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A Marketing Campaign is executed to contact the business partners from a certain segment of the market. There are different channels available how to contact the business partners such as phone or email, or a file containing contact data can be created for further processing (as a call list for the IC scenario for example). The campaign execution is taking place in the background, a background job will be created and can be monitored in SM37.

Main Objects


The campaign is executed for a certain segment. The segment is the target the campaign is executed for. The campaign can be executed for a certain target group for example.


Using the Channel block the communication media (in effect, communication strategies consisting of one or more different media) can be selected by which the business partners in a campaign are contacted.

The main object is the communication medium. Each communication medium consists of one or more communication methods together with a priority that can be assigned to a communication method.

The available fields in the Channel block are determined dynamically based on the communication medium chosen.

Mail Form

The mail form is the template for the mail that is sent. In the file export scenario a mail form is used which defines the colums for the exported file.

Process Steps

Email Scenario

The Campaign is created for a certain segment. This is a target group that gets contacted. The Channel provides the option how the target group members get contacted, such as email or via phone. Once the Campaign is released it can be executed.

The Campaign may contain several segments and can be executed for each segment. Therefore the segment needs to be selected before executing the campaign.

The execution will take place in the background. The same can be executed immediately or at a later time. Moreover campaigns can be scheduled periodically.

This will then create a background job. Using transaction SM37 the job can be monitored.

After the campaign is executed there are different analyzing possibilies:

  • status in the segment block
  • messages block
  • contact statistics

File Export Scenario

The output of the campaign execution can also be a file that can be used for further processing. Even in the export scenario a mail form is required as a template for the output file

Product Tables in the Campaign Execution

When having products assigned to a campaign, product tables can be used to send up-to-date data about these products in table form in personalized mail.

As a prerequisite the product table needs to be included in the mail form, together with the product table the fields to be displayed need to be selected.

The mail form needs then to be used for a campaign with products assigned.

On execution system reads the product assignment in the campaign and inserts the products in the product table when the mail is sent.

Conditions in Campaigns

It's possible to generate conditions from campaigns using the discounts assignment block.

Conditions can only be generated from the campaign. There is no integration in the execution scenario, that there is no automation available to inform the target group about the conditions granted.


The main customizing is done for the communication medium. This is available with the following link:

Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Planning and Campaign Management
Campaign Execution
Define Communication Medium

For the commication channel the following communication mediums are available. Each channel may consist of several mediums.

For performance reasons the execution can be executed in parallel. This is done in the following customizing.

Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Planning and Campaign Management
Campaign Execution
Make Settings for Parallel Campaign Execution

Informations about detailed customizing settings can be found in the KBA:

1839104 - Recommendation for Customizing Settings for Parallel Campaign Execution

Technical Details


For debugging the campaign execution the background job in SM37 must be accessed. The job can be debugged using transaction JDBG.

Debugging Starting Points

ObjectDescriptionUseful variables
CRM_MKTTG_SYNCHRON_EXECEntrance point for normal Campaign Execution 
CRM_MKTTG_PARALLEL_EXECEntrance point for parallel Campaign Execution 
CRM_MKTLIST_CHECK_CONTACTCheck if TG Members are allowed to be contacted"planned outbounds"
CRM_MKTTGGRP_BP_CAMPCheck BP Address if member is allowed to be contacted 
BUP_ADDRNUM_COMM_SELECT_ARRAYFetches Address details from selected BPs 
CRM_MKTTGGRP_SEND_TO_CHANNELMain part of the Campaign Execution 
CRM_MKTTGGRP_PROC_CREATEIf any, generates Activites, Leads or Sales Orders 
CRM_IM_EMAIL_CREATE_SEND_51Sends the final Email 
CRM_MKT_FEC_BODY_EXPORTHandles the File Export scenario 
CRM_MKT_FEC_PRODUCT_GETFetches the products from the used Campaign 
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