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This page describes Client Groupware Daylight Saving settings.


Time zones are not maintained in the profile, instead the groupware client reads the local system time zone (where the groupware client is running) and uses it for synchronization of appointments.


Whatever is shown for the system timezone will be shown in the sync settings as well.

If the flag Automatically adjust clock for Daylight saving is set then during sync the daylight saving will be taken in to consideration to sync to server.

Only the display in the sync settings reflect the timezone as shown in system settings.

If the time zone in the SAP CRM system and the local system time zone are different, appointment times shift accordingly.

While this is logically consistent, this can be confusing because the start date/time or due date/time may change.

You can check this in the following:

  1. On the PC go to Control Panel.
  2. Clock, Language and Region.
  3. Date and time.
  4. Change time zone.
  5. Select your timezone and check the box 'Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving time.



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