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SAP Consolidation Process 

  At the beginning of SAP rollout in the corporation, in each country because these locations at separate cities had so many different requirements and situation, for making SAP rollout successfully as soon as possible we defined many different local customizing and process in SAP system, the component versions of SAP system were not same among these locations as well. At last it directly resulted in the actual situation as follows:

  • High Efforts in operational costs
  • High Complexity
  • High efforts in maintenance
  • Big efforts for release changes

  SAP system background before SAP consolidation:
  In order to consolidate all SAP R/3 systems and achieve the following targets:

  • Savings in operational costs
  • Complexity Reduction
  • Synergies in global projects
  • Harmonized processes
  • Keep processes together

  We initiated a project of SAP consolidation process. The project aims to reduce the operative costs and promote the general untangling of complexity, increase the synergies in global projects, introduce standardized global processes and ultimately simplify the integration of new plants into SAP. Furthermore the "local systems" concepts were integrated for standardizing the financial and controlling structures. Moreover there were process changes or introductions of new software such as the SAP series production, and upgraded the SAP systems to the same version.

  So SAP system background after SAP consolidation:
  The project of SAP consolidation process is very necessary and feasible for the business operation in the corporation, along with more and more SAP solutions implementing in the corporation, the consolidation is unavoidable, it must have made the corporation more standard and flexible than before!

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