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This wiki page will list the necessary steps and configuration for how to exchange CRM account hierarchy data with R/3 customer hierarchy.


Initial download, delta download, request download of account hierarchy

Initial download from R/3 customer hierarchy


  1. perform initial download of customizing object DNL_CUST_THIT in CRM tcode R3AS
    ERP table THIOZ, THIT, THITT will be downloaded
  2. Map the ERP customer hierarchy categories to the CRM account hierarchies using the following customizing path: 
    ->Customer Relationship Management
    ->Master Data
    ->Business Partner
    ->Account Hierarchy
    ->Data Exchange of ERP Customer Hierarchies with the CRM System
    ->Assign ERP Customer Hierarchy Type to CRM Hierarchy Category 

  3. perform initial download of object DNL_BUPA_KNVH in CRM tcode R3AS. A copy of the ERP table KNVH is replicated to SAP CRM to create the account hierarchy from it.
    The content of ERP table KNVH will be downloaded to table CRM_KNVH_TEMP.

    Build the CRM account hierarchy tree with tcode BPH_DNL

    Then the data will be filled in the following tables.

    but_hier_tree (Account Hierarchy Tree)

    but_hier_tree_d (Account Hierarchy Tree- Description)

    but_hier_type (GUID for Hierarchy Category)

    but_hier_struct (Account Hierarchy Group - Hierarchy Relationship)

    but_hier_node (Node GUID)

    but_hier_node_d (Node Description)

    crmm_but_buhi_1 (R/3 Customer Sales Area CRM BP Hierarchy Group Mapping)


Delta download from R/3 customer hierarchy

  1. Please perform initial download of object BUPA_KNVH in R3AS.
    Table CRMOBJECT will have related entries for BUPA_KNVH.
    The delta events can be seen in CRM tcode R3AC4 or ERP table TBE31.
  2. There is still a setting in CRM needed to activate the delta download:
    please go to T-code SM30, edit view V_TBH03 and activate the flag "Delta Download Active" if it is not active
  3. Then if you create/change ERP customer hierarchy in tcode VDH1N, it will be replicated to CRM automatically

Request download

Request download functionality is only supported until 4.0.

From 5.0 onwards, the complete hierarchy has to be downloaded via initial download and then via BPH_DNL, for selected sales area, the nodes can be downloaded and built into CRM hierarchy tables. The request download functionality always carries a risk, that the downloaded hierarchies may not be consistent and that GUIDS may change.

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