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Some of the wishes are already realized. Check out the page Realized wishes.

Keep the state of sorting and filtering when navigating back and forth

When I've sorted in the "Planned Activities" table of the account details ascending by the Description:

And then click one activity "Test No 1" to open it's details:

And then click on the "Back" button to get back to the account details, the sorting is gone:

 It's annoying for the user to loose always the sorting when navigating back and forth.

This issue was submitted to the Customer Connection CRM - Cycle 3 as the Idea Assigment block status after Back-navigation. It has 9 subscribers (5 are required) and will hopefully be solved in this Customer Connection Cycle.

Tab behaviour is a step backward against CRM 5.0 PC-UI

In the CRM 5.0 PC-UI the behaviour when using the TAB-key to navigate between fields had been greatly improved. So it was possible to jump to the next field directly even if the current field has a search help. This isn't the case in CRM Web UI. It will jump from the data entry field of i.e. "Date of Birth" to the selector of the search help. This part of the request was solved with Note 1746638.

 Also when searching for an account, the cursor is placed in the Name 1 field first:

 But to reach the City field, you need to press tab 5 times:

So I have seen customers switching from the dynamic search setting back to the advanced search layout they had in CRM 5.0 PC-UI.

You can vote for this Idea on SAP Idea Place.

Use Searchviews without mouse (Basically the same request as above added by ManniF)

The Searchviews shall be usable without mouse. With CRM 70 this is not really usable because for each line of search criteria 3 Tabs are required. Only one tab in the input-field per line will be a small usability improvement.

Mass completion of alerts

In CRM 5.0 the Portal Universal Work List (UWL) can be used to display alerts created in CRM using the Function Module SALRT_CREATE_API. As you can see in the following screen shot it is possible to select multiple entries and confirm them all using the "Complete" button.

Now in CRM 2007 and also in CRM 7.0 (Confirmed by OSS Message No.  107318/2009) this is not possible anymore:

As you can see in this screenshot for the Workflow Tasks a "select all" is still possible using the select all icon:  

Maintenance of the Marketing Attributes

The usability of the screen to maintain the Marketing Attributes in CRM Web UI and also CRM PC-UI is a step back from how it was in the SAP GUI BP Transaction. Here you've got a list of maintained Marketing Attributes:

And then you can double-click to one of the attributes and you got a List with checkboxes or radio-buttons depending if it was a multiple or single value attribute:

With CRM PC-UI and also in the CRM WebUI the maintenance screen for the Marketing Attributes looks like that:
So when you want to add a new attribute, you have to click on "Add Entry" to get a new line. Then you have to choose what Attribute you like to add and then you have to select the value. To make the maintenance of Marketing  Attributes less annoying to sales representatives I've created a custom BSP application in two implementation projects:

Here the user just has to click on radio-buttons or checkboxes to assign the Marketing attribute.

Sorting of result lists

The result lists shall be sorted that the newest objects are first. At the moment most of the result lists are sorted with ID ascending. At the moment the oldest entries are first. It would be great if sorting can be configured in the UI configuration tool for the result lists.

Default Values in search views

It shall be possible with UI configuration (without coding) to set default values in the search views.

More available fields in the UI-configuration

First of all the available fields of search views and corresponding result lists shall be the same. It´s a shame that this is today not the case for a lot of views.

Generally more available fields shall be realised also. For example "created_by" shall be available in each search view.

Categorization for saved searches

The saved searches shall be categorized to make it more comfortable to find the right saved search.

For example: Saved searches Accounts, Saved searches for service orders, Saved searches for contact persons, etc.

At the moment all saved searches are in one pot.

Easy Condition (Price) Entry should be enabled although document has been transferred to R/3

Currently the Easy Condition Price Entry at Sales Order only enable when document has not been transferred to R/3.

In SAP GUI, we still can edit one of the Condition Type (PR00) in CRM after document sent to R/3. But we cannot in CRM WebClient!

We can edit the price through Easy Condition Entry at creation time in CRM WebClient, as long as it has not been transferred into R/3, you can still edit from Easy Condition Entry.  This may relate to synchronization setting at table SMOFPARSFA, but the fact is currently in SAP GUI there is no such restriction.

