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 After upgrading to CRM 2007 or 7.0 your activity transaction types may not display. Also inbound and outbound E-Mails will not be displayed correctly.  The follow steps can be used to make the activity visible or find out what is visible.

This is based from the following SDN threads:

  1. Go to the transaction definition in the IMG screen
    CRM-Transactions->Basic Settings->Define Transaction Types
  2. Selected my transaction and then choose Assignment of Business Transaction Categories
  3. Choose the the Business Activity Entry and then chose the customizing header view
  4. Changed the category under the general section to one of the allowed category.
    If I wanted an interaction log I changed it to "203" - Various
  5. Again in the IMG main screen navigate to
    CRM-Transactions -> Settings for Activities -> Maintain Categories, Goals and Priorities -> Maintain Categories
  6. Select the correct Class (E-Mail, Task, Appointment, ...) for the respective category

That then resolved my issue with the activity appearing in the interaction log screen. The logic for this is coded in the ABAP class CL_CRM_UIU_BT_ACT_CUST_GET. The method GET_PROC_TYPES_FOR_SCREEN_KIND in this class performs the logic.

The class of the category determines how the activity is displayed.


Because SAP does not provide an UI for all the classes that can be defined the supported transaction types are restricted depending on the screen type provided to the GET_ACT_CLASS_FOR_SCREEN_KIND method of CL_CRM_UIU_BT_ACT_CUST_GET. So i.e. for the screen type ALLS only Appointment (F), Task(H), E-mail(G) and Sales Call(A) are supported. So if you want to maintain i.e. activity templates for outgoing letters you have to set the lass of category LET to on of the supported classes. When you keep Class "C Letter" it will not appear in the activity creation pop-up.


  1. Unknown User (tc81mj5)

    Hi, Stephen

     I can not find the method GET_PROC_TYPES_FOR_SCREEN_TYPES my SAP CRM 7.0 system

    I think right method GET_PROC_TYPES_FOR_SCREEN_KIND

    Thanks for nice article!


  2. hi stephen very good article.

    although you can always debug 




    for every transaction type you can always debug that.