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You can use skins to adapt the layout of the user interface to your corporate identity. You can change existing SAP skins, and adjust them to your personal needs.

You can find all available skins in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management at ->  UI Framework ->UI Framework Definition ->Skins Define Skins . To make a new or adjusted SAP skin available again, you need to make a new entry in this table.

If you wish to create and use your custom skin, it is highly recommended to create own CSS files for the changes desired, and using the SAP Standard skins, as the released corrections is not propagated to the custom skin.

Follow the steps below if you would like to create your own CSS files:

1. Login to SAP GUI.

2. Run Transaction SPRO and navigate to the following path CRM -> UI Framework -> UI Framework definition -> Skins and Icons ->DEFINE PATH FOR CSS FILES.

3. Click the "New Entries" pushbutton in the menu list.

4. Fill the required data about your custom CSS file:

    The CSS files that you add have the following properties:

         • Skin-dependent: You can add multiple CSS files, depending on the skin

         • Browser-dependent: You can use multiple CSS files for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla     Firefox browsers, depending on the browser version

         • RTL-dependent: Used for right-to-left support for languages such as Hebrew

         • Visual effects mode: Used for mouseover effects

     In this Customizing activity, you can define the path (URL) where your CSS file is located. If you add a CSS file, this file overwrites the standard CSS file provided by SAP. 

    You can use the following formats to enter the URL for the CSS files:

        • Absolute path:

          Note: Be aware of protocol warning messages issued by the browser if used with https sessions.

        • Relative path: SAP/BC/BSP/SAP/thtmlb_styles/sap_skins/default/style.css

        • Local path: style.css •If the skin is provided, the path is retrieved  (SAP/BC/BSP/SAP/thtmbl_styles/sap_skins/default/), and style.css is concatenated to the end

        • If the skin is not provided, the path to the parent folder that contains all skin folders is retrieved (SAP/BC/BSP/SAP/thtmlb_styles/sap_skins/), and style.css is added to the end.

5. Save.

6. Clear your server and browser cache.


For more details you can refer to the following WIKI's:                               

New Skin Management Part 2 - An easy way for CSS files adjustment from CRM7.0 Ehp1

New Skin Management Part 3 - Example about how to change the image above WorkCentre from CRM7.0 Ehp1

Most Common SAP Skin Related Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues

  •  Issue: Corbu Skin Related Issues: 
          • Using Corbu Skin results in RAISE EXCEPTION - NOT_FOUND dumps in st22.
            Resolution: Ensure following SAP Notes are implemented in your system

            2001671                Corbu: missing icons expander_close.png and expander_open.png
            1997336                Corbu skin causes MIME dumps RAISE EXCEPTION: PAGER_FORWARD.GIF is not found
            1985038                Corbu missing icons: collapse, expand, infoMessage,   private_appointment_final
            1984282                Corbu skin: icon alignment incorrect with Chrome browser
            1979015                Corbu Issues
            1940004                Corbu skin causes MIME dumps RAISE EXCEPTION
            1866773                Icon for DLG not shown in corbu skin
            1855121                Corbu: toolbar buttons should wrap automatically
            1854035                Corbu: button padding and margin style adjustments
            1848490                CORBU: E-Mail Selector Icon Missing
            1846162                Missing Icons when using CORBU Skin


        • Check Box & Asterisk for Mandatory Fields is not visible for Corbu Skin.
          Resolution: Implement following SAP Notes
          1998553 - Corbu - IE9 and IE10: Dynamic menu options require darker blue on hover
          1933938 - CORBU: Configurable Areas: highlight color is not correct

        • Broken Images are seen on the WebUI when Corbu Skin is copied from Skin Workbench.
          Resolution: Implementation of SAP Note 2008844 - CRM Skin Workbench Customer copy of Corbu skin has no icons will resolve this issue.

        • Using the Corbu skin, when you try to drag and drop table rows into a table with a scrolled vertical scrollbar, the placeholder for the drop appears with an offset.
          Resolution:  Implement SAP Note 2018041 -Table row drag and drop issues with Corbu skin to resolve this issue.

        • In Corbu design , menu buttons are displayed in horizontal manner after upgrade to EhP3.
           Resolution: Refer to SAP KBA 2150891 - Menu Items are displayed horizontally for Corbu Skin after upgrade to EhP 3 to resolve this issue.


        • When a Corbu skin is copied via Skin Workbench, some F4 icons are displayed incorrectly (doubled/duplicated).
          Resolution:  Implement SAP Note 2207682 - Wrong Comment Syntax in Corbu CSS files to resolve this issue.


        • On using CRM WebUI with Corbu Skin and opening an F4 Help popup which has 14 or 15 entries, then it is observed  that only 13 rows are visible and there is no scrollbar therefore the last one or two entries are not visible.
          Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2221499 - In Corbu Skin the 14th and 15th entries are not visible in F4 Help to resolve this issue 


        • Related Corbu Skin Notes:  

          2195707                Flickering tabs on OVPs in tile layout (CORBU only)
          2147436                Grid cells of the inner grid are misaligned in CORBU skin
          2121998                Corbu: Introducing "thtmlb_IE8_stand.css"
          2099676                Corbu buttons alignment - RTL
          2090833                Direct link group label not complete in Corbu
          2086128                Recent Items label not complete in Corbu
          2056197                Minimize Icons for DLG not displayed in Firefox with Corbu
          2046359                Corbu & Nova: Shadow for the Cancel Search button
          2032106                Slider to re-open collapsed navbar is oversized in Corbu
          2027455                Corbu & Nova: F4 Spinning Wheel should display no border
          2020520                ATC Check Fix for Copy Corbu Skin 


  • Issue: Alignment of advanced search fields is incorrect for SAP Skins such as Nova (Signature Skin), Default Skin, Serenity etc.

