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 2010 to 2011 Contest Top Contributors

  1. Robert Kunstelj
  2. Harshit Kumar
  3. sumit mittal
  4. Stephen Johannes
  5. Sam Bayer
  6. Hasan Zubairi
  7. Easwar Ram
  8. Katherine Hu
  9. Mark Foley
  10. Caique Escaler

2009 to 2010 Contest Top Contributors

  1. Arun Prakash Karuppanan
  2. Ecommerce Developer
  3. Easwar Ram
  4. Nicolas Busson
  5. Harshit Kumar
  6. Bruno Garcia
  7. Massood Imrani
  8. Arno Meyer
  9. Robert Kunstelj
  10. Stephen Johannes

CRM Community Wiki

The following folks outside of SAP have volunteered to serve as CRM wiki editors.  Please contact one of them if you need content changed that already exists or like to speed up getting an article moved from the wiki stage.

CRM Topic Moderators

The following folks are CRM topic moderators and can moderate CRM blogs, wiki's, and forums.  

Moderator Name

Anne Fish

Gregor Wolf

CRM Forum Moderators

 The following folks moderate the following CRM forums on a regular basis.  Please contact them for any CRM forum questions.

Forum Name

Known Moderators

CRM General & Framework

Gregor Wolf
Maggie Su
Harshit Kumar

CRM Webclient UI

Gregor Wolf
Vikash Krishna
Harshit Kumar

CRM 7.0

Alan Chan
Koshal Kumar Agrawal
Raja Pamireddy

CRM Interaction Center

John Burton
Shao Hongyan

CRM Web Channel Ecommerce, E-Marketing & E-Service

Deborah Corsi
Mark Foley
Ross Nikolov

CRM Mobile Applications

Gervase Auden
Ankan Banerjee
Gerhard Djuracek

CRM Service

Erik Oster

CRM Sales

Behrens Marcus
Wolfgang Oelschlaeger

CRM Marketing

Anik Roy
Krassimira Iordanova
Raja Pamireddy

CRM Master Data

Belen Ramirez
Satyesh Singh
Ganesh Datta
Adil Imran
Shweta Sehgal
Venkataramanan Rajmohan
Shreya Mitra

CRM People Centric UI

Gregor Wolf

SAP CRM Upgrade 4.0 to 7.0

Bernhard Telscher
Christian Hauck
Sanjeet Mall

CRM Middleware

Ankan Banerjee

CRM SAP Mentors 2011

The following folks are SAP Mentors who focus on SAP CRM professionally.  You can find more about the SAP Mentor Initiative by going to