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Key Concept: Adding Widgets on WEB UI Home page.

The CRM WebClient UI provides a new dimension of user experience by enabling users without deep technical knowledge to work with the SAP CRM solution. Whenever the user logs on to the WEB UI on the home page if the user like to see some web page ( or Weather etc) the below configuration is required so as to activate the Widgets on SAP CRM 7.0 WEB UI.

Step 1: Using the below path IMG > CRM > UI Framework > UI Framework Definition -> Define Web Links

 Define the Web link i.e. define the URL to be displayed on WEB UI when the User logs on to the system.

 Step 2: Select Define Web Link and the enter the below details as per the screen shot. We can create any number of WEB Links. Note that URL parameters can be used to influence the height of the widget created for the web link. Currently the patterns height="*" (e.g."800") and &h=*& (e.g. are supported.


Step 3: After Defining the WEB Link create a Widget Group with the previously defined WEB Link.



Step 4: After creating the Widget Group ID, Link the Widget Group Link ID to the Web Link ID created in the above steps 2 and 3. 

To avoid confusion, in the image below  Widget Group ID ZWIDGET_01 from Step 3 is changed to WCF_REUID also  Web Link ID ZWD_006 is changed to WCF_REUTER.



Step 5: After defining the Web Link go to the Business Role where the widget (URL) need to be displayed.

Select the Business Role and click on Assign Function Profile.Add the Function Profile Id – WIDGET_LINKS and profile Values which is created in Step 3.


 Once the Widget Profile is added to the Business Role, logon to WEB UI using the same Business role for which the Widget Profile is added and click on Personalization. From the Personalization Favorites block click on Personalize Widgets


Select the Widgets which need to be displayed.


Select Google link to Displayed Links 

 After selecting the Widget go to the home page and click on Personalization and select the Widget which was added in the previous step.






  1. Hi Vinod,

    I've performed the steps you've mentioned, however, the widget "Google" is only shown as text in the widget block - even not shown as clickable hyperlink. Do you know what might went wrong? I'm running CRM 7.0 EhP1.



  2. Unknown User (ghp6i9w)

    Me2. Its not working.

  3. Sorry! Not working for me either. I guess the fuctionality is not working. A Bug!!!! The widget is just shown a s a text as 

    Wolfgang had mentioned :-(

  4. Hello Wolfgang, DAn and Aneesh,

    the important point is to choose the Google Widget in the Home page personalization and not the entry called Widgets. The Widget entry is only intended to allow the personalization of the selectable widgets. So you don't have to go into the personalization. The widget functionality is working fine on our CRM 7.0 EhP1 System.

    Best regards

  5. Hi Gregor,

    you're right, works fine indeed.



  6. Unknown User (iju95bt)

    Hi vinod,it is nice article I performed the above steps to to display the video.

  7. hello everybody,

    in my case i only see the text of the widget but not the widget itselfe :( i have done the describen steps .... what shall is do now?


  8. Dear Tobias,

    I think you're just missing the last step where you have to personalize the page and choose the widget by it's name from the dropdown list. There is a screenshot above showing that.

    Best regards

  9. Former Member

    works for me

  10. Former Member

    Hello Vinod,

    I created a widget and it works fine but there is no label for the widget.

    When I assign my WebLink to the small widget it works but when I use the wide range widget (the same like for the IT-News) the lable is empty

    I checked my WebLink but I mantained every field so I don´t know where the problem is.

    Do you know how to make the label visible for the wide rarge widget?

    Best regards,


  11. Former Member

    Hi Vinod,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Actually i tried to achieve this functionality but when i try to click personalized widget. it is not showing any any available links (widget).

    Please help me to understand this.


    Thanks & regards,





  12. Added the missing step 4. That links the WEB link ID to the Group ID.