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The purpose of this page is to describe the most common IE 11 issues and the resolution available for these issues.


In this section you will find the SAP Notes released for issues that occur only with upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 Browser.

WEBCUIF Supports IE 11 Standards Mode from CRM 7.01 EhP 1 onwards only. You can refer to SAP Note 1746385 - Main WEBCUIF Browser Support Note for more details.

As soon as you upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, please ensure that SAP Note 2026791 WEBCUIF IE11-Standards mode is implemented in your system so that your system runs in IE 11 Standards Mode.

If you are using CRM Interaction Center Web client with browser version Internet Explorer version 11, please go through SAP KBA 2097237 - Usage of IE11 for CRM Interaction Center.


Note: From WUI Perspective, you should be running IE 11 in either compatibility mode or standard. The Enterprise Mode in IE 11 is a new compatibility mode to run application which is designed for IE8. If an issue is reported regarding Enterprise Mode, we at SAP, will try to duplicate the issue in IE8 standard. If the issue can be duplicated there then we fix it. If it cannot be duplicated there, then we do not support it.  

After the implementation of the any note, please ensure to clear the caches as per SAP Note 2050322 - Clearing Caches

Common Issues with IE 11 browser

  • Popup Size/Resizing Issues with browser IE 11

    When an F4 help is opened, the size of the popup is too small and if the popup is resized, a blank white screen is observed.

    Solution: Ensure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in the system:

    2026791                WEBCUIF IE11-Standards mode

    2078185                Only resize webcuif frames in popup

    2066507                resizing popup window when content height changes

    2065860                Revert the WEBCUIF popup to use Modal Popup when available

    2032277                resizing popup window when pdf is loaded; size issue with dropdowns inside

    2024527                Pop-up does not run in the right Doctype

    2019878                F4 help popup not displayed properly in IE11 non-compatibility mode

    2015545                Popup resizing issue when loading pdf file or content from a domain that is dif

    2009909                Popup size and resizing issues

    1956277                Popup needs to be scrollable when content is large or screen resolution is lowe

    1939404                HTML 5 compability for IE 9 - meta tag "http-equiv" in "head" of popup; popup l

    1932570                JavaScript "Access Denied" error in function resizeF4 Window()


  • BTF Editor Functionality with IE 11/ BTF Freeze issues with IE 11/Unable to insert Standard or Default texts. 

     There are various scenarios wherein you might notice that when BTF editor is used, the system freezes.

     One such example issue is the screen freezes after creating follow up activity from service order using IE 11 as browser. The reported issue is not seen in IE 10 or Chrome browser.

     Solution: Ensure following SAP Notes are installed in the system: 

      2168635                BTF Editor - Insertion of standard texts fails on empty document ie11

      2167054                Mail form is not shown in BTF editor

      2116830                Formatting input fields in BTF Editor

      2111225                Backspace causes web page expiration

      2110582                BTF Editor: Issues clicking on links

      2106353                Insert standard text in ie11 is unresponsive

      2103999                In 1 to 1 email BTF becomes unresponsive

      2101913                Application freezes on IE11. F5 or refresh button restores it.

      2095537                Cursor position missing causing page to freeze

      2080061                When font dropdown is missing, causes endless loop

      2073771                Mail form not displayed in BTX editor in latest IE versions is the note which modified this Include to support IE 11

      2053131                BTF editor functionality for IE 11




  • In IE11, within an editable cellerator, you click in one input field, edit it (optional) and then click in another input field. The focus will continually change from one input field to another, preventing any other interaction and forcing you to close the browser window.

    Solution: You need to implement SAP Note 2013202 - Internet Explorer 11: Cellerator input focus issues need to resolve this issue.


  • In IE11, Popups Invoked from a Popup are empty. 

    Solution: Please refer to SAP KBA 2117026 - The content of a popup is not shown when opened within a Popup in Internet Explorer 11 to resolve this issue.


  • Blank screen for transaction launcher, and interactive script editor in IE11, after implementation of SAP Note 2065907. If this note is de-implemented, issue does not exist.

    Solution:  You need to implement SAP Note 2149378 Generated URLs are invalid due to cache busting to resolve this issue.


