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This page describes Contact Synchronisation between Client Groupware Integration and CRM.


Contacts store their e-mail address, business/home address, multiple phone numbers, and any other related information for the contact, such as a birthday, Department, Job Title or Company.

Client groupware integration synchronizes all contacts with the category SAP CRM between SAP CRM and the Groupware Client.

There is no duplicate check in SAP CRM when synchronizing contacts created in the groupware client. It is also not possible to search for existing contacts in

SAP CRM from the groupware client.

Synchronization Settings

The synchronization settings can be used to filter the contacts downloaded to the groupware client.

The following settings can be made:

  • Download contacts for which the business user is employee responsible.
  • Download all contacts for those accounts for which the user logged-on is employee responsible.

Creation of a Contact in the Groupware Client

  • In the groupware client, you can create a contact without an account assigned to it.
  • A contact is only created if the contact data fields are filled.
  • A home address is created for the contact if the home address fields are filled.

Modification of a Contact in Microsoft Outlook

  • Any modification to the contact data in the groupware client is synchronized to SAP CRM.
  • Any modification to the home address will update the existing private address of the contact in SAP CRM.

CRM Employee Responsible for Contact

Contacts Created in Microsoft Outlook

You can assign yourself as employee responsible using the Relate to SAP CRM add-in.

Once you are assigned as employee responsible, your name is displayed in the CRM Employee Responsible pane of the Relate to SAP CRM add-in.

Assigning the category “SAP CRM” does not assign you as the employee responsible.

If you have not yet assigned yourself as employee, you are automatically assigned in Microsoft Outlook and SAP CRM when the contact is synchronized with SAP CRM.

If another person is employee responsible for a contact, their name is displayed in the CRM Employee Responsible pane.

If the contact has no employee responsible, no name is displayed.

Contacts Created in Lotus Notes

When you have categorized a contact as “SAP CRM”, you are assigned as the employee responsible in SAP CRM when synchronization takes place.

Contacts Created in SAP CRM

Contacts in SAP CRM to which the logged-on user is assigned as employee responsible are synchronized to the groupware client of that user if the synchronization setting Download from CRM: Owned Contacts is active (Synchronization pane in the synchronization settings).

Contacts in SAP CRM for which there is no employee responsible assigned or another user is assigned as an employee responsible are synchronized to the groupware client if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • The contact is assigned to an account for which the user is employee responsible.
  • The setting Download from CRM: Contacts for Accounts Where User Belongs to
  • Account Team is active in the synchronization settings (Synchronization pane).

In this case, no employee responsible or another user’s BP is shown in the Relate to SAP CRM add-in in Microsoft Outlook.

Assignment of a Contact to an Account

You can assign a contact created in Microsoft Outlook to an existing SAP CRM account (only corporate account) using the Relate to SAP CRM add-in.

You can also create a new account that is assigned to the contact.

You can only assign a contact to one account.

Deletion of Contacts in the Groupware Client

If a contact that is assigned to an account is deleted in the groupware client it is set as To Be Archived in SAP CRM after synchronization.

Even in the account data the contact status is To Be Archived.

Contacts for Account Team

You can download all contacts assigned to an account for which you are employee responsible (synchronization setting Download from CRM: Contacts for Accounts Where User Belongs to

Account Team).

If you are employee responsible for account which has many contacts assigned to it all these contacts are downloaded to your groupware client, even if you are not the employee responsible for all the contacts.

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