shows "ID - ID" rather than "ID -   Description" in Context bar.
2194130The disabled "Auto-Refresh" option does not work   correctly when opening a web r
2195310"Save" and "Save As" functionality on Web   report
2201831The saved live report is not able to modify description.
2159871Column width of web report can not be reduced below a certain   width.
2160246User cannot use the horizontal scroll bar in the report has   many frozen columns
2182198Report title is empty if report does not have a description
2184469Redundant query send out from web client when user change   context member in rep
2184540Context member in Inline Comment should synchronize according   to changing it.
2190538Position of "Total" should be located based on   "Placement Option"
2191655Member list and hierarchy structure may not be displayed   correctly after expand
2195786unnecessary queries sent when SAVE AS report
2197911ID should be displayed into web report title if it does not   have description
2143584Web report suppresses rows and drills down/up does not work   correctly
2194577Focus of the cell has the comment is lost after saving data or   refreshing the r
2181420The input cell does not remember where user entered data after   refreshing data
2197109Closing behavior of Input form does not work correctly
2179061Exception UJHANA SQE EXCEPTION 007 occurs when querying base   member
2108247Running BPC reports leads to memory leak at HANA side
2203870If submitted data in invalid, error message should be   contained detail informat
2118315EPM Reports Retrieve Incorrect data or duplicate rows/columns   display empty dat
2166174Performance regression with cache query after applying note   2092179
2114111Data in leaf node need to be aggregated to parent node if leaf   member contains
2148691Some transaction data are not returned after implementing SQE   BADI
2181258Member formula created on account dimension refer to another   dimension like [di
2189199Error message 'exceeds valid boundaries' raised when   processing dimension with
2114433Tips and Tricks of time dimension when running consolidation   related programs
2218354Incorrect AGR prefix was assigned to BPC security objects   after Transport
2116398"Maintenance of object 'AAPS' of type 'XXXXXX' is not yet   available" error when
2191680Unable to change environment status automatically during   Transport after enable
2195853No result was returned after running program   UJT_TLOGO_REGISTER
2215540Transport behavior about technical name of some BPC objects
2186110Width of the report column is not resized automatically by   double-clicking the
2182137The suppressed data should be displayed with a correct   structure in report or i
2184588Correct warning message should be opened after switch model.
2219202User cannot set the default display option to "ID and   Description" of member se
2212329Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch 01 -   controls
2212352Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP07 Patch 01 -   Webclient
2135683BPC 10.0 NW web is not working on IE11 standard view.
2156491Allowed uploaded file extensions are not configurable in IMG   parameters
2217228Cursor keeps showing as a clock icon after opening Live Report
2194134Business Planning & Consolidation 10.1 NW SP04 Patch 02
2214003Job log always shows messages in English
2170045User is not able to use filter and sort option together in   Member of Dimension
2177509Scrollbar exists in the delete dialog
2168762View button in Process Templates of Administration does not   work if Language wh
2212611ShortDump: Big value for parameter setting related with max   query size
2168435"Group Title" and "Series Title" cannot be   saved in chart of the web report.
2112954Member selector cannot display all members in the Member   Formulas
2201907Not able to change member in WorkStatus dialog
2161540The header of member selector was disappeared
2168477There is no dimension information for pie chart of the web   report with hovering
2197739Suppress does not work in case there is a formula of   descendants in axis
2201284"Expanded" Mark should be displayed properly in the   report even if it has child
2159725Ux issues: To support single click blank button to select   adding user
2205678Duplicate "connType"    occur in the BPC web URL if copy URL to the browser addre
2187334Context inheritance issue between Workspace and Report
2198978Workspace should support drag and drop to reorder its contents
2204213Scrollbar of add content dialog
2195903BPC 10.1 Embedded and Standard web client, In BPF Activity   workspace, the "Over
2204188Add content dialog window of workspace
2180240Should support aggregation for getting work status of parent   node in standard m
2188908"Include all descendants" terminology is renamed the   "On All Descendants"
2189060The "Include All Descendants" checkbox should be   unchecked when reopen work sta
2196613Save button is not enabled after changing owner dimension   hierarchy
2197917"Member <dimension member name> does not exist in   hierarchy" error occur
2217935The description of the selected member in Member selector is   not displayed corr
2190007Change of work status is decoupled from control status
2103518For standard model, "include all descendants"   checkbox doesn't work under non-P
2203060Should define the virtual hierarchy for GROUP dimension in   Work Status Design t
2123404The member selector in Change work status dialog should be   stateful
2218543BPC 10.0 NW Error: When opening an excel report after   upgrading exception is th
2214047AO Launcher API for EPM Plugin
1565809Settings for BW query F4 help
2175611The long title should be displayed on folder of the   "DOCUMENTS"
2165546Column header's width is not resized by double-clicking the   column border in th
2209374BPC 10.1 Embedded & Standard, in web client BPF Process   Template list, a templa

