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Reason for Development

End users were complaining that when the browser crashes while filling a form, all entered data got lost. They hoped that an explicit save is not needed. But in the same time if the object is not complete and passes all validations it should not be saved in the backend.

So the first idea was to have something like in Microsoft Word where your changes are not lost after a crash. When you reopen a MS Word document, which was crashed before, you get a message if the temporary version or the original version should be opened.

It was then decided to have something like "Drafts" for all objects (BP, 1Order, Marketing, Segmentation) with an automatic save. The final Save would still be needed to commit the changes to the real object.


In case the browser crashes while entering data in a given form, when the user navigate back to the same form, a dialog box will be displayed to the user to confirm whether he wants to restore data.


With the development of this feature, the text entered in the Text Areas and the input fields will be maintained in front-end local storage as long as the form is in an overview page. When navigating away from the page or when clicking the save or the cancel button, the local storage would get cleared.

This feature was introduced via SAP Note 2046890 - Automatic Save.

It is possible to de-activate this feature as well. Refer to SAP Note 2104051 - Provide ways to turn off AutoSave feature for more details.

Note: Since data from one document of a session was being pasted on a similar document of a different session when the user have multiple sessions opened in an IC business role, it was finally decided to restrict this feature solely for non IC business roles.

Please refer to SAP Note 2217626 - Automatic save: Disable this feature for IC business roles for more details.


If you are using WebClient Framework with Portal Integration, and wish to use the Auto Save feature, ensure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in your system:


2288721     AutoSave is not disabled for Interaction Center business roles

2280217      Rendering and functionality issues with Portal Integration

2252416     Javascript changes to support Portal Integration - Part 2

2249850     Javascript changes to support Portal Integration - Part 1


Most Common Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues:

  • Issue: The most frequent issue reported by customer is the buffer issues in the WebUI. Entered values from previous sessions are displayed on the screen.

    For Example: If the user goes into Edit Mode of a Service Request business transaction and Edit a field (standard, AET or/and a Text Type (Notes)), & refresh the session, this Information would still be presented next time the transaction (or even a different transaction) was placed in Edit mode, despite not being saved.

    Resolution: The above problem can be resolved by implementing the following SAP Notes:

    2125343 - Field values remain in buffer

    2144604 - Auto Save fails to deactivate when all prerequisite conditions are missing

    2180707 - Automatic Save: Notify user with a dialog before restoring data

    2217626 - Automatic save: Disable this feature for IC business roles

    2288721 - AutoSave is not disabled for Interaction Center business roles


    With the implementation of SAP Note 2180707, a dialog box will be displayed to the user to confirm whether he wants to restore data. The dialog box will display up to 5 fields as an overview of the data that will be restored.


  • Issue: Unable to recover lost data in BTF editor or you notice that after composing an email and pressing 'Send' or 'Send and New' button, the 'Subject' or other fields are prefilled for the new email. 

     Resolution: Following SAP Notes needs to be implemented to resolve this issue:

     2245350 - Sending email event does not clear AutoSave cache

     2235029 - Automatic Save for BTF Editor


  • Issue: The user entered data in "Description" field (a textarea) on a Service Incident page, then he changed the "Status" dropdown listbox to "Confirmed", clicked "Save" button to save the    page. Then user opened another Service Incident page, the "Description" field was automatically filled with text that he typed in the first Service Incident page, or he was prompted with a question whether he wanted to restore the data that he typed in the first Service Incident. 

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2319164 WUI: Autosave restoration message displayed on a wrong page to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: IE 8 Browser crashes when trying to delete an entry from an input field.

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2115048 IE8 crash when deleting from InputField to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: Enterprise Search input field is stored in local cache for later recovery. 

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2300577 Exclude Enterprise Search input fields from automatic save to resolve this issue.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

2063254 - When Autosave Update value Space get encoded -  

2059618 - Auto-Save: Mandatory fields

2059101 - Remove item with no values

2054670 - AutoSave Event Handlers Assignment

2054203 - AutoSave Should work only 1st time Overview page is loaded

2052012 - When enter or F4 help triggers round-trip the old value is populated

2051364 - Automatic Save on cellerator causes issues

2049772 - View renders non valid values

2049663 - Unable to save service order quotation-error in script.js

2049266 - Automatic Save - Removing the Dynamic part of Form Elements IDs

2046370 - Remove ModalPopup from CRM system



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  1. Hello Varun,

    I checked the Note  2046890  and what i understood is it will enable a feature to restore the page data if BROWSER CRASHES.

    We have requirements to auto save the data in every lets say 15 mins and so on. Will the Note  2046890  works for this scenario also ?

    Thanks for your reply.


    1. Hi Abhi,

      No, it will not work in the scenario reported by you. This feature only works when the browser crashes and the data which was not saved is restored by the system.


      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal

      1. Thanks Varun for the reply. any Idea of the notes that would resolve my scenario ?




        1. Dear Abhishek,

          This scenario is currently not supported by SAP CRM !


          Best Regards,

          Varun Agarwal