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In CRM web ui, we are launching BI reporting, and we would like to activate “Cross Navigation Link” from the right mouse click menu (context menu) from the BI report.

But the link does not show up in the menu.

[Steps performed]
1. Define Cross Navigation Link for the needed BI report

Customizing path: Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> UI Framework Definition -> Display SAP NetWeaver BW Reports

Here are two steps, the first step: Define Cross Navigational Links for InfoObjects. Here you define possible links, and specify what is the key used to be displayed in CRM application page. For example the GUID for a transaction.
The second step: Assign Cross Navigation Links. Here you define the detailed link for specific BI reports.


In this step, we provides “Object Type” and “Object Action” in the customizing.


2. Define generic OP mapping in navigational profile

Customizing path: Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Navigation Bar Profile

Locate the navigation bar profile for the business role I’d like to use the above BI report in. For example SALESPRO. Its navigation bar profile is SLS-PRO, select tree menu “Define Generic Outbound Plug Mappings”. There must be one entry corresponds to the “Object Type” and “Object Action” defined in the previous step for the BI report cross navigation link.

This tells the system when do the navigation which target view should be used.



[What was missing]

After the above steps, the cross navigation link still does not show up in the BI report. What is missing?

There is a famous note 1138613 - BI Reports in CRM UI are not high enough, which recommends the BW system to be configured with the same domain as that for the CRM system, otherwise there will be some issues. After analyzing the topic discussed here, I found this could be one of the reason for not working cross navigation link also.

Let’s take an HTTPWatch trace to observe the CRM and BW system URL.
Or we can check table RSPOR_T_PORTAL in BW system, this table controls the URL generated for BW system.

Because during cross-navigation, BI and CRM exchange information via JavaScript. But this is only possible if the right settings are made in the browser (security zones), and at the protocol and url levels.

After set the same domain, the previous issue is fixed.


[Possible Debugging Hint]

Here is the possible debugging breakpoint related to the same scenario:




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