Possibility to enhance row height in configurable tables

It is not possible to increase the row height of a configurable table of Web UI. Due to this, if we want to show comments running into small paragraphs, we can't show it on such a table. If an attribute is added such that there can be some kind of word wrap feature possible in a given table cell / row, then that will help show such comments in a table.

Webclient UI shall support ADOBE Forms

For our company it is not understandable why SAP CRM only supports SMARTFORMS for printouts. We do not have SMARTFORMS KnowHow inhouse but SAPSCRIPT and ADOBE Forms KnowHow. We already realised a custom service and handler class to work with ADOBE Forms in SAP CRM Webclient UI. Since PDF is a common standard please provide ADOBE PDF customizing also for CRM Webclient UI. Please also deliver some example ADOBE Forms for SAP CRM like in most of the ERP modules.

Improvement for Attachment Assignmentblock  

It would be very helpful if a user could see if attachments are available or not without opening the attachment assignmentblock. A small sign on the Assignmentblock header will be enough. (this is available for service requests when activating business function CRM_ITSM_COM).

Some type of Search or Sort ability in the list of 'Available Fields' in UI Configuration

When working with the UI Configuration tool (in WebUI or BSP Workbench), it is really difficult to find out the field you are looking for from the list of 'Show Available Fields', especially when there is a long list fields to navigate through. A simple search or sort function on this list would really improve usability.
(unable to insert screen shot)

Bring back "letter" channel in marketing campaigns

In CRM4.0 it was possible to execute marketing campaigns with "letter" as communication channel. This functionality was removed in CRM5.1 or 5.2, then came back in CRM7.01... to be removed again as of CRM7.02 (see the comments in Gregor's blog post for more details). It has to come back: and even better if we can make use of the MS Word integration instead of the former smartform technology so that the business could manage its own templates without help of IT.

Bring back "ISU bill supplement" channel in marketing campaigns

In former CRM release we could follow the IS-U/CRM Marketing Integration cookbook to create a new communication channel "ISU bill supplement". This communication channel was meant to display some marketing information directly on the customers' bill. Unfortunately, now if we want to use this communication channel the system will ask you to fill-in an SMS form, Fax form, and E-mail form, and it cannot be changed via configuration because it was nicely hardcoded:

Fill-in simple survey evaluation details

Standard function modules delivered by SAP in the surveys' characteristics, should fill-in ALL evaluation details (whether the evaluation is done in BW or within CRM). There is really no reason to ask for each and every customer to copy/paste standard function modules to add the missing logic to have the business partner & campaign IDs correctly set:

Use BPath expression for tag attributes

In SPRO >> Customer relationship management >> UI Framework >> UI Framework definition >> Global attributes tags >> Define attribute tags we define attributes that can be used for example when creating embedded rapid applications (to pass dynamic values). However for some mysterious reason the field "BOL Path" that actually defines how the attribute value should be retrieved, cannot be filled-in with a Bpath expression like below:

However, this can be achieved by replacing hundreds of lines of coding, with only 1 simple line in SAP standard class CL_WCF_CDS_BOL_TAG_PROVIDER...

Enable "File export" communication channel in marketing campaign with prio > 1

At the moment there is no "letter" communication medium available in SAP CRM... so the "File export" is the way to go to easily send information to a third party provider in charge of printing and direct mailing. The problem is: this communication medium cannot be selected with a priority different from 1 in a communication channel. In other words, you cannot customize the system to send an email first, and only if this is not possible then add the corresponding BP into the exported file. As far as I know this is NOT documented anywhere, but commented in standard function module CRM_MKTTGGRP_MEDIUM_CHECK (see image below). As it doesn't make any sense from a business / end user point of view, that limitation should be removed.