  • When pasting multiple rows in a table using Internet Explorer 11, the contents of the last cell contains either a concatenation of the first and last cell or same data as the first cell.

    Solution:  SAP Note 2117170 - IE11: Incorrect pasting of multiple rows in a table resolves this issue.


  • You are using Web Client UI Framework and you notice that Internet Explorer 11 produces errors when Automatic Delta Handling is enabled. The same issue does not occur when using any other browser or Internet Explorer versions other than 11.

    Solution:SAP Note 2165222 - IE11 errors when delta handling is enabled resolves this issue.


  • Pasting of multiple lines of IDs into an input field in Advanced Search is not working in IE11.

    Solution:SAP Note 2020656 - Advanced Search Issue in Copy & Paste of multiple rows needs to be implemented to resolve this issue.


  • Integrated Marketing Calendar fails to open up in IE11.

    Solution: SAP Note 2133202 - Integrated Marketing Calendar not working under IE11 needs to be implemented to resolve this issue.


  • You activated the feature “Start WebUI with hidden navigation bar”. Normally, when you open the collapsed Navbar, if its content occupies a space, bigger than the screen height, a scrolling button is added at the bottom of the container. But in IE11, you observe that this is not the case, and you need to manually resize the window to activate the button display.

     Solution: The following SAP Notes needs to be implemented to resolve this issue

                              2033588  - Unable to display full crm webui navigation menu in ie11

                             2082859  - Navigation Bar Menu glitches after IE browser upgrade


  • When clicking on an entry of the result list in a search pop-up window, it does nothing.

      Solution: SAP Note 2252647 - 'More' menu on UI Workbench Configuration does not open  needs to be Implemented to resolve this issue. 


  • Performance issues in new version of IE 11
    Solution: Refer to SAP KBA 2246083 - IE freezing and performance issues caused by memory consumption in new version of IE11 to resolve this issue.

  • Issues in Flex table with IE 11

    Solution: Ensure following SAP Notes are installed in the system: 

    2278248 Fix flickering when the flex send a message

    2265415 Resize the planning table not working in IE

    2209501 Flex table doesn't refresh with IE11


  • You are using CRM WebUI in IE 11 and you scroll down on navigation bar until the scroll up button appears on top of the navigation bar. Then you can observe when you hide and reopen the navigation bar, the scroll up button is disappeared and you need to scroll to make it visible again.

    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2210557 Scroll up button disappears when you hide and reopen the navigation bar in IE 11 to resolve this issue.


  • You are using CRM WebUI with Interaction Center business role in IE11. Then you can observe that when you resize the window, then there will be blank screen at the bottom of the page in some cases.

    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2279328 Blank page when resizing the window in Internet Explorer 11 with IC roles to resolve this issue.




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  1. Dear Varun, thanks for this list Regarding clearing cache: you mention note 2030522 Did you mean 2050322? Best Regards, Piet

    1. Dear Piet,

      Your welcome (smile) Yes, I meant SAP Note 2050322 Thanks for correcting me I have rectified the same

      Shortly we will coming up with troubleshooting and most relevant notes for other functionalities as well within CRM Web UI Framework


      Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal

  2. Former Member

    Dear Varun,

    In my company, we are facing a problem with the scroll bar.

    At the webui, if you click in edit button in any assignment block, the page is scrolling up.

    We have CRM 7.02 EHP and using just the Interaction Center.

    Would you have any suggestion?

    Thank you and congratulations for your great contribution!!

    Best Regards,

    Guilherme Vila Verde

    1. Dear Guiherme Vila,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Could you please check if following SAP Notes are implemented in your system:

      2161329 WUI: Screen jump to top of page issues

       2130916 Any changes to assignment blocks scroll back to top


      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal

      1. Former Member

        Thanks my friend!

        I'll check those notes.

        Kind regards,

        Guilherme Vila Verde


        1. Former Member

          Dear Guilherme ,

          Please let us know whether you got the  solution for this issue . The notes mentioned by Varun is already been implemented in our system and still face the same issue.

          2161329 WUI: Screen jump to top of page issues

          2130916 Any changes to assignment blocks scroll back to top

          Can you please share me the solution .

