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Service Highlights

SAP CRM Predefined Service:

  • Preconfigured, packaged solution at a fixed price Ÿ
  • Fast, smooth and cost effective implementation due to proven methodology Ÿ
  • Based on market leading SAP CRM 7.0 Ÿ
  • Professional implementation and consultancy through SAP Consulting

Functional Overview:

  • Enhancement to the standard CRM campaign management functions
  • Additional functions for detailed and decentralized target group qualification
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive functions

Value Proposition

SAP CRM Predefined Service General Values:

Individual Service Specific Values:

  • Tailored to customer needs
  • Based on the market-leading SAP CRM 7.0 application
  • Professional consulting services from SAP Consulting
  • Waste communication is avoided by means of high-quality target groups formed by field sales representatives
  • Marketing costs (CPM, CPO, CPR) are reduced through the use of optimum channels
  • Efficient campaign execution

Functional Scope



The 2 screenshots out of the CRM system show the Campaign Qualification as a guided activity with 4 steps. The first image shows the initial step to create a campaign qualification and the second shows the step of the qualification itself.

Please click on one of the images below to expand it and start the gallery function:


Prerequisites/Target Group

SAP CRM 7.0 or 7.01 customers, who typically ...

  • ... use campaign management for B2B marketing and
  • ... have field sales personnel


for further information on the service please feel free to contact:

Thomas Schlichtmann
Service Manager
CRM Center of Expertise SAP Consulting
SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG