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Dear Forum Members,

In SAP Active Global Support, we are underway with a project to simplify the component selection process for our customers. From our analysis of customer feedback and usability studies, we have found that customers have difficulty in navigating through the component hierarchy tree, and as such, often end up choosing incorrect components. We will therefore be reducing the number of CRM components visible to customers.


Based on an analysis of incoming message volume, 55 components have been selected for hiding because of a lack of usage, or because they could be easily absorbed by other areas or parent components. Please see the attached list which shows the components which will be hidden and the component to be used going forward.


the reduction of components will assist us in Support as less component granularity leads to swifter and easier dispatching. Secondly, the reduction will pay dividends on the SMP Message Wizard as fewer components being proposed to the customer in the SMP means easier component selection and increased satisfaction.

Please see attachment for details of the removed components and their alternative components. We plan to introduce component hiding from Friday, the 29th of March 2012. Furthermore, we will inform our customers of any updates to the CRM component hierarchy as and when we have such details.

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