          Thanks in Advance



  3. Former Member

    We are facing an IE11 Problem regarding HTMLB elements used in a BSP Application. There are currently These two symptoms:

    The datepicker can be opened but does not Close after having picked a date.

    The radiobutton Group does not work as expected as two radiobuttons of the same Group can both be selected.

    Is there any particular rendering problem for HTMLB in IE11? We are using Kernel Release 742.


    Kind regards



    1. Dear Vanessa,

      Thanks for writing your queries to us.

      I haven't encountered such issues before from any customer:

      Hence, I would like to know the following from you:

      • The WEBCUIF Level of your system.
      • Are these issues replicable when parameter 'WCF_IGNORE_ENHANCEMT' is set to 'A' in transaction su3.
      • Are these issues replicable for Standard SAP Business Roles as well ?
      • Are these issues occurring only in IE 11 browser or other browsers as well ?
      • Are these issues occurring for All Skins or only a particular Skin ?

      Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal 

  4. Hi Varun,


    this is really a good blog for IE11 issues.

    we have an issues in IE11.  we are in 7.0 ehp1 - Interaction center where this version is compatible for IE8.  Our client recently upgraded to Windows 7 64bit with IE11 since MS stopped supporting XP and IE8. 

    starting in IE it was fine and recently after couple of weeks our agents started reporting several issues like when they are in call applicaiton is freezing for siometime and they have to refresh the screen to continue with call. 

    2. IC toolbar buttons not working for some agents like transfer/warm transfer, whereas if they log in different system its fine. 

    3. print preview of Service Request not working, its opening in pop up but nothing is displayed. today only reported and am looking into it not sure its because of IE11 or not.

    4. sometimes pop up is not opening when they trying to attached any file in email using browse.


    we also started observing when launching application directly from gui (wui/CRM_UI) it says you are trying to launch in browser where it is not supported. 


    can you please suggest any settings need to set in IE11 for our application to work without any browser issues. (smile)

    appreciate your help.


    thanks much in advance!.



  5. Dear Venky,

    Thank you for writing your queries/issues to us via the SCN.

    I would like to know whether all the Popup and BTF Freeze notes mentioned in this WIKI are implemented in your system and whether you have refereed to SAP KBA 2097237 Usage of IE11 for CRM Interaction Center.

    For the Freeze issue, you can also refer to SAP KBA 2246083 IE freezing and performance issues caused by memory consumption in new version.


    Best Regards,

    Varun Agarwal  

  6. Former Member

    Hi Varun,

    We are currently using EIC in ERP not CRM, but are getting issues similar to those above, EIC is freezing, text within emails is not displaying etc. Our main issue is the freezing and how slow EIC has become. Are there any notes for these issues, we have tried applying notes 1924514 and 2202772 but this did not rectify the issue. Could this be an issue with browser compatibility settings?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Former Member

      Hi David,

      we opened an oss call and SAP provided the following hint, which solved our problem:

      • change the application to use the newer Design2008
      • Before adjusting it, activate the "bsp" service in SICF (see SAPNote 2082238 - Inactive Design2008 service in SICF)

      Hope this helps,


      1. Former Member

        Hi Vanessa,

        The HREIC application transaction is hardcoded with the DESIGN2003 format. So this standard transaction cannot be modified to use the newer DESIGN2008.Also,we don't see any notes which says that SAP has started using the DESIGN2008 for the HREIC transaction.

  7. Former Member

    Thanks a lot Vanessa, we will try that!

    Kind Regards,


  8. Former Member

    Hi Varun,

    Thanks so much for compiling the information in one place and its on top of my CRM bookmarks.

    I have a strange problem and am not sure if its related to our IE11 or to a new Skin and wanted to see if you have seen this before.

    I installed OSS Note 2227135 and its related fixes and it works perfectly in IE11 browser as standalone with Blue Crystal theme in CRM Web UI.

    The only setting from 2227135 which was not implemented is selecting the skin as Pictogram which was not available in my CRM 7 EHP2 system.

    I now test the Blue Crystal CRM WebUI Skin using Enterprise Portal Tight Integration and Home Screen and Search Screen now are misaligned e.g. My Appointments Today, My Open Tasks, etc is now overlapped by the Results of the same on the Home Screen. 

