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General Information

A benefit is a gift or privileged offered to members of the loyalty program for the purpose of binding and retaining members to the program.


There are 3 categories:

  • Unlimited benefits (ex: priority boarding)
  • Buyable benefits (ex: double luggage)
  • Restricted quantity benefits (ex: free access to lounge)


The benefit is defined for the loyalty program.


The benefit can be of limited and unlimited usage. The limitation can be period based (monthly) or based on a certain number of usages.

The benefit is assigned to a membership, from then it is available for the member to be consumed.

Usually the benefit is tight to a tier level, for a tier group available in the loyalty program.

The benefit is then auto assigned to all memberships having the certain tier level.

Benefit Assignment


The benefit is defined for a certain loyalty program. The sample membership is available for a certain tier level.


Auto Assignment due to Tier level


When the membership has a ceratin tier level, the benefit is auto assigned. The limit is taken from the tier assignment in the benefit. Auto assigned benefits cannot be removed from the membership.


Manual Assignment


The benefit can be manually assigned to a membership. The limit is taken from the benefit.  In that case it can be deleted again.


Consume Benefit


When the benefit is consumed, so when the member uses the benefit (access to VIP area, participation in health program) a member activity from type consume benefit is created.

The member activity contains the reference to the assignment type.

On executing the member activity the benefit assignment in the membership gets updated accordingly.




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