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This space introduces you to the overview of performance factors of ABAP platform, and the trouble shooting guide of analyzing individual factors.
Including Workload Analysis, Load Balancing, Work processes performance,ENQUEUE performance,etc.


Performance Factors Overview
Key Components of Response Time


 This section contains an introduction to the following key components of Response Time and the general guide of troubleshooting.

To view more details, please click  Workload Analysis and Response Time

Enqueue Performance & Enqueue Time

Enqueue time is used to request and set SAP locks by making use of the enqueue work process. Typically, this component of the dialog response time is rather small, usually less than 5 ms.

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[Internal] Standalone Enqueue Service dev traces

Wiki Page:
Enqueue Performance : Analysis


Remote Function Call (RFC)





Workprocesses Performance Analysis
Please see following notes for further information:

 2430181 - Guided Answer- How To Analyze Work Process Performance Issues.


Below wiki page has more information about Work Processes configuration and Best Practices.

Help portal:


Internet Communication Manager(ICM)

The ICMan process is responsible for Internet communication within a SAP Web Application Server. It describes how a TCP/IP request with an standard protocol on top (e.g HTTP/S)  is routed into an ABAP context or to a J2EE engine (in case of double stack system).

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