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SAP CRM IPM (Intellectual Property Management)

The Intellectual Property Management (IS-M/IPM) business scenario in SAP for Media supports the commercial processes along the entire value creation chain, which are associated with the acquisition of rights, rights management and rights sales, in companies in the media and entertainment sector. The media-specific IS-M/IPM solution uses the comprehensive range of functions available in mySAP Customer Relationship Management.

Configured business content with the following reporting functions is available to you in the Intellectual Property Management InfoArea of the SAP Business Information Warehouse.



Implementation Guide --> Customer Relationship Management --> Industry-Specific Solutions --> Intellectual Property Management --> Transactions --> Settings for IPM Transactions --> BAdIs -->








CRM_IPM_GRP_MAINTAIN : Maintain Generation Profile


Functional Module:



The Rights Management System

1. Represents Intellectual Properties and associated rights

2. Manages the contracts for Rights Acquisitions and Rights Sales

3. Queries the Rights Inventory

4. Controls the Associated Revenue Flow

5. Is integrated with FI/CO Backend systems


_Digital Asset Management System_

1. Collects Digital Assets as Import or Upload

2. Manages Digital Assets by Assigning metadata or categories

3. Enables Digital Asset search by Categories and Metadata

4. Uses Digital Assets for projects, production and collaboration

5. Distributes Digital Assets via Transaction code or Downloads.          


System Requirements

1 SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (for asynchronous services included in the bundle and SAP IPM)

2 SAP CRM 7.0 (IPM)

3 SAP ERP 6.0 (FI/CO)

4 SAP Media Development for Media or SAP License Sales for Media



In IS-Media, we have three parts in SAP:

  1. Advertisement Management.
  2. Media Sales and Distribution and
  3. Intellectual Property Management.




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