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In SAP Planning and Consolidation for Netweaver it is possible to retrieve a flat file from a file server and import the file contents into BPC using FTP. Some initial configuration steps are required to make use of the functionality, and the validity of some aspects of the configuration can be checked as described below.


SAP Planning and Consolidation for Netweaver allows to create a package based on the /CPMB/IMPORT_USING_FTP process chain and so to import the data from a file to BPC. The initial configuration is described in the official product documentation and will not be discussed here.

What should be checked

The package based on the /CPMB/IMPORT_USING_FTP process chain requires mainly: 

  • the appropriate user account and password for the connection;
  • the appropriate ftp connection string;
  • the file reference;
  • the file storage directory;
  • the transformation file.

All these need to be valid and correct to run the package.

In addition:

  • RFC destination "SAPFTPA" is used by the BPC data manager package; the connection can be tested in SM59 and also the trace enabled if needed.
  • Program "RSFTP002" is provided in the base system to test the FTP functions, which is the same way as BPC uses them.

These can be beneficial in case of problems.  

Related Documents

Please refer to the official product documentation for details about the configuration required, e.g.:

Online Help file

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