    Resolution: Ensure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in your system:

    2198235 - Advanced Search input fields are not aligned

    2179554 - Wrong Alignment of the header

    2179054 - WUI: Serenity and New Hope skin vertical alignment issues in advanced search

    2153728 - Advanced Search: +/- buttons are misaligned in new hope and serenity skins

    2086504 - Serenity and Spring skins: Favourite' s Filter label & some other buttons r misaligned

    2075479 - IE 11 and 10 Serenity skin displays misaligned Advanced Search fields

    2073499 - IE11 New Hope skin displays misaligned Advanced Search Fields

    2031578 - Search Views not rendering properly in Chrome NOVA Skin

    2000453 - Input fields are vertically misaligned in Safari Signature Design

    1882469 - IE10 standards mode alignment issues, e.g. Advanced Search

    1858105 - IE10: Some alignments and DDLB items order not right


  • Issue: Short Dump: RAISE_EXCEPTION CL_THTMLB_COLOR_UTIL==========CP on CRM WebUI.

    Resolution:  Refer to SAP KBA 2035028 - Short Dump RAISE_EXCEPTION CL_THTMLB_COLOR_UTIL==========CP on CRM WebUI  to resolve this issue.


  • Issue:  Implementation of SAP Note 1940004 results in error – Name pager_back.png is not unique, Name pager_forward.png is not unique

     Resolution:  Follow the following steps to resolve this error:

  1. Navigate to se80   > BSP Application   > THTMLB_STYLES
  2. In the folder structure, navigate to: THTMLB_STYLES   > MIMEs   > SAP_SKINS  > CORBU > IMAGES.
  3. In here you will find the images pager_back.png and pager_forward.png.
  4. Please right click and delete these 2 images. Then proceed to install the note.
  5. Once SAP Note 1940004 is successfully implemented, please ensure that SAP Note 1997336 - Corbu skin causes MIME dumps RAISE EXCEPTION: PAGER_FORWARD.GIF is not found is also implemented in the system.


  • Issue:  If a new custom skin with the name containing a space, then a lot of issues are encountered with this skin. For example, the CSS for that skin may not be loaded. 

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2177889 - Issues with skins containing a space


  • Issue: SAP public images folder is missing for High Contrast Black Skin.

     Resolution: Implement SAP Note 2139443 - HCB: SAP public images are missing 

Custom Logo Overview: 

Since CRM7.0 Ehp1, user can exchange logo by using customize node "Define Icons" which can optimize CRM WebClient UI layout much easier.

 For example: -Easy exchange of SAP logo (Standard) with a customer specific logo in the header area of the WebClient UI.

 -No modification of CSS files necessary.

 -No Skin copy necessary (you can change the logo within the Standard Skin)

 -Different logo text for each business role possible.  

With the Introduction of SAP Note 2023680 - Logo customizable per Business Role, one can now define a different logo for each Business Role in the system.

You need to follow up the implementation of SAP Note of SAP Note 2023680 - Logo customizable per Business Role with the following notes:

2034834 - Note 2023680 part 2

2035371 - Note 2023680 part 3

For more details you can refer to the following WIKI:

New Skin Management Part 1 - An easy way for logo and logo text exchange from CRM7.0 Ehp1    

Most Common Custom Logo Issues and SAP Notes which are available to resolve these issues

  • Issue:After implementation of SAP Note 2023680 - Logo customizable per Business Role, users are unable to find the customizing to set the custom logo for the Business Role.
    Resolution: Refer to SAP KBA 2201405 - Unable to set the custom logo for a Business Role in CRM WebUI.


  •  Issue: Custom logo does not appear on the WebUI.
     Resolution: Ensure following SAP Notes are installed:

                           2131487 The header logo and the context area are distorted when a custom skin is applied

                           2118993 Custom logo not displayed


Related SAP Notes/KBAs 

2119656 - Readonly textArea uses wrong background color in NOVA skin

2118460 - In Firefox using HighContrast skin the contents in NavBar under Direct Link Group

2110277 - Filter icon is misisng from the search result list when custom skin is used in

1981974 - Nova skin cellerator Print preview: bottom rows not visible

1957612 - Setting color through backend personalization was causing dumps or MIME exception

1857557 - Context area does not fit to screen with skin New Hope

1855314 - Saved Searches" overlaps "Hide Search Fields" or "Help"

1822126 - Styling images are missing from repository

1791744 - How to determine if a skin is loaded by default for a business role 

1908447 - The header area of the CRM WebUI is not visible

1849835 - How to exchange logo in WebUI without skin copy by using customize node "Define Icons"

1883119 - Custom logo not displayed after defined.



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