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This page talks about the SAP CRM Web UI Feature "Default Search", and the most common issues related to this feature.


As of SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP CRM 7.0, you can define default search of search pages in the newly added personalization. The personalization icon is available in the view of the search page next to the "Hide Search Fields" link. In the personalization popup, you can select a saved search or the current search criteria as a default, and the search criteria will be available automatically next time you access the search page using the navigation bar. You can also set the default search on business role level.


To display the Personalization icon next to the "Hide Search Fields", you need to make the following customizing setting:

You enable default searches in Customizing for UI Framework under ->Technical Role Definition -> Define Parameters. You need to assign the parameter DEFAULT_SEARCH with profile value TRUE to your parameter profile.

To enable default searches for your business role, you need to assign your parameter profile via function profile PARAMETERS to your business role. You do this in Customizing for UI Framework under ->Business Roles -> Define Business Role. Depending on these Customizing settings, the personalization icon is shown or hidden for each business role.

In the Personalization popup, you can have the checkbox "Set as Default for Role" which enables you to set and delete the default search on business role level. To have the checkbox "Set as Default for Role", you need to enable the configuration mode. On the CRM WebUI, click on the Personalize link, then click "Personalize Settings" link, then check the checkbox "Enable configuration mode".

Common Issues

Issue: A user is choosing a Saved Search of audience type ROLE as Default Search, then this default search will be published to the business role instead of the user.
Solution: SAP Note 2338822 - Shared searches used as Defaults apply to the Business Role

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