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The purpose of this Wiki is to demonstrate how to perform the transport of an environment across a landscape.


Two modes of transport are supported: Normal mode and Deletion mode, in this wiki we will demonstrate how to use the Normal mode. 

Creating The Transport Request

Before transporting, make sure that the Environment is offline in both Source and Target systems, so as to not allow any further changes during Transport. Transport will not be successful (error messages are generated) if it is not offline.

  1.  In your SAP BW source system, type transaction code RSA1:

  2. Navigate to Transport ConnectionObject Types > More Types > Environment > Select Objects

  3. Select Environment (in this example it is TEST):

  4. Collect the objects that you would like to transport:


  5. Create the transport request: 


  6. Press OK


Release The Transport Request

  1. Type transaction code /NSE10

  2. Select the User, check Modifiable as Request Status and click Display

  3. Connect to your BPC front end (BPC Admin Web) and change the status of your Environment to Offline:

  4. Go back to SAP BW backend (step 2. ) and release the task(s) first and then the Transport Request:

  5.  Type transaction code /NSTMS:
  6.  Click on Transport button:

  7. Select your Destination system:

  8. Import the Queue:

  9. when prompted provide client / user / password:

  10. The import starts:

  11. Connect to your BPC destination system: BWP in this case and you will find the new transported Environment.

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