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Creating UI Configuration for Set Types to display on CRM Product Overview page

Here are the steps to create Set types and attributes and display them on the WebClient UI. Once all configuration is carried out a new Assignment Block is available on the Product Overview Page. See figure below:

Maintain Attributes

First create all the attributes (fields in Assignment Block) using tcode COMM_ATTRSET or path SAP menu > Master Data > Products > Maintain Set Types and Attributes.


Maintain the Attribute Type and Length for each Attribute. Note that you can maintain values in "Value Range" tab if a selection list is required.

Maintain Set Types

Create Set Type (Assignment Block in Product Overview) using tcode COMM_ATTRSET or path SAP menu > Master Data > Products > Maintain Set Types and Attributes.

 Select Product types for which the Set Type will be valid. Maintain Organization-Independent for Org. Depency.

Maintain all the Attributes in the "Assigned Attributes" tab

Define Enhancement set

Use transaction SM34. Open the view cluster BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT and create the enhancement set that you can later use in the BSP Component Workbench.

Check following link for more details:

Assign Enhancement set to a Client

To assign an enhancement set to a client, use transaction SM30. Open table BSPWDV_EHSET_ASG to make the necessary assignment.

Assign Set Type to Product Category

Login WebClient UI using Business role for e.g. SALESPRO. Select Sales Operation from Navigation Bar and select Product Hierarchies. Search for and select relevant Product Hierarchy.

Select relevant Product Category and see the "Assigned Set types" assigned blocks.

Select "Edit List" on "Assigned Set Types" assignment block and maintain the Set Type created earlier.

Enhance Product Component: PRD01OV

Use tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB to display component PRD01OV and click on Enhance component.

Enter the Enhancemnt set.

Maintain the Application to store enhancement objects.

Maintain the Runtime Storage location as follows.

You can view the result in SM34 view cluster BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT

Assign Set Types to Overview Pages

Use transaction CRMM_UIU_PROD_GEN to assign Set Types to Overview Pages. You can also access it using path: SAP menu > Master Data > Products > Assign Set Types to Overview Pages.

Create UI Configuration for Set Type

Use transaction CRMM_UIU_PROD_CONFIG to create UI configuration for Set Type. You can also access it using path: SAP menu > Master Data > Products > Create UI Configuration for Set Type

Move new Set type to displayed assignment blocks

Use tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB to display component PRD01OV by entering the Enhancement Set.

Open View PRD01OV/MaterialOV > Configuration tab > Select Configuration button.

Select Configuration with Config key value <DEFAULT>.

Select Copy Configuration button and create configuration for relevant Role Config. Key.

Move the Set Type component view form Available to Displayed Assignment Blocks.

Maintain the tile for the Assignment Block.

Check Product Overview page

 Now login to WebClient and check the Product for the new assignment block.


  1. Unknown User (103ncn3z1)

    Very Useful.Keep posting


    Abdul Rasheed

  2. Unknown User (101uihbsj)

    Thank you. Good description.

     One remark: If one searchhelp-tables for own attributs are used there is an issue with timeouts.

    This can be solved with note: 1389933

     Best regards


  3. Unknown User (fmfmhg0)

    Indeed very useful.

    We have an issue after we executed these steps. All fields give the description 'not bound' in the web UI.

    Any idea what causes this?

    Best Regards,


  4. Unknown User (bghf58c)


    I had the same issue.

    Appear the description 'not bound for all fields.

    Someone have any idea to solve the problem?



  5. Unknown User (fmfmhg0)

    Hi Murilo,

    This is how our programmer solved it:

     In the original method, the empty entity was only created in  "change mode" this caused the "unbound" problem in display mode:
    IF ( lv_collection IS NOT BOUND OR lv_collection->size( ) = 0 )
    AND lr_parent->is_changeable( ) = abap_true.
    In the Z-Classes, the empty entity is always created when no entity exists yet. This solves the "unbound" problem in the set type fields in de WebClient UI:
    IF ( lv_collection IS NOT BOUND OR lv_collection->size( ) = 0 ).



  6. Unknown User (xzvqqnx)

    I don't see any Z new Assignment block generated after CRMM_UIU_PROD_CONFIG is executed. Anybody facing the same issue in CRM 7.0?

    1. Anonymous

      Yes even m facing the same issue.......Does anyone have any solution to this problem?

  7. Unknown User (dsahsec)

    Hello, I have the same issue as jdoe354 and don't see the asisgnment block after executing CRMM_UIU_PROD_CONFIG. Working with CRM 6.0. Any comments on that point are appreciated.

  8. Has anybody found a solution for unavailable "available assignments blocks" yet? Facing the same problem. Additionaly there are no available assignments blocks at all. Neither in standard view of any components no in enhanced one.

  9. Anonymous

    Very Informative.


  10. Unknown User (czjxhbn)

    Hi Rupesh,

    This is very helpful - I tried and is able to display new assignment block in PRD01OV (Product) with Edit mode enable.

    Do the same for component PRDCPOV (Competitor Product) where assignment block is displayed, but the Edit mode is disable, any idea why Edit mode is disabled ??   

    Rgds, Josephine

  11. Former Member

    Very helpfull!