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Performance Survival Guide
Key topics: High response time
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Function Areas (Graphical links clickable)

ABAP Platform

Web Interfaces


Database Performance


Hardware Performance

Network Performance

Memory Management


Guided Answers


 Support Services


 Load Balancing


Table Buffer(s)




Analysis Tools


Trouble Shooting

    2552474 -Performance Analysis: Guided Answers To Use
    2436955  - Step by step instructions on how to use ST12 trace for analysis
    2403517 - [WEBINAR] Interpreting traces collected with ST12
    2442365 - Survival Guide for performance analysis on SAP system
    948066 - Performance Analysis: Transactions to use
    2399769 - General Performance: Troubleshooting Questions  
    2432675 - High Wait Time analysis in SAP system
    2428353 - How to analyze high GUI time on SAP systems
    2430181 - How To Analyze Work Process Performance Issues - Guided Answers 

Performance Tools

    755977 - ST12 "ABAP Trace for SAP EarlyWatch/GoingLive"
    2169881 - How to trace background job using ST12
    1558903 - How To Trace a Portal Scenario Using HttpWatch
    1817693 - How to trace the ITS Service "WEBGUI" directly using HttpWatch?
    1697063 - HttpWatch - Performance Analysis
    2126913 - ENQU: The enqueue log
    2383809 - How to use the SDF/MON tool to analyse performance issues 
    1817724 - How to create HttpWatch trace to troubleshoot BSP related problems
    2255214 - Analyze CRM UI performance issues on backend using STAD
    1608474 - Recording end-to-end traces for root cause analysis

    2879724 - How to analyze performance traces with the profile data analyzer
Database Performance

    332677 - Rebuilding fragmented indexes
    1171650 - Automated Oracle DB parameter check
    2087573 - Roadmap for performance problem analysis
    1732157 - Collecting diagnosis information for SAP HANA [VIDEO]
    1817553 - Checklist for performance problems in SAP Oracle Databases 
    2186006 - DB6: How to match an SAP work process with database application handle [VIDEO]

Network Performance

    1100926 - FAQ: Network Performance 
    500235 - Network Diagnosis with NIPING

Other Relevant Performance Analysis Notes

    8963  - Definition of SAP response time/processing time/CPU time
    1395160 - Priority definition of SAP incidents - EPM
    162991 - Generation tools for ABAP programs SGEN
    2085980 -New features in memory management as of Kernel Release 7.40
    2430134 - decision tree - How to Determine Which Component a Performance Issue Belongs to 





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