    I verified using Chrome and Enterprise Portal Tight Integration and the CRM screens in Blue Crystal Skin render perfectly without any issues.

    I hope you can provide some pointers on this scenario.





  9. Former Member

    I cannot seem to get these links working. I am having an issue with drop down menus... the information I think I need is listed below, but the link is broken...

    In IE11, Popups Invoked from a Popup are empty. 

    Solution: Please refer to SAP KBA 2117026 - The content of a popup is not shown when opened within a Popup in Internet Explorer 11 to resolve this issue.

    1. Former Member

      Hi Josh,

      The links point to a SAP internal system (CSS) for employees where OSS Notes are developed and External folks like us don't have access.

      The note numbers are still valid and you can always go to and open it from there.

      You would require and S-user to access this function and your SAP Basis team can provide you with the same.



      1. Former Member


        So, without S-user access I have no way to view the information in this note? We do not directly support SAP in house. The company we work with for SAP has not been able to provide the answer to this issue yet, so I was working on it personally.

        thanks for your help,



  10. Former Member

    Hi Josh,

    I cannot attach the PDF version here since don't have Admin permission but here is the text.


    In Internet Explorer 11, when a second popup is opened within a popup, the second popup appears Blank.


    • SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0
    • SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP CRM 7.0
    • SAP enhancement package 3 for SAP CRM 7.0
    • SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP CRM 7.0, version for SAP HANA

    Reproducing the Issue

    1. Launch the WebUI.

    2. Select any Business Role For eg: SALESPRO

    3. Search for Accounts

    4. From the result list, open any account.

    5. Open the F4 Search Help for any field.

    6. Now open the Input help for the field within that F4 Help or click on the Personalize button.

    7. The resulting Popup will be blank.




     This to due to an IE 11 bug w.r.t modal popups.


    This issue can been solved by this patch:

    "Some web application modal dialog boxes don't work correctly in Internet Explorer 11 after you install update 3008923", at url:

  11. Former Member

    Hello Varun,

    thanks for your useful blog.

    We have just upgraded our SAP CRM system, as suggested in the PAM, to support IE11. But we are facing an issue on down arrow of dropdown list: the icon is missed, as it is described in the discussion

    Do you have any suggestions? I have applied all the relevant notes mentioned in your blog.

    Thanks a lot and Regards





  12. Former Member


    We are facing 1 peculiar issue only in IE11


    If we login to Web UI & keep the session for inactive mode for more than specific time , the systems logs you out to the Web UI Log In Screen.


    At this time if you enter the credentials the System Gives an Error message 'Logon cookie check failed , repeat logon'


    If you enter the credentials again for Second time , it goes fine & you are able to log in to respective Business Role.


    Any pointers why this happens & how to resolve this ?

     Pls help....

  13. Former Member

    Hi Friends,

    We recently upgraded our system latest support package, we have issue with IE11 Navigation bar profile suddenly disappears (hidden) while CSR is on the call, and we need to refresh F5 button to see back Navigation bar profile, any suggestions or notes would greatly help.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Dear Manjunath,

      Could you please implement the following SAP Notes and re-test

        2033588  - Unable to display full crm webui navigation menu in ie11

        2082859  - Navigation Bar Menu glitches after IE browser upgrade

      1. Former Member

        Hi Varun,

        We still have the same issue, we created oss message, but no help from SAP since we are not able to replicate, can you please check if  you have any other notes.




        1. Dear Manjunath,

          Can you please let me know the incident number created by you ?


          Best Regards,
          Varun Agarwal

          1. Former Member

            Hi Varun,

            Incident no.  is 327765/2016.




  14. Hi Varun,

    We upgraded to CRM 7 EHP3. For some web ui component we are getting the error. When ever I go to the UI configuration I am getting a javascript permission error. It is only for 3 or 4 components. Do you know why I am getting this issue? It is for few views   in a component.




  15. Former Member

    Hi Varun

    We have developed an application in SAP that uses a web browser for the user interface. At present, we can use Google Chrome but when we use IE 11, we only get a static page and some of the data is not even displayed. This is on ECC6 EHP5. IE 11 is our standard and we would prefer not to use Google Chrome.

    Does anybody know how to enable IE 11?


