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Service Highlights

Functional Overview:

The Data Migration Service provides migration of existing data from your legacy systems into your SAP CRM solution and furthermore the provision of predefined format templates and example data as well as data migration software.

Included is the migration of the following data into your SAP CRM:

  • accounts, prospects, contacts, employees, including relationships and sales area data
  • Organizational units and positions inclusive user- and employee mapping
  • activities, opportunities

Value Proposition

SAP CRM Predefined Service General Values:

Individual Service Specific Values:

  • Fast and straightforward loading of existing data in your SAP CRM solution
  • Increase in user acceptance at Go-Live (no manual creation is necessary)



  • Provision/extraction of data to be migrated as predetermined structures


for further information on the service please feel free to contact:

Christoph Schmidt

Service Manager
CRM Center of Expertise SAP Consulting
SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG


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