Support business partner merge functionality for tables created with AET

At the moment if you create new tables on the business partner object using the Application Enhancement Tool, their values will be lost when you merge two BP. I opened an OSS message about it because obviously that makes the application inconsistent: BP AET tables not considered when executing Account Merge ( 1106948 / 2013 ). Here is the provided response:

Support duplicate check based on email & tel in External List Management

OSS notes 1836711 & 1852883 introduced this long awaited functionality: enable duplicate check based on email and phone number when creating/editing business partners (provided that you use TREX, HANA, or third party tools). But, this was not supported by Data Quality Management, nor External List Management... So DQM team accepted to create the following note: 1960504 - Duplicate Check in DQA

However, the ELM team decided not to support this functionality, which makes the application inconsistent IMHO: 1969625 - External List Management - FAQ notes. See also the following comment on SCN forums



  1. Unknown User (101uihbsj)

    Here another important Requirement for CRM UI:

    Multi selection was a very good and useful functionality in SAP GUI. For exampe i have a list of 30 BP-Numbers and want to search all objects of this 30 BPs.

     In ERP just click the multi select and copy past the list of the 30 numbers.

    In CRM i have to go number by number which is not usable.

    Thank you

    Best regards


  2. Hi Manfred,

    copy and paste is always a mess in Web applications. But I think the easiest solution for your issue is the export to Excel functionality which is availiable for all search result lists in the CRM Web UI.

    Best regards

  3. Former Member

    Hi Gregor,

    This wiki is a great idea. I would like to add a couple of suggestions:

    1) Reducing the number of clicks to create activities from the account
    In the Account screen on the Planned Activities-block, I have to
    click the New-button, and then select the desired transaction type from a long list.
    It would be great if SAP could provide a couple of buttons next to
    the New-button which could be linked to different transaction types
    by configuration. I could then for example have four quick create
    buttons with Appointment, Outgoing E-mail, Interaction record and Task.

    2) Making the size of the Notes-fields configurable
    The Notes-field on for example the Account, Contact and Opportunity can only
    display five text lines at a time. I think it would be great if the number of lines
    could easily be configured in the WebUI.

    3) Save and new-button
    In most screens where a new object, for example an account, an opportunity
    or a quotation is created, there is one button for Save and one button for New.
    It would be great to have one button which does both Save and New with only
    a single click.

    Kind regards,
    Johan Wigert

  4. Hi,

    I would like to add few things on this wiki page. However i do not see any option to Edit the page. Can you please help.


  5. Hi Tejas,

    please use the Home page if you want to add some content here and I will move it over. Also you can do it like Johan who posted his contribution directly as a comment.

    Best regards

  6. Hi Gregor,

    I've searched for solutions, but I found your wish-list. As your list is already a little bit older, I wonder if your wish for the sorting of the results was fulfilled?

    The result list in the webUI of our ITSM and also the contents auf the "related transactions" are sorted by ID (or something else). As we have different IDs (4xxxxx for service requests and 1xxxxx for incidents), the result list is mixed up.

    ID                           Booking Date

    4000002                 13.05.2012
    4000001                 09.05.2012
    1000004                 12.05.2012
    1000003                 11.05.2012

    At first the list is sorted by ID and then by booking date.

    I've gone through the customizing and BSP_WD_CMPWB, but I found no possiblity to change the default behaviour (sort by: 1. ID, 2. date) to our needs (sort by: 1. date)

    Best regards,


  7. Unknown User (yu7q65u)

    Dear, Gregor Wolf!

    As for your first item:"Keep the state of sorting and filtering when navigating back and forth".

    Yes. it's a really annoying for the user. How did you solve this issue?
    I can't get the answer for this question.

  8. Unknown User (yu7q65u)

    Dear Gregor Wolf,

    pls, help with logging to the link ( I can't get this page because I don't have authorization.

    We have a similar problem with sorting and you wote that this problem is solved but I can't read the solution of it.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Dear Andrey,

    unfortunately the problem is not yet solved. The Customer Connection Cycle 3 for CRM is currently in the phase called selection. In this phase SAP selects the ideas that will get implemented.

    If you like to get access to this area of SAP Idea Place you must reach out to your local SAP User group and ask them if they participate in the Customer Connection program. When they are they should be able to start the process to provide you access. If your company is not a User Group Member then you should support this Idea: Open Customer Connection for all SAP Customers .

    Best regards