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General Information


Once a claim is approved the same can be settled. The settlement is used for making the payment for claims against funds for marketing campaigns and promotions.


Settlements can be created for the following claim processing objects:


Technically Claim Settlements are processed by using the SAP CRM Billing application.


Process Information

Settlement Due List

Approving the claim item will send the items to be settlement due list.

Technically settlement items create billing due list items, hence the entries can be monitored in the WEB UI or using billing due list transaction /n/bea/crmb01 in SAPGUI.

The validated amount from the claim leaf item is settled.

Settlement Creation

From the Settlement due list the items can be settled. Considering the split criteria documented in the following note several settlement items can be included in one claim settlement:

535005 - Billing split of CRM billing

Using this process several claims created for the same claiming account can result in one single settlement.

The settlement can again be accessed from the CRM WEB UI and from transaction /n/bea/crmb11 in SAPGUI.

The reference to the settlement document is available in the claim as well.


Funds Management

The claim settlement creates a settle claim fund posting and updates the settled amount in the fund checkbook.


For integration to Funds Management an AVC profile needs to be assigned to the claim settlement billing type in customizing. Even if no availability check is required, this entry is mandatory, otherwise no 'Settle Claim' Fund posting will be generated. In case no real availability check is required the tolerance limits need to be set accordingly in the tolerance profile used in the AVC profile.

Integration Scenarios


Depending on the customizing there are the following integration scenarios available:

  • Accounting Integration
    The settlement either creates an accounting document directly.
  • Settlement2Invoice
    The settlement is sent to ERP as SD Invoice. The processing is then happening in SD.
    Further documentation on the Settlement2Invoice process.



Basic Information

Customer Relationship Management

Claims Management

Define Basic Settings for Claim Settlements


CRM Billing Engine

Customer Relationship Management

Billing Define

Billing Types


==> CRMB CRM Billing

This customizing holds the main information for the claim settlement document, including the different integration types.


For having Funds Management integrated the AVC provile is mandatory.



Known Issues

Billing Split Criteria

535005 - Billing split of CRM billing

2065685 - Multiple Settlement Documents created for a Claim


Date Issues


2210367 - The transfer date is not considered during integration of SD Billing


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