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All you want to know about CRM 7.0 Worklist, also applicable to CRM 6.0 Worklist.

This blog provides essential information that a consultant should know before he migrates workflows from the CRM 5.0 system to CRM 7.0 system. This blog give the consultant an insight about the behavior of CRM 7.0 Work-list and the necessary adjustments to be made to the workflows definitions (if need be) and performing some UI enhancement so that the functional behavior is still the same in CRM 7.0 work-list as it was in CRM 5.0 GUI Business workplace.

To understand and assimilate this article as well as all other related articles, one has to have sound knowledge of SAP Business Workflow and the CRM WebUI framework.

This piece of information could also be utilized for the following:

1)     Understanding the limitations that CRM 7.0 Work-list has and to figure out the workaround or a concrete solution to the limitation.

2)     Understanding the functional Behavior of CRM 7.0 Work-list Vs CRM 5.0 Business Workplace (GUI)

3)     Developing workflows definition from the scratch in CRM 7.0, as the workflow developer would develop these workflow definitions keeping in mind restrictions\limitations that users face while using CRM 7.0 Work-list.

For more detailed explanation refer article:

Workflow Migration Considerations - SAP CRM 5.0 -> CRM 7.0 - This article has references to several related articles !!

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You can ignore the child pages as you would find better and detailed explanation in these above mentioned articles.

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