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This WIKI will explain what Fiddler tool is, why it’s used, and why is it secure to be used.


Some SAP products uses HTTP protocol to communicate between server and client machines, and sometimes the best way to proceed with an investigation is having a detailed trace for this Client-Server conversation.

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler Web Debugger, is a freeware HTTP debugging proxy server application. It was created by Eric Lawrence in 2003. It capture and displays traffic between a desktop application and a web service. Now maintained by Telerik Company.


Why does SAP recommend this tool?

Fiddler is a light application that once installed and enabled, creates a local proxy, monitoring all the data exchanged with another HTTP or HTTPS web service. This is a tool which does not encumber installed system and provide detailed logs, showing it is there any issue on the desktop-web service communication.












Is it safe to use fiddler?

Fiddler tool has been tested by SAP in several manners and does not offer any security issue to the installed machine, once disabled, the created proxy disappear stopping collect any information from installed OS. All collected information needs to be saved by current user, and sent. There is no connection with this application and internet, this way, the collected information it’s safe, and will be only provided to who the application's user decides to share.

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