Business Planning and Consolidation, version Microsoft ( EPM-BPC-MS ) 

2176982SAP Business Planning and   Consolidation 10.1 for Microsoft SP03 Central Note
2184912Cannot see the expanded child tree members because its parent   move down to the
2191628User cannot use the Open button of Processes in FireFox
2211855User cannot refresh Process Operations in System Reports by   'Refresh' button
2217120Newly added comment in the 'Show History' of 'Manage Comment' does not be shown
2220664Virtual directory name 'SAP' of web and web service is   changeable
2224458BPC 10.0 MS Error: Web logon page keeps reloading when   inputting username and p
2224469BPC MS 10.0: How to change the SQL server after go live.
2222394Microsoft KB3085502: Excel crashes after using a VBA command
1584890Plan & Consol 10.0, for Microsoft Documentation Addendum
2208225Custom partition that is created in Partition wizard will   cause an error when p
2070402SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 version for the   Microsoft platform
1267044Changing Syntax of Dimension Formula for Multi-hierarchy   dimensions
2181412SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0 for Microsoft   SP19 Central Note
2220034BPC MS 10.0 Cannot initialise writeback component: Exception   of type SAP.BPC.Se
2219883BPC : MS : Error : "COM exception cause: Invalid username   or password"
2203326BPC : MS : Error : The system cannot connect to the   application server
1678822BPC 7.0 / 7.5 / 10.0 / 10.1 for Microsoft: Third Party   Software Support Matrix
2099311PSC SEC-133 - SAP software shall be free of XSS
2218481"OLAP Databased" step is skipped when restoring an   Appset by server manager
1721724Does BPC support Office 365
1782202When Will Maintenance End for My Version of BPC MS?
2216531What is the reason for the files under   PC_MS\Websrvr\CacheManagement changing?
1631801Server Diagnostic in Management Console
2213522Error "These columns don't currently have unique   values" when adding or modifyi
2213640Does BPC support database mirroring
1778156BPC web related functionalities are slow when connecting from   any client machin
2207065Security User report keeps loading in admin client
2216181The free space of C driver is decreasing when doing the backup   of BPC environme
2186646Support journal member description in BPC web page
2211418The information of the 'Copy ownership of' is displayed   incorrectly
2212850Copy Ownership to...' window display wrong information in   Ownership Manager Ed
2198797Last time period values of half-year data are rejected when   using MVAL
2203305Dumpload task stops when data from the export is empty
2221153SAP BPC 10.1 MS supports Analysis Office Client (AO)
2182670*RENAME_DIM statement working incorrectly
2186645String concatenation functionality is working incorrectly in a   specific situati


1997339EPM Add-in: BPC Protected   reports do not allow users to perform specific action
2224459Error: "Wrong csv format" when logging on to EPM   Add-in after modifications in
2215214BPCNW: context appears/disappears when switching between   sheets
2216330BPCNW: Log off process can produce an error
2216310BPCNW: Increasing the number for formatting specific   member/property
2217262BPCNW: Workbook protection not working properly in the   publication
2220075BPCNW: Members lost when moving Dimensions to Page Axis
2222078EPM Add-in - "Remove Empty and Zero Values" Behavior
2222090The type initializer for   'FPMXLClient.Common.SAPPassportHelper' threw an except
2221111EPM - General error: The given key was not present in the   dictionary
2128478"#Error - Unexpected Error. Check your parameters"   error occurred when use EPMM
2217894BPC: data found to be saved for save workbook and none for   save worksheet on ea
2217457Error when launching EPM Add-In from BPC web client
2202518EPM Add-in for Microsoft Office Support Package 23 Patch 01
2214549BPCNW: Add/remove of a custom button with EPM Ribbon Extension   and split button
2213290Digital Signature for the EPM Add-in
2199968BPCNW: Cancel refresh button still updates Refresh Time
2210892BPCNW: Highlight Report feature does not work if more than 10   000 rows
2211547BPCNW: Excel events blocked when using EPMSelectMember (EVMBR)   formula
2211550BPCNW: EvDRE report data on hidden sheet are not sent to the   server
2218288Unable to logon EPM Add-in if dimension has 100 hierarchies
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