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Process Overview

To avoid duplicate claims resulting in duplicate payments system provides the claim duplicate diagnosis.

Once any duplicates are determined the user is informed with the following message:

Duplicate claims found; see the Duplicate Claims assignment block [CRM_CLA_COMMON 008]

The duplicate claims are then listed in the Duplicate Claims assignment block (BTCLADUPLICATE/ClaimDuplicates).

The claim duplicate check runs at different process steps in claims processing. There is the Initial and the complete claim duplicate check.

Initial Claim Duplicate check

This is performed when creating, or changing a new claim. The Initial Claim Duplicate check is performed before a trade promotion is assigned to the claim.

Complete Duplicate check

This is performed once a trade promotion is assigned to the claim. After having a trade promotion assigned to the claim the Complete Duplicate check will be performed instead of the Initial Claim Duplicate check.

Manual Duplicate check

The claims duplicate check can be triggered manually using the refresh button in the Duplicate Claims assignment block (BTCLADUPLICATE/ClaimDuplicates).

Ignore Duplicate reason

For any valid reason there may be duplicate claims. The reasons can be entered in the Ignore Duplicate Reason field to continue processing the claim. The claim duplicate error or warning message is then deleted.

Technical Background

The claim duplicate check searches for duplicate claims based on the defined criteria. Once duplicate claims are determined those are stored as docflow entries with relation type CRDU.

Each time the duplicate check runs all existing CRDU docflow entries are deleted, and created again with the claim duplicate check result.


 The main customizing is available within the following customizing path.

Customer Relationship Management

Claims Management

Claim Deduplication

Define Deduplication Profiles

 This contains the duplication profiles and the assigned check types.

Each check type, initial or complete contains the error level, and contains the check fields. The check fields define the criteria for determining duplicate claims.

This customizing path further contains the different 'Ignore duplicate reasons' that are assigned to each deduplication profile.

The deduplication profile needs to be assigned to the claim transaction type. This is to be done in the following customizing:

Customer Relationship Management


Basic Settings

Define Transaction Types



Common Issues


In case no duplication profile is assigned to the claim header or no check fields are assigned to the check type, no claim duplicate check can be performed. Existing docflow entries may be deleted when manually triggering the duplicate check.


There are some known errors solved with the following SAP notes:


2047827 Changing employee responsible clears the duplicated claim
2040348 Changing employee responsible clears the duplicated claim
1898499 Wrong duplicate claim founded
1858015 Issue with "Ignore Duplicate Reason"


Additional Information


Some further useful information can be found in the following SCN document:


Identifying Duplicate Claims & thereby avoid duplicate Payments (SAP CRM TPM Scenario)



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