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When there is old personalization existing, and when we do configuration update, the updated configuration will not be reflected.
Old Situation:
This is standard behaviour, personalization will always be used. After configuration update, the personalization has to be deleted by "Reset to Default" then redo the personalization. Report
BSP_DLC_DELETE_PERSONALIZATION can be used to do batch deletion. And the personalization is stored in table

New Feature:
It is possible to do automatic adjustment nowadays after note 2042503. The tool is transaction WCF_CC  by using "UI Personalization" option.



Exception CZ_BSP_WD_INCORRECT_IMPLEMENT - Define Component usage ...


Source Text Row: 27

Enhanced runtime repository with one Z usage, and add it into one view set, and add it in configuration. When load the page, the above exception shows.

Enhancement set has not been activated in runtime. Add entry in table BSPWD_EHSET_ASGN. 
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