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Content Management (CM) is a document service that is based on the Knowledge Provider (KPro) document service. It uses KPro’s concept for document attributes (meta data) and document content and enhances it by several new functions such as folders. Content Management or its more recent name Document Management Framework are located in SAP Basis as is KPro. CRM’s version of CM in turn enhances CM by more functions like linking documents to business objects, Word template integration, document exchange with mobile clients and a web UI. These additional services are located in CRM only.

A document in KPro and thus in CM consists of at least 2 objects. A so called “logical info object” (LOIO) and a “physical info object” (PHIO). One can understand a LOIO as a logical folder or bracket which holds PHIOs together, while a PHIO represents the content of a specific version of a document. If for example one looks at a manual for a DVD player, which is available in different languages and different formats, the German text in HTML format would be one PHIO and the English text would be another, while the LOIO would tie both PHIOs together an be what is referred to as “the DVD player manual”. Or if one works on a Word document and changes the document over time, each saved version would be represented by a PHIO. The LOIO would be the document itself. This is much like if one looks at SE38 in ABAP: The program name is the LOIO and each transported version of the code is the PHIO.

If a user creates a new CM document a LOIO and a PHIO is created. As each new version creates a new PHIO, a document always has 1 LOIO and 1 to n PHIOs.

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