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This troubleshooting wiki aims to help with the different errors that might be encountered when integrating Financial Information Management with Financial Consolidation.


  • You have installed and configured SAP Financial Information Management 10.0 and SAP Financial Consolidation 10.0.

If you plan to import manual journal entries into the financial consolidation application you must install the following:
- SAP Financial Information Management 10.0 Support Package 04 or higher.
- SAP Financial Consolidation 10.0 Support Package 04 or higher

  • External authentication is configured for Financial Consolidation with the same Central Management Server as the one used by Financial Information Management.
    The CMS server is declared in the Security section of FIM Administration Console:


As for FC Administration console, the reference to the CMS server is in the Standard Configuration section, specifically in parameter "Extenal authentication configuration string":


  • User is defined in Financial Consolidation, with external authentication and using the same code defined in the Central Management Server.
  • User is assigned to one of the four FIM groups (FIM_Administrator_Group, FIM_Business_Group, FIM_Executor_Group and FIM_Auditor_Group).


A user name "SAP" was created in FC with external configuration and with alias "SAP":

In the Central Management Console of the CMS server, you need to make sure that a user with the same alias already exists and it is also a member of an FIM group. Here the user is member of the FIM_Administrator_Group:




  • When trying to import package data, you get some rejected lines. The cause of the rejection is pointing to a non existing Package: 



This means that the source data are updating amounts in package that does not exist in your Financial Consolidation system. In order to avoid this, you can select the option “Create package if it doesn’t exist” at runtime:



  • When trying to import package data, the job generated rejected lines with cause =”UnknownRefValue”. This means that for one of the imported lines, a dimension value is not created in your Financial Consolidation system. (FIM can not intended to import metadata)



To solve this, you need to update your structure in the dimension builder of Financial Consolidation and create the corresponding Reference Value for the dimension:



  • Sometimes, your job may generate rejected lines because the destination cell in Financial Consolidation contains calculated or protected data:


You may further check this in Financial Consolidation by opening the corresponding package or creating a simple schedule to retrieve Information on Data for that particular cell: 



  • In order to be able to import package data, you need to have the relevant Data Access rights. In the opposite case, you will have lines rejected with the following error:


In this case, the category was not accessible for the user in the assigned Data Access Group:



  • For each target system, including Financial Consolidation, there is a list of required dimensions that need to be mapped in your job. In case your job does not map one of these dimensions, you will get the error below: 


In this case, you will need to edit your mapping table and add the missing dimension.


  • The import of package data is not possible from FIM when the package is protected:


In order to resolve this, connected to your Financial Consolidation application and unprotect the package:



  • When the package is already opened by another Financial Consolidation user, the import of package data will not go through and you will get the following error:



You would need to close the package before performing the import.


  • It is not possible to import package data in a protected package in Financial Consolidation. The error below happens in such case:



The package needs to be unlocked:




  • The job that imports package data into a non-existing Reporting-ID in Financial Consolidation, would generate the error below at execution:





  • The functional profile for the user in Financial Consolidation should be defined in a way to assign him all the functional rights that he might need. The example below occurs when the user tdoes not have the right “Import in a package”:



In such case, you will need to modify the functional profile to be able to use FIM:



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