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This is the first part of the blog. Here we will be creating a Z BOL object. In the second part we will use this Z BOL object in our Web component.

Step 1: Create a Ztable with the following fields. You can also structure the table as desired by you but the only prerequisite is - The user-defined database table should contain a key field with the GUID name and the GUID data type.

Step 2: Go to the customizing path as shown in the screenshot.

Step 3: Create an object name. Specify our table name as the "attrib structure" and "Mand. flds at create".


Step 4: Define Search object definition. This is very important because using this, we will fill the data in the BOL object.


Step 5: Go to tcode SM30. Open the view as shown in the screenshot.


Step 6: Click New entries and do the mapping between the object and the table  which we have created. Basically maintain the entries as shown in the screenshot.


Step 7: Simple GenIL objects are assigned to the SO2 component set automatically. Open tcode GENIL_BOL_BROWSER. Enter Component Set SO2 and Click on Execute. Click the button "New Root Object" as shown in the screenshot. In the left hand side of the screen you will see the BOL object which we have created. Double click it.

Step 8:  Click the button "Create Object". The GUID will be automatically created. Enter the other field details and choose the SAVE button to save the entries.


Step 9: In Tcode Se16 you will be able to see the following entries.

Step 10: Open tcode GENIL_BOL_BROWSER. Click the button "New Search" as shown in the screenshot.

Step 11: Enter object ID and click the button find.

Step 12: If the other entries get populated as shown in the screenshot means our BOL object is working fine.

  Next we will be using this in our web component. That I will be writing in my next blog.
Thanks & Regards,

Abhilash Menon.


  1. Unknown User (uc6q0hv)


     Thanks a lot for this wiki, but keep in mind that class CL_CRM_GENIL_GEN_TABLE_OBJ is full of bugs... So I ended up opening an OSS message to ask for some corrections and here is the answer I received:

    << I'm sorry that you did run into some issues by using this class. The class itself was never thought to be an official example in regard how to handle tables via GeniL. Unfortunately we cannot control what might be mentioned on SDN by customers or consultants but we will check for BLOGs in regard to this class and add a note. Additionally we will change the description of the class and put in a note mentioning this class should not be used for an object implementation. Furthermore we take your message as trigger to check if we either invest into an official example which then will reflect best best practices in the next release or if we make customers aware of the AET tool (Application enhancement tool) which in the next release supports the creation of z-tables and also generates the corresponding interaction layer.
    Again sorry that you wasted some time. Hope you already solved the issues you initially faced. >>

    Best regards, 

    Nicolas Busson.

  2. Unknown User (zpdephf)


    I created the table and followed the mentioned steps . When opened Genil_bol_browser the and selected my object and try to click on 'Create Object' I get a dump.

    "Short text
        CREATE DATA: The specified type " " is no valid data type.

    What happened?
        Error in the ABAP Application Program

        The current ABAP program "CL_CRM_GENIL_GEN_TABLE_OBJ====CP" had to be
         terminated because it has
        come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed."

    Can you please tell me what to do to resolve this.

  3. Unknown User (qujk4jd)

    Can someone please post the link to article 2?  I see the author mentioned: "Next we will be using this in our web component.  That I will be writing in my next blog".

    So can someone please post where this second article is so I can take a look at it ?



  4. Hi Jon,

    In case you are still searching for web part.. Here is the link..


    Sumit Mittal

  5. Hi Jon,

    In case you are still searching for web part.. Here is the link..


    Sumit Mittal

  6. Unknown User (qujk4jd)

    Hello Sumit,

    Thank you for the link, however this appears to be a different example.

    Did the author ever create article 2 with the same information as he / she has posted here so we can follow along.

    I like your example but I was hoping to use this article and continue reading with the same example. 

  7. Unknown User (98ndh60t)


    I tried the given steps, but it failed while following the below steps :

    1. create "New Root Object" in "genil_bol_browser",.

    2. double clicked my custom-BOl.

    3.  clicked "Create"; &  it failed with a message "Creation failed".

    (Could not attach screenshots.)

    Please suggest

  8. Former Member

    Hi Friends,

    I have updated this document to include few basic things related to creation of 'Simple GenIL objects'.

    1. The users can design their own database table. But they should be aware of the prerequisite is - That table should contain a key field with the GUID name and the GUID data type.

    2. Simple GenIL objects will be automatically assigned to component set SO2.

    Thanks & Regards

    Rahul Koshti

  9. Former Member

    When I use GENIL_BOL_BROWSER to search the entries the fields are read only.

    How can do I solve it?

    I can create entriesbut i cant delete or update it.



     After read every (blog, wiki, etc) , I found the solution...

     When we create the entry in CRMV_TBLOBJ_MAP, we need to fill the field Lock Object with a Z Lock Object created for our table.



    Thanks & Regards.