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This wiki shows how the UJ0_AUTO_UPDATE table is used by BPC NetWeaver 10.


BPC 10 for SAP NetWeaver utilizes the EPM Add-in client as an Add-in tool for front-end users.

This tool can be downloaded from the BPC 10 NetWeaver server.

The table UJ0_AUTO_UPDATE is responsible for holding the information for the client files available for users to download.

Checking information of EPM Add-in Client uploaded:

  1. Log in NetWeaver
  2. Go to transaction SE16
  3. Open table UJ0_AUTO_UPDATE
  4. Check the value for the column VERSION

The VERSION column is the value set by in the File version field in UJ0_FILE_UPLOAD

This value is used to compare the version the user has installed and the version uploaded in the NetWeaver server. It is a string higher than comparison. Based on this, the user is prompted to either Auto update or Force update the client.

Please note that the VERSION field is only a variable inside the server, it does not use this value to set the client version.

E.g: If the VERSION field is set to and the client version uploaded is, actually lower than the variable, then it will install and set the version as in the client. This way the client will always be prompted to update if the file is set to Auto update or Force update

The value for the column IS_MSP should be empty if Full Installer was selected and it should be ‘X’ if Update file was selected during the file upload in UJ0_UPLOAD_FILE.

The value for the column POLICY is the result of the three choices made during the file upload in UJ0_FILE_UPLOAD: User update, Auto update and Force update.



User update


Auto update


Force update


When User Update (Policy = 0) is selected: The prompt window will show the first time. But the prompt window has option to not show the message again, so that user won't get prompt again next time.

Auto Update (Policy = 1) is selected: The update window will always prompt and user do not have the choice to hide the message next time. But user can still logon to the EPM without update the EPM add-in.


Force Update (Policy =2) is selected : The update window will prompt, and user will have to update the EPM-Add-in in order to logon and continue the work.   

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