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Create simple WD application using Floorplan Manager on BOL.

Applies to:

SAP CRM on Netweaver 7.02.


Floorplan Manager was not designed primarily for usage in CRM. On the other hand it also provides BOL integration. And BOL is used very often in CRM. I guess BOL might be future model also for ERP but it is only my opinion. Well be it as it is I did not find any example here on SCN yet so I decided to provide one by myself.

This example was build on SAP CRM system with Netweaver version 7.02. As my source I used SAP Floorplan Manager Developer´s Cookbook. The main purpose was to build some simple Web Dynpro application using standard BOL – object


Company:       Anodius, a. s.
Created on:    23.7.2012
Author(s) Bio

Marek works as SAP CRM consultant and developer for Anodius, a. s., in Slovakia. His job consists of ABAP development, application design and consulting mainly in SAP CRM. 

Table of Contents

Create search component configuration

I chose to build some search page using query PDBYEXTUIQuery from component set ISUTON.

My work then continues following these steps:

  • Create configuration

First we have to create configuration for component FPM_SEARCH_UIBB:

  • Choose class „CL_GUIBB_BOL_DQUERY“ as feeder class and press „Edit parameters“:

  • Fill in required fields to identify component and query name

  • Adjust configuration to your needs and save

Create overview page configuration

Now we have our basic configuration based on FPM_SEARCH_UIBB component and BOL query PDBYEXTUIQuery. In this example I choose FPM_OVP_COMPONENT (overview page) to build final application but you can of course choose by your own. So again I provide some simple steps:

  • Create configuration for FPM_OVP_COMPONENT

  • Navigate to desired section and click on „Add UIBB“

  • Choose „Add Search Component“

  • Fill in your configuration ID and adjust configuration

Create and configure application

So we have our search configuration and also overview page configuration. Now we need application to see whether everything is working well.

  • Create application

  • Create configuration for your new application

  • Assign your component configuration and save

Finally we have our application with configuration so we can test and enjoy it (smile) .

Useful Information

Floorplan manager, BOL integration, Web Dynpro ABAP, Web Dynpro in CRM