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The following is borrowed from the thread:

Peter Jacks in the thread summarized the normal steps for UI activation:

a) Created a CRM User with SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW authorizations
b) Use the program CRMD_UI_ROLE_PREPARE to help generate your PFCG roles.
d) Assigned CRM User one profile each (eg: Sales Rep, Sales Manager etc.,)
e) Assigned CRM User to the CRM BP->Employee
f) Assigned CRM BP-< Employee to the Position in the Organization Model
g) Created Config. Key (spro->img->crm)
h) Created Technical Profile (spro->img->crm)
i) Created Business Role (spro->img->crm-> eg: sales manager) -> assign Technical Profile and Config. Key to Business Role
j) Assign Business Role to the Position in Org. Model (Org. Unit -> double click on position (eg: Sales Manager) -> select Goto (Main Menu) -> select Detail Object -> select enhanced object description -> select business role in active tab page -> click on create -> select/assign business role (ex: sales manager)
k) Activate ICM services in SICF as per SAP# 1115493 (crm 2007 release specific) and SAP# 992848
l) Verify the port and FQDN (fully qualified domain name = SAP Application Server Computer Name) in SMICM -> Change FQDN – if not displayed (you have to re-start the server to activate this)
m) Check Internet Browser settings SAP# 654982, make user the pop-up blocker is disabled
n) Go-to RZ11 (t-code) and set the parameters for the following:
a) login/accept_sso2_ticket should be 1
b) login/create_sso2 ticket should be 2
o) Go-to SU25 (t-code) to fill the SAP tables with Profiles (may need to work with SU24 (t-code))
p) Check SAP# 1120400  Roles specific (I did not use it)
q) Create log-on page from SAP GUI (Right Click on favorites folder -> select add other objects -> select BSP application -> BSP Application = CRM_UI_FRAME -> enter description -> Start Page = default.htm)
r) Click on log-on page -> enter CRM User -> changes skins in personalize link

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  1. Unknown User (103kk68jy)

    Hi Stephen,

    In the WebUI,  right now I am created a business role and assigned it to the positions and assigned all the Users to the position. I have following questions.

    1) Do we need to generate PFCG Roles for these Business roles, as User IDs are getting their role through position.

    2) SAP_ALL Parameter is assigned to the User IDs and without this I cannot see work center and send emails. Is this a standard way or without SAP_ALL Parameter can we proceed further. If so how?

     Please advice.