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Create a new Business Role

As I have explained earlier, SAP delivers Standard Business Roles for CRM WebCient UI and depending on the nature os them, the look and feel and the functionality may very well be different. In this chapter we will create a new Business Role which will be a copy of the existing SALESPRO (Sales Professional).  We will use CRM 7.0 EhP 1 system for this example.


In CRM the autorizations for any Business Role is controlled by their corresponding PFCG role. For example when you login to WebClient UI and choose Business Role SALESPRO, the corresponding PFCG Role ID is SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL. In other words, . PFCG Roles contains authorizations which are required for a specific Business Role to do its task. SAP highly recommends that you maintain your own PFCG Role IDs (you can always copy one) rather then making changes to the standard.

Creating a New PFCG Role ID

Before we create a new PFCG Role ID, let us verify the currect ID that corresponds with the standard SALESPRO role

1. Execute transaction SPRO



Create a new Business Role

Click on SAP Reference IMG

  1. Expand Customer Relationship Management

  2. Expand UI Framework -> Business Roles -> and click on Defines Business Roles

  3. Click on Position and in the popup type SALESPRO and click on the green check mark to continue

  4. Select SALESPRO and click on the details (magnifying glass) button

  5. You will see that the PFCG Role ID for Business Role SALESPRO is SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL

  6. Now that we know what the PFCG Role ID is, we will make a copy of it. Execute transaction PFCG

  7. Type SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL in the Role field and click on the copy icon

10.  In the popup that follows, provide a meaningful Z target role. ZHZ_SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROF in our example, and click on Copy All icon (you can be selective, but that is beyond the concepts covered in this book).

Create a new Business Role

  1. Now that we have successfully created a new PFCG Role ID, let us proceed to creating our new Business Role (copy of standard SALESPRO)
  2. Execute transaction SPRO and follow path SAP Reference IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Business Role (see steps 1-4). Or you can simply execute transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE.
  3. Click on Position and enter SALESPRO (see step 5) and click on Continue
  4. Select Business Role SALESPRO and click on the copy icon

  5. Change the Business Role name from SALESPRO to a meaningful Z name and change the PFCG Role ID from SAP_CRM_UIU_SLS_PROFESSIONAL to the one we created earlier; change the Description. You can also change the Logo Text if you like. Hit the enter key

  6. You will get a popup stating the number of entries that were copied. Click on continue and then click on save
  7. Our new Business Role ZHZ_SALESPRO is now created

  8. We can take it a step further and assign the newly created Business Role to an Organizational Model, but them we would be deveiating from FrameWork and touching Master Data which is not covered in this book.
  9. Now lets test the newly created Business Role ZHZ_SALESPRO in WebClient UI.

10.  Execute transaction CRM_UI and CRM WebClient UI will open in a browser window.

11.  Select the newly created Business Role (ZHZ_SALESPRO – Sales Professional)

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