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With version 7.0 the CRM offers the possibility to find CRM objects with the Enterprise Search. Unfortunately for various reasons it may happen that the search menu is incomplete. This document gives some hints how to analyze why an entry is missing.

Figure: Select a 'Free Text' or 'All Objects' to search with the Enterprise Search

Note that a search for 'All Objects' looks into those objects which have a 'Free Text' sub menu entry.

Reasons why an Enterprise Search Entry is missing

An entry may be missing in the drop down menu for various reasons (among others):

  1. The enterprise search server is not available
  2. The enterprise search index is not active for the object in question
  3. The SAP CRM central search customizing is incomplete
  4. Error in the enterprise search

The enterprise search server is not available

Use transaction TREXADMIN to check if the RFC connection to the TREX server is available:


You have to know the RFC destination (case sensitive!) behind.

In case you get the message 'RFC Destination' does not exist etc. you need to check for a hardware problem:

Consider to create an IT-IBC message in this case.

If everything is fine you get a result:

The enterprise search index is not active for the object in question

In order to check if the enterprise search index is active for a business object use the Enterprise search cockpit.

Start the WebDynpro application ESH_ADMIN_UI_COMPONENT to open the Enterprise Search Cockpit:

Confirm that the index is active for the object in question:

Create a connector and/or perform an initial extract it the index is not available. As a prerequisite you need to be assigned to role SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN.

Contact the system owner if you do not have the required authorization for the cockpit.

The SAP CRM Central Search Customizing is Incomplete

You may set a conditional breakpoint for the CRM application:

Start the SAP CRM application for the business role you are investigation. Use Alt-F2 and the button "Remember for Startup" to activate the following conditional breakpoints.


Next restart SAP CRM.

Next the debugger should pop-up automatically in method CL_CRM_CENTRAL_SEARCH->GET_SEARCH_OBJECTS_AS_TABLE.

In order to trigger a fresh menu calculation this time you may set the parameter CALCULATE_ANEW to the value 'X'.

Go to the end of the method and have a look into RV_SEACH_OBJECTS_AS_TABLE:

Here a UI Object Action entry of type 'H' should appear for the object type in question. Otherwise there will be no entry in the central search menu.

Furthermore there is the search criterion ALL_ATTRIBUTES_SEARCH_STRING registered in the search criteria list:

It this is not the case the SAP CRM Central Search Customizing is wrong or missing. Correct the customizing or consider to contact product management in this case.

(lightbulb) Note: Changes in the customizing become active once the central search menu has been recalculated. This happens automatically within an hour. Alternatively you may set the user parameter 'CRM_CENTRAL_SEARCH' to 'REBUILD_MENU' before you start the application for the business role in question. This typically increases the startup time for your user by 30-60 seconds.

Error in the enterprise search

Next the debugger pops up in method CL_CRM_ALLS_LAUNCHER_IMPL:

The debugger will also stop if a connector is not available:

In the figure above a connector is not found for the template CRM_CAMPAIGN.

If the connector is missing unexpectedly although the index is indicated as active in the Enterprise Search cockpit, there might be an internal problem with the enterprise search.

Consider to create an internal message on component BC-EIM-ESH in this case.



Question: I have adjusted the Central Search Customizing. Why are my changes not visible in the Central Search Menu of the CRM application? Answer: For performance reasons the central search menu is for all users cached by business role in a server side cookie. The menu is calculated anew each hour automatically, which increases the startup time for the particular session by 30-60 seconds. In order to trigger a fresh calculation whenever you start the application, set the User Parameter CRM_CENTRAL_SEARCH to 'REBUILD_SEARCH_MENU'.

Question: Is there a Customer Note on how to analyze problems with the Enterprise Search? Answer: Yes, see consulting note 1269914 'Unexptected Menu, Result or Exception in Enterprise Search'.

Quersion: Is there a possibility to retrieve detailed information about problems with the central search menu? Answer: Yes in suite7 you have the possibility to retrieve further information when the application is started. Set the user parameter BSPWD_USER_LEVEL to the value '9' which activates the display of detailed framework messages within the application. In addition set the user parameter CRM_SAVED_SEARCH to 'REBUILD_MENU'. This triggers a rebuild of the central search menu with each application start. Then start the application and have a look into the warning messages displayed during startup. 

(lightbulb) Eventually install SAP note 1414002 'Central Search: Indicate problems when starting application'.