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Process Overview

A deduction claim is created from a Claim Submission. The whole process is therefore triggered from the FSCM Dispute Management System, where a Dispute Case is created. The Dispute case is transfered to CRM as a Claim Submission.

The Deduction Claim is generated from the Claim submission.

The Deduction Claim gets the claiming account, the reference to the dispute case and the reference to the claim submission copied.

The unassigned and unresolved amount is copied from the claim submission.

The validation of the deduction claim happens based on the assigned trade promotion. The promotion added must be either in released or finished status. On entering a trade promotion to the deduction claim, and entering the validated and claimed amount, the amounts are updated to the claim header.

On saving the amounts are updated to the claim submission as well.

On approving the claim the fund postings are generated against the fund usage. The approved claim can then be settled.

Once the claim gets settled the claim submission gets updated accordingly.


Claim Type

This customizing defines a claim to be considered as deduction claim.

Customer Relationship Management


Basic Settings

Define Transaction Types

==> Assignment of Business Transaction Categories

BUS2000311 Claim

==> Customizing header

The following scenarios are considered as invoice claim scenarios:

Scenario TypeMKT Project TypeClaim SubmissionMultipe CSD Claim Type
Deduction Claim

Deduction Claim from multiple claim submissions

Depending on this customizing the WEB UI configuration will be fetched for the object type BT311_DEDUCTION for the standard deduction claim scenario or BT311_DEDUC_MULT for the multiple claim submission scenario.

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