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In Interaction Center we generally have buttons, but some time we get requirements for adding Buttons in the header area other roles like Sales and Marketing. This Blogs guides you how to add a button at the header area of any role.
• You can see here that there is no button in the marked area. We will see how we add the button. 

• We will now identify the Header Area Component where this button needs to be placed, Please Note Header Area component varies from Role to Role so it is important to identify the Header Area component where you would be adding the button.
• Get the layout profile from the Business Role Use Transaction SPRO

• For Example you can find the Layout profile here.

• Using this Layout profile get the Layoutcomponent used for Header Area

• Using this LayoutComponent get the Component which indicates the header.

Now in the details we can get the actual component.

• Now we have identified that the component to be changed CRM_WORKAREAHDR , Open this component.

Go to the only view that is present and in the Configuration button.

• Here we need to edit UI_COMPONENT_2 value to show the button on header area Here add the Component and Window where you have the button to be displayed.

Now you can see after you relogin .

Note: In the configuration Button, just create one component, create one Window, Create one view and place this view in the Window, and in the View just write the code for creating a Button

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