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For Lump Sum Key Figures there are the following accrual calculation methods delivered:

  • Whole Amount on a Fixed Date (FIXED_DT)
  • Fund-Based Amount on a Fixed Date (FUNDFIXD)
  • Fund Usage Amount for Accrual Period (NB_DAYS)
  • Spread Accrual Amount Using Ref. Data (REF_DATA)

The following example shows how the accruals are calculated.

There is a Trade Promotion that is planned on 3 weeks, whereas each week represents a planning period in Funds Management.

Depending on the Accruals Calculation Method the following Accrual Postings will be calculated and created for each period:



The full reserved amount for the fund usage is accrued on the date the accrual posting is performed.



The reserved amount for the fund usage is spread equally over the number of periods that it accrues.



The amount reserved amount for the fund usage is spread over the days that it accrues according to the reference data.



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