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The essential difference between ERP and CRM is that many companies think of CRM as a added-val to business.

Whilst ERP as a package is being seen still as the software to support the core activities of an enterprise, business

needs to mature enough to look at CRM as a Business Enabler. I am sure that over the period of time  CRM would be

the front end to Business and ERP as the back-end. I think that is the approach of CRM with its flexibility and ability to

provide a single face to the Consumer. That would be the Business driver of CRM in the future.

Srinivas Radhakrishna

CRM Customer Relationship Management with The Speed of light

AS CRM Market is growing well from last 3-4 years compared to Other Business Applications, so we can say that CRM Market is on high Demand.

There are many other Business Applications for resolving the business related issues but CRM is not like ERP.

ERP deals with Internal Affairs of the Company like Sales, materials , HR Purchases and Production and etc.. On the other hand, CRM allows us to think and act beyond Enterprises Internal affairs and here relationship with Customer is given highest Priority.

CRM understands that Customer is the Heart of any Business, So it is useful to maintain a strong relationship between Customers and the service provider.

In fact CRM is a different Concept unlike ERP, but people think that CRM  is one of the Module of SAP. Actually it is quite different as ERP takes care of Internal affairs of company only and it doesn't involve customer satisfaction where as CRM cares for Customer Relation and Satisfaction and Value Optimization and value Preposition .

As it is come into the Market with so many Advanced concepts like E-commerce and E-selling, Mobile Sales, Customer Interaction Center(Call center) along with the traditional channel Face to face Interaction with the Customer ,so these 3 channels also can be added to Customer Interaction Channels. SMS is also one more channel.

So now everybody should understand that CRM basically deals with all the Business Scenarios not only with any specific business scenarios like Sales or Purchases, it's a Complete Business Solution from End to End in the Business Process

For Ex: It deals with Pre-Sales Activities, Post Sales  along with Sales, services and Marketing are added here

so that is why CRM  Market is booming well. Customers will continue to implement CRM considering the Strength, Financial Status, etc which it delivers to the company.  

Currently CRM is booming well in Europe, North America and Japan. Although it is lagging behind in rest of Asia Pacific  due to tough Competition from Siebel, but it is hoped that CRM will be Market leaders in Asia Pacific region as well in coming future

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Venkat Mallela

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