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This wiki has been written by an SAP Planning and Consolidation support engineer.  The intention is to provide customers with a quick reference list of useful checks to make, and information to provide if posting an SCN forum topic or logging a support incident is necessary.


Follow the advice in this wiki for guidance on how to troubleshoot common BPC for Netweaver issues or effectively seek assistance if necessary.

Troubleshooting an issue


Technical error

Unexpected behaviour




Searching for knowledge

Knowledge base articles (KBA) / SAP notes

SCN forum

SAP documentation

Posting on SCN forum

The Planning and Consolidation SCN forum can be found here:

This online community has submissions and responses from thousands of expert BPC users, with most posts receiving several comments and suggestions within a few hours.  Assuming the answer hasn't been found in 'searching for knowledge' above, any BPC question can be asked here.  It is ideal for performance, unexpected behaviour, and how-to questions. Just click Start a discussion - include as much information as possible, and reward those that help you with 'points' by marking answers as helpful or correct.

Logging an SAP support incident

Support incidents are reserved for SAP customers with a valid maintenance contract, where it is believed that there is a fault with the product



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SAP Note: 83020  What is consulting, what is support

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