    1. Hi Henry,

      Could you please let me know which application are you referring to here ?


      Best Regards, Varun

  16. Hi,

    We are on ECC 6.0 with EHP 5, IE11. When using ESS I have noticed that the font looks weird - for example, w's have spaces after them, while i's are scrunched up next to the adjacent letter (other letters have similar issues). It is literally uncomfortable to read the page because of the font/spacing issues. Is there a note addressing this?


    Debbie B

    1. Dear Debbie,

      This page is relevant only for SAP CRM WEBCUIF. You need to post your query under the ESS Page or raise an incident under PA-ESS-XX.


      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal

  17. Hi,


    There is a mysterious error in the CRM_UI, which is occur only in

    specific circumstances. The symptoms are "F4 list" function does not

    work (popup window hangs in an endles cycle) and EXIT function is not

    work also.

    The errors can only be seen if two conditions are met (both)!!!

    1. SAP Web Dispatcher Access. In case of a direct access of AS, there

    is no error.

    2. Few specific usernames. Other users with the same settings

    (authorizations, parameters, customizing) with different name are

    working fine.




    1. Dear Narendar,

      This page is relevant only for SAP CRM WEBCUIF. You need to post your query under the Web Dispatcher Page or raise an incident under BS-CST-WDP.


      Thanks and Best Regards,
      Varun Agarwal

  18. Former Member


    I am getting blank page after confirming the BP in Interaction centre.

    While confirming we are calling ECC RFC to fetch a list of records, so at that time we are getting blank page.

    Only few users are facing this issue that too after ECC upgrade.

    I am not able to replicate this issue in development client. We are facing this issue only in production.

    can anyone please suggest me a solution for this issue.

    1. Hi Aishwarya,

      This page is relevant only for SAP CRM WEBCUIF. You need to post your query under the SAP CRM Interaction Page or raise an incident under CRM-IC-FRW.


      Thanks and Best Regards,

      Varun Agarwal

  19. HI,

    We have upgraded the SAP CRM 7.0 EHP2 system to SP 18. After upgrading we are facing the problem in Opportunity search

    Field - Be long's to and search criteria - Me, Result list is empty.

    Kindly Suggest any Notes if available for this issue .


    Thank a lot in advance

    Best Regards.



    1. Hi Akkmahadevi,

      This page is relevant only for SAP CRM WEBCUIF. You need to post your query under the Page SAP CRM Opportunities or raise an incident under CRM-BTX-OPP.


      Thanks and Best Regards,
      Varun Agarwal


  20. Hi Community,

     We use the SAP CRM WebUI. We have a Drop-Down-List with different Content. The Content is sorted.

    Since a few days we rolled out IE11. Now the sorting didn't work anymore.

    If I open the WebUI in Firefox 26 it works fine.

     I've searched for SAP Notes, implemented all of them. However no results.

     Has anyone an idea?

     Thanks for any reply.


  21. Former Member

    Hi Varun,

    Do you have any recommendation for performance issues? we have been facing ic web performance issues lately, we are utility client on ehp3.




    1. Please try following SAP Notes: 


      It helped us. Those SNotes deal with errors of the delta handling when using IE11. As the delta handling (reduces the amount of data send between server and client) is an important piece of the application.

  22. Hi Varun, 

    We have an issue with incorrect inserting value into table cell. We copy email address and paste it into email details for Consumer in Web IC. It is automatically get duplicate value.






    BR, Andrey.

    1. Resolved by 2 SAP Notes: 2117170 and 2165222.

  23. Former Member

    Hi Varun,

    We are facing problems when pasting multiple lines in the field "Subject" of query "GS_ADVANCED_WFI/AdvancedWFIQueryView" after upgrading to Windows 10 (IE 11.713.10586).

    After past, the loading image appear and never finish the process.

    We have implemented the SAP notes "2117170 - IE11:  Incorrect pasting of multiple rows in a table" and "2020656 - Advanced search issue in copy & paste of multiple rows", but the issue was not solved.

    Could you kindly help me?

    Thank you my friend!


    1. Hi,

      Please check if SAP Note 2026791 WEBCUIF IE11-Standards mode is implemented in your system.

